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Charity Logs-On to Beat the Recession

As the recession continues to bite, many charities are finding it harder than ever to raise much needed funds.

But supporters of (cause name) can now boost their favourite cause simply by shopping online.

(cause name) has joined thousands of good causes raising money through easyfundraising - an online gateway to over 3000 well known retailers.

When supporters shop using the links on the easyfundraising site, (cause name) receive a free donation of up to 15% of the purchase price.

And with good causes really feeling the pinch during the economic downturn, (organisation spokesperson) from (cause name) is keen for as many people as possible to sign up:

“Things are tough at the moment and we understand that, so we’re having to look at more creative ways to raise vital funds for (cause name).

“More people than ever are shopping online because they know they can pick up a bargain. With easyfundraising our supporters get to shop around for the best deals AND raise money for us at the same time.

Featuring high street names such as Amazon, M&S, Argos and Tesco, easyfundraising has already raised helped UK charities raise almost £4 million.

To support (cause name), visit uri)/ and follow the instructions.


For further information on (cause name) contact (organisation spokesperson) on (contact details)

For further information on easyfundraising contact

Notes to Editor

Founded in 2003, easyfundraising is the UK’s number one charity shopping site (source: alexa).

Free to use service for both supporters and causes.

Charities, associations, schools, sports clubs, churches, community groups, sponsored events, boys and girls clubs can all benefit from using easyfundraising.

Unlike other loyalty and reward sites, there is no direct benefit to the users themselves; donations are made directly to the causes members choose to support.


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