Cause of the Month – September 2011

In July, TARO were voted as our Cause of the Month and won a £200 donation from Viking . This time it could be the turn of your cause – use the comments section to tell us how brilliant your cause is and they could win a £200 donation from Viking too.

Here’s how it works:

1. Post a comment below to tell us about your cause and why you think they should be Cause of the Month.

2. On Monday September 19th, we will announce a shortlist of 10 causes and ask you all to vote for the one you would like to win.

3. The voting closes at Midday (12 noon) on September 30th and the cause with the most votes fairly cast will win a £200 donation from Viking

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271 thoughts on “Cause of the Month – September 2011

  1. We support older people across Dacorum (Hemel Hempstead, Tring, Kings Langley, Berkhamsted and the surrounding villages). from practical help such as fitting smoke alarms and grab rails, a befriending service, day clubs, information and advise, carers’ support and a hospital discharge scheme.

    Our aim is help people live independent and fulfilling lives – helping them to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes for as long as possible.

    We are a small charity, which enables us to be close to the people we’re working with. Many become friends and form social groups themselves.

    We are lucky to have the support of literally hundreds of wonderful volunteers – the backbone of our charity.

    We’d love to be charity of the month, it would be a great honour!

    1. Please consider “A child of mine” to win your prize of £200. A website that has been set up by bereaved parents for bereaved parents…..this site was formed from the pain of loosing their own son and is now a vital tool for any newly bereaved parent. It is full of advice that is hard to come by in any other way,the site is pitched in a sensible and supportive way that will lead you carefully through the steps and beyond after the death of your beloved child. Please visit the site and share with friends and hope that it is one resource that you will never need to use. God bless you all, Wendy xx

  2. I woulld like to nominate Brompton Fountain for charity of the month. The charity supports the family of children undergoing treatment at the Brompton heart and lung hospital in Chelsea London. The charity has also been spearheading the campaign to keep the heart surgery unit open at the hospital, which is threatened with closure.

    1. I wholeheartly support your bid for charity of the month as my little 3 year old son is suffering with heart problems and we have been to the Brompton and other hospitals on many occasions and have an appointment there again later this month………..

      Clearly the heart surgery unit is extremely important and people should support maintaining this vital specialist unit and all it stands for.

  3. Last year I spent 7 months living and working in Zambia and came across The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) I was so impressed with their work that this year I am now back in Zambia working with the charity. This Foundation supports community and conservation projects in eastern and southern Africa and is dedicated to sustainable change and progress for underprivileged communities. Our objectives are always to empower local people and work with them to find sustainable solutions to the challenges that they face. We aim to educate, motivate and encourage, whilst making a difference to the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
    One of our focal projects at the moment is Books for Africa. At present we are raising funds to have a container of 23,000 books and 10 computers to be sent over to Zambia so we can distribute them to local schools and libraries. We are nearly there and an additional £200 will give us the extra boost to get the container on its way. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jacqueline – please get in touch about how Pelican Post may be able to help THAF with reference to books. Working in partnership with publishers we support various charities throughout Africa by supplying direct complete sets of brand new and appropriate childrens fiction so that Teachers can practice shared classroom reading.

  4. Neema Crafts charity supports the work of Neema Crafts Centre for the disabled in Iringa Tanzania. This amazing place now employs 128 deaf and disabled people in a huge range of handicrafts and also runs and award winning restaurant and the first fully disabled run guest house in the world. It has had a profound effect on challenging the stigma attached to disabilities in Tanzania and changing peoples attitudes as well as lifting many people out of abject poverty. It all started with a £400 grant, 3 young deaf men and a bag of elephant poo (to make paper from!) in the corner of a derelict warehouse and now is the pre-eminent disability employer in East Africa. The core part of the project has always been self supporting but other areas such as the physiotherapy unit for disabled children (the only healthcare available to these children in the whole of the south of Tanzania) and the employment agency and training programmes for disabled people run on fundraising. Their web site is insiprational and their work has challenged and inspired many many other projects across Tanzania and in many other countries. As the commedien Sandi Toksvig said when she visited recently, the place is an incredible inspiration and challenge to all. A rare gem in the world of development work.

  5. I would like to nominate Kaana, who have recently joined easyfundraising. They aim to help children who beg on the streets in Uganda, and also help their families. There are approximately 2000 street babies, toddlers and children under the age of five years on the streets of Kampala and neigbouring towns of Jinja, Mbale and Tororo. Their mothers live in the most deprived conditions in the city slums. The majority of the children living on the streets of Kampala are from the Karamojong tribe, which has a culture and language radically different from mainstream Uganda. They are a pastoralist tribe from the extreme North-eastern part of Uganda, which has been beset by famine, drought, inter-tribal conflict, cattle rustling and most recently a disarmament process, which has sadly increased the insecurity in the region. As a result, many of the Karamojong women and children have fled to Kampala in search of a better life. Few are educated, and so they struggle to integrate and end up begging on the streets.

  6. Hello I am raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. I think its important to help this charity as it will make a difference to children and babies born with CF. They have to raise alot of money for gene therapy and need so much help. My cousin died at 23 years old so I know how this effects people and their family. I have raised money for a few different charities but this one is close to my heart. I also have a lovely swimming teacher who has CF and inspires me so much to do good things for charities. I am 7 years old and started fundraising at 4. I think I will always try and do something to help because i care about people and it makes me so sad when I see what some people go through. So even though I am finding my next challenge to raise money tough I will do it, because it will make a difference to others. Thankyou for taking the time to read this
    love and hugs Millie

    1. Hi Millie

      You reminded me when I was your age, I wanted to change the world for a better place. Alone is not possible, I’m still trying, I never give up hope. I was 5 when I started to care for others than myself, I was so moved by the poverty and the suffering many endure in all walk of life in every countries. And no matter how bad it was for me, I never complain , I knew their was less fortunate than me. All the causes deserve our help. I’m please to ear you have a good heart. Continue the good work an all the best in your success.


      1. Please accept my nomination for our cause of Jolie Spirit Elderly Support Group, it is in it’s primary, we all have or know someone we care about getting older and vulnerable. When after a life time of contribution , you find your pension can’t pay the bills they are force to seek work , but!…

        Find a job when you are over 50 is getting very difficult! In this aging communities more and more people are living in extreme poverty, right here on our own back yard! Needing support morally, physically, financially, dealing with stress every single day, all kind of health problems develop from of it, not having adequate eyes site treatment, hearing aid, mobility, busses in remote area, isolation to some elderly is very destructive , did you ever ask how many haven’t had a night out for year, seen a movie, a simple beauty spa once in a while making them feel good and special, why should it be just for the rich? Some never had it their entire life… A chance to participate in group activities, reunions, a simple vacation or just companionship, many are alone with poor housing condition, some with no heat or hot water for year, very difficult in winter times…. Washing in the kitchen sink their old clothes or wash up like a bird bath, not having proper care, shoes with holes, …. Did you know some had to eat expired food to survive, not having a descend meal once every few days at list, the list goes on. We don’t ear them complaining, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there…. I witness so much and experience myself certain circumstances, This is how I came to know, I was blind to see people behind their smile their is a real suffering… It is no longer a unique case of one or two age group but so many fall into this category of people with or with out disability they need our help, a smile, a visit, a gift, a helping hand, the feel of security, self esteem, they are not beggars’, they have worked a life time, raised you, care for you and today they have been left behind, almost discarded, some are been treated as such… My own situation made me aware of the lack of help, the need is there even with so many great charities, some how their is speculations and rules and guide lines…. On the end some elderly or youth are falling in the cracks where they can’t get any help, they been told they don’t qualify! Now I seen advertise in the job search a Fund Raiser admin. would get a salary of £ 65 000 per year! to £ 100 000 per year! and a poor elderly person can’t qualify for a hot meal, a shelter, or a job…. What is wrong with this picture? Their need are genuine…!!! I would like to create a food bank just for the poor to distribute free in every town for all on extremely minimum income. If all was already established and existing as it is suppose to be, why so many couldn’t get the help for not qualifying, what does it take? I wasn’t aware until it happen to me! Many older people lives on less what 8£ / week on pension I was told, they have to fight to get it , for giving their life… Their is so many great worthy charity I like to support and care for, but I have to make a choice and stand by what I like to accomplish is help the elderly to start and the youth.

        Thank You for your Support. Sincerely,

        Chairman of

        Jolie Spirit

        Thank You All

  7. TS Vernon Sea Cadets is a charitable organisation based in Edgbaston, an under privileged area just outside of Birmingham City Centre.

    TS Vernon offers young people aged between 10 and 18 years of age the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications in sailing, canoeing, rowing, power boating, drill, band, first aid and much more. Cadets can also take part in the DoE Award Scheme. Our Cadets are from all different walks of life and TS Vernon provides thems with invaluable life skills through fun marine based activities.

    All staff are volunteers and willingly give up their free time at least three times week and work very hard to provide a safe, welcoming and friendly learning environment for the children, as well as working extremely hard to maintain funding in order to ensure the continuation of the organisation.

    Our Cadets are also very committed and thoroughly enjoy participating in the fun activities and learning as well as making lots of new friends.

    We are currently trying to reform our Parent & Supporter Association in order to raise additional funding for the Unit. To win this competition would be a fantastic start for us and hopefully a huge boost in encouraging further support for our fundraising efforts.

  8. Fife Employment Access Trust are an innovative mental health and employability charity. We are currently developing a new project to begin employability training at a much earlier stage for people with severe and enduring mental health problems. We intend to commence supporting inpatients at Fife’s psychiatric hospitals and have our employability preparation programme embedded into their existing medical care plans. As part of the programme will we offer participants a recognised qualification in self awareness and employability and we can make a real difference to the lives of many people.

  9. terry firth c.s.l who supports Rastrick St.Johns scout group cub section

    the scout group is a non funded uniformed group for boys and girls aged from 6 years through to 16 years

  10. September is IH awareness month so it’s a perfect month to nominate my fave Chairity IIH UK. They are the only Charity in the UK dedicated to helping those who suffer with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, a rare neurological disorder.

    My daughter suffers with IIH and IIH UK have been a godsend to me.. Vote IIH Support!!

  11. I would like to nominate 5th Barsnley (Hoyland Common) Scout group. We provide activities for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. Over the last 3 years we have built the group from 8 cubs to over 40 beavers, cubs and Scouts. We have been working hard to raise money to replace the roof, install central heating and generrally tidy the building up so the youngsters can be proud and also use the building for sleepovers etc.

  12. Obviously I have to nominate the NAS Hart & Rushmoor Branch as I spend my spare time running it! We support over 300 families who are living with autism; whether it’s a child, teen or adult.
    We are all parents who volunteer to help support other parents and carers at our coffee mornings, events for the children and on facebook too.

    Although we’re only a small charity, we produce a newsletter every other month, run a resource livrary to save families having to purchase books, a sensory library so parents can see some of the equipment that’s availale and try before they buy and much more.

    I have 3 autistic boys and if this group didn’t exist they wouldn’t have any friends and I wouldn’t still be sane! ;o)

  13. I would like to nominate Beechcroft St Paul’s Primary school. All our funds raised go to support the school library. In this age of budget cuts, library funding comes very low down the list of priorities so we have to work very hard to raised funds to ensure that the children have access to lots of nice books and games. every child in the school is allowed to borrow books to take home and we also have a library of maths games which they also borrow to supplement heir learning. Eventually we hope to extend the library so that younger siblings of our pupils will also be able to visit and use the library thus instilling a love of books and reading in the children at an even younger age

  14. Ulster Elks Ladies Basketball Team have been working hard all summer to raise funds for our desperately needed playing kit for next year. We are on our way but still a long way from the total. We have lots of things planned such as car boots, bag packs, online donation via easy fundraising and a raffle. £200 would really help towards getting the kit we need :) Best Swishes from all the Girls at Ulster Elks.

  15. Our goal at Leukaemia Busters is to make future treatments safer and gentler for leukaemia patients and yet more effective and reliable in curing them of their disease. This we aim to achieve this by conducting high quality translational research, that has a direct practical outcome of direct benefit for the patient.

    At Leukaemia Busters we aim to bring about fundamental improvements to the present day therapies for leukaemia and other related conditions through the development of antibodies for use in treatment. Antibodies normally defend us against infectious diseases but Leukaemia Busters funded scientists can engineer these to selectively attack leukaemia cells directly leaving other normal cells in the patients body untouched. This is unlike today’s conventional chemotherapy where leukaemia cells and the patients normal cells are both damaged by the treatment.

  16. Tushinde Children’s Trust is supporting children in the slums of Nairobi by providing nutrition and education.

    The well publicised famine in the horn of Africa not only affects people in the drought affected borders of Kenya and Somalia but also those living hundreds of miles away in the city. Prices of staple foods in Nairobi have doubled since February putting a real strain on the incomes of families living in the Mathare slums. So families here can’t support the school with fundraising to cover the costs of basics such as pens and paper.

    With the favorable exchange rate between the pound sterling and Kenyan shilling, £200 could pay for enough exercise books and pens to replenish the stationery cupboard at the school for the Autumn Term.

  17. Eastbank Junior Netball club are the only club based in the Eastend of Glasgow. As a small club we are always on the look out for young talent and to help with this we need to advertise. Coaches from our club are going to go along to schools within the eastend to help promote the club. The £200 would help to get proper kit for the coaches to also allow us to have our Clubmark logo put on to show we are a safe club and buy the appropriate equipment to carry out the roles within other schools.

  18. I’d like to nominate the Brittle Bone Society. They are quite a small charity but a national one supporting people mainly in Great Britain. They support people affected by this rare condition by providing them with made to measure specialist wheelchairs, specialist beds, advice on daily living, and also put families affected into contact with each other. They also do a marvellous job or organising a conference every year for it’s members and another for the 16 to 30 year olds called VOICE. All people with this condition are born with it, as it is genetic, and some people can have hundreds of painful fractures throughout their life – something as simple as turning in bed or coughing can cause a broken bone. There is currently no cure for this condition. Many of those affected are very small and sometimes the fractures do not always heal straight so members then suffer deformity in their limbs. The people affected are not affected mentally and many of the younger members have gone on to achieve at university.

  19. I would like to nominate 37th Ormskirk Scout Group. We are run entirely by volunteers and provide fun and adventure for 100 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts aged from 6 to 14 years.
    Apart from raising funds for our nominated charities – Children with Leukaemia – £1100 this year and ShelterBox – £5,500 last year we are always needing to raise funds for our own day to day expenses as well as trying to keep costs of activities and camps to an affordable level.
    Next year – August 2012 – we are taking 64 Scouts and Leader/helpers to Austria for a ten day adventurous activity trip. Whilst there we will meet other Scouts from around Europe and also explore the culture of Austria.
    We are busy fund-raising for the trip at the moment and as you can imagine, a trip of this size takes a lot of admin – letters, booklets, presentations to parents etc. so the prize this month would help tremendously with stationery costs

  20. Guide dogs gives life changing mobility and independence to blind and visually impaired people. I am just one of them and without my guide dog I would not be able to take my two little boys to school or anywhere by my self. Having my guide dog has enabled me to do things for my self that a sighted person takes for granted.
    Guide dogs relies totally on public donation and with each guide dog costing nearly £50,000 they truly deserve this donation
    Thank you

  21. Little Valley Animal Shelter is owned by the Exeter, East & West Devon Branch of the RSPCA and is situated on the outskirts of Exeter surrounded by 21 acres of unspoiled countryside. The Shelter was built in July 1991 to care for unwanted, abandoned and cruelly treated animals. It can accommodate dogs, cats, horses, goats and a variety of domestic animals such as rabbits, rodents and aviary birds. It also has a rehabilitation unit for orphaned or injured hedgehogs.

    The work of the Shelter is administered by a committee of volunteer trustees of the Branch which is independent from the national RSPCA. We receive no funding from the main RSPCA towards our day-to-day running costs. All money is raised locally by local people and local fundraising. The shelter costs £9,000 per week to run.

    All animals stay in our care until they are rehomed. The demand for places at Little Valley often outstrips space. We are often inundated with kittens and rabbits. Any donation would go towards looking after the animals in our care.

  22. September is IIH awareness month and IIH Support needs all they help they can get there is no cure for this debilitating neurological condition. Many doctors don’t even know about this condition so IIH Support is essential for sufferers and their families.

  23. I’d like to nominate the Refugee and Migrant Network Sutton for their wonderful work in helping those who move to the Sutton area and who are refugees from war torn countries and countries where they have been persecuted. The organisation provides free lesson in English and English culture as well as advice on immigration and benefit issues that may apply. The wonderful people there offer services to those who have migrated into the country and need a helping hand to get started on the process of learning about it.
    As well as providing lessons the people provide food, clothes, childcare while the parents are in classes, friendship, understanding and most of all, LOVE. All are welcome even when the Open days are crammed to the gunnels!. The people who run this organisation along with the volunteers all give freely of their time, and often cash, and are wholly committed to helping newcomers to the area to settle in and start contributing to the rich diversity in it.

  24. I would like to nominate Wheels for Wellbeing. It is a small London based organisation which promotes cycling for all, particularly for anyone who thought then could never cycle! I was one of these people: as a little disabled girl (a long time ago!), I was bought a shiny, new, white bicycle by my parents. We tried for a day or so, but all soon came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to work. My feet didn’t want to stay on the peddals, let alone trying to balance… So cycling wasn’t for me and we all moved on. But 20 + years later, when my son got on his own first bicycle, I decided I wouldn’t be left behind. I had seen advertised a handcycle attachment which could be added to my wheelchair and invested. And for the first time ever, I got to experience the exhilarating feeling of the wind in my hair, the wonderful experience of being able to go fast without undue effort or pain!!
    Ensuring that everyone can get to experience these feelings is what Wheels for Wellbeing is all about. It provides regular, fun, “try it out” sessions, for people to find out what kind of bike they can ride (a trike? a handbike? a side by side tandem? etc). It also organises one to one training, rides, and it campaigns to increase the profile of disabled cyclists.

  25. I wish to nominate Thrive Cardiff which I help run. Thrive Cardiff is a small charity run entirely by parents, all of whom have a disabled child. 1e support disabled children and their families by providing exclusive play sessions and activities which they would otherwise be unable to access because of public perception and ignorance. Our children have learning disablities and therefore their disability is not always obvious and when they act differently the public can be very rude and judgemental. Our sessions are exclusive to us so the children and their siblings can play in a protected environment without judgement. We also have a siblings group and organise sibling only events so that these children can enjoy activities of their own from time to time and have time away from caring for their disabled sibling. We are a self funding charity and raise every penny to put these activities on ourselves and this would be a welcome boost to our funds

  26. I’d like to nominate ‘Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ – a newly established charity dedicated to representing and supporting the needs of men with eating disorders.

    Typically, eating disorders are percieved as conditions that are suffered by only females. However, in reality, eating disorders are indiscriminate and can affect anyone of any age, background and indeed gender. Our work aims to raise awareness of eating disorders in men to dispel the misconceptions so that men are able to recognise the symptoms and seek help.

    Our website is an essential online resource that provides information that is specific to men including definitions and symptoms, treatments you’d expect to recieve, etc. The site also acts as a platform for which men can get their voices heard by telling their stories, writing blogs and giving/recieving peer support on our forum and live chat meetings.

    We also raise awareness in the media and in the community. In addition, we provide training to professionals to inform them about the issues and the barriers men face so they can be better responsive to their needs.

    As a charity that is entirely voluntary led and limited funding we would be grateful for any support if we were to win the competition.

    1. This sounds like an excellent idea to highlight this very important area which is largely ignored or simply not understood. I come across this a lot in my work as a Wellbeing Practitioner and a website of this type will be very useful to recommend to clients. What’s the name of your website please?

  27. I would like to nominate John Lyall Charity – a small charity working in a shanty town called Wawa in the Philippines. John Lyall was a British man who was so struck by the needs of this community during holidays to the Philippines with his family that he decided to single handedly make a difference – distributing food and helping local people to access medical supplies. John sadly died in 1997 and the charity was set up in his name – a name that really means something to people in Wawa, who still remember him. In the last 5 years, we have established a Board in the Philippines and now run projects to empoweer the local community to help themselves. Most families in Wawa live three generations to one room in a shanty house made of wood, with no sanitation. 40% of children to not attend school as they have to supplement the family income. Malnutrition and disease is high, and these children are vulnerable to mistreatment and prostitution . Our current programmes include a nutrition programme – feeding malnourished children three times a week in school and teaching parents how to provide healthy meals on a budget. We also have a literacy scheme to enable people of all ages to go onto higher education – we have a scholarship scheme to help them to do this. We have built a centre to house our projects and plan to run livelihood skills to enable adults to find employment, as well as health awareness seminars. The centre itself can provide refuge in the event of homes being destroyed in a typhoon.

    I recently visited Wawa with the other UK trustees and we were so moved and overwhelmed with the gratitude of the people there for JLC’s projects. The charity is giving them skills to help themselves, but most importantly it is giving them dignity and hope. These people have hardly anything and yet they are happy for what they do have. We desperately want to do more – there is so much need for basic living conditions to be improved, and the Philippines does not receive much international aid. No expenses are taken by JLC in the UK – all money goes to the Philippines, where what might be a small amount to us goes a long, long way to improving lives.

  28. i support the lizard and mounts bay circuit in west cornwall who are a methodist church circuit of 22 churches who have just paid as a circuit to pay
    for a youth worker and family worker to work with young people an families in time of need.

  29. I nominate Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme – a very small charity based in Scotland, which exclusively trains, provides and maintains German Shepherd dogs as guides to blind people across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Pathfinder Dogs are the only charity to focus 100% on German Shepherds, recognising the national shortage of this breed as a guide for the blind. German Shepherds were the original guide dogs, and have a stronger instinct to work, bond exclusively and fully with their owners, are extremely focused on their working role yet are dedicated and loving companions. Each dog costs the charity £36,000 to purchase from highly reputable breeders, socialise in a family environment for a year to 18 months, train for a year to guide a blind person, and maintain for life. The cost to the blind handler is just £1. Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme was established by and is run on a day to day basis by Anne Royle, who is herself blind, and Eddie McDonnell, both of whom have dedicated their lives totally to the charity.

      1. Please choose this charity, a very small charity set up to fill a hole in the market for German Shepherds as guides for blind people.

        Without my Pathfinder Dog, I wouldn’t be able to travel the length and breth of this country, both in cities and doing country work. My do is my rock, he opens a whole new world to me. As well as helping the social inclusion. People like to come and talk to my dog so at least I get to meet the public and get a chance to chat with different folk.

        1. Having direct experience of living with a German Shepherd dog in previous years, I can relate to how perfect they would be as guides for blind people… yet I had no idea until reading this that there was such an organisation doing this and the BIG costs involved! I wish you all well.

      2. I also nominate Pathfinder Guide Dog programme – a very worthwhile cause for funding. Their hard work allows blind people to live happier and fuller lives!

    1. I nominate Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme. This charity works so hard to raise funds to train and support their German Shepherd dogs who work as guides for blind people. Very worthwhile charity.

    2. Please choose Pathfinder Dog Programme, a small charity but such a worthwhile cause. The success of all those involved is outstanding, as is their dedication.

      1. I support Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme, as it is a small charity making a difference to blind people and they need all the help they can get.

    3. I support Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme. A UK Charity with dogs in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Thats right, a UK charity that really does serve the whole of the UK!

  30. I would like to nominate the Myasthenia Gravis Assocaition – why because it is a very little known charity and most people looked puzzled when you mention MGA, they receive no Government support and the small dedicated team at Head Office, all 5 of them in the office, work so very hard to make that all important difference.

  31. I would very much like to nominate Woking Citizens Advice Bureau as not many people know we are actually a registered Charity. We do receive a grant from local government but this has been reduced at a time that many people are needing our services more. We are a lifeline to many people and often visit them in their homes to help with filling in forms or advise on benefits they are entitled to as well as help the general public in our drop in centre on matters such as Debt, Housing, Benefits, Welfare rights, Employment, Family law, Immigration and day to day problems. We have an active program of Fund raising but more money is needed so that we can continue to help the people of Woking and not have to cut further our Specialist advice services.

  32. I am supporting and nominating Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue in Lochgelly, Fife. The rescue is run by Paul and Sarah and a small group of volunteers, all the money required for looking after all the cats comes from fundraising and £200 would go a long way to help with vets bills for the cats who have been abused and need lots of extra medical care, the ongoing costs of food, litter etc literally eats a very big hole in money raised.
    There are a large number of families out there who know about the joy having one of the Harbour babes brings, I hope we can raise awareness further and also hopefully win some financial help too.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. I would also like to nominate Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue in Lochgelly. Running this rescue centre from their own home, Paul & Sarah have worked tirelessly (often 24/7) to rescue and look after abandoned, unwanted and uncared for cats and kittens. The care they give them is second to none and the love and devotion is way beyond what anyone would think possible. Having adopted a Harbour Baby of my own, I can attest to the personal care and attention they give to finding the right home and vetting them before placing (unlike many other rescue establishments). With a very small band of volunteers – and a new baby in the house! – £200 would be a wonderful addition to their funds.
      Hopefully by raising awareness and bringing their wonderful venture to the notice of even a few more people, would be worthwhile.

  33. I am nominating Sunny Harbour cat rescue in Fife for all the hard work they do caring for unwanted and mistreated cats and kittens in the Fife and Edinburgh area. Paul and Sarah, plus their amazing team of volunteers, also feed and look after feral colonies in Fife. Their work is essential for keeping colony numbers down by spaying/neutering the ferals too wild to be rehomed, and socialising and homing feral kittens.

    They do an amazing job caring for mistreated cats, and they have a magic touch when it comes to rehabilitating stressed and frightened animals, restoring their trust in humans and helping them move on to new caring homes. Sunny Harbour rely totally on donations to do all their amazing work, and £200 would really help a lot with vet and food bills.

  34. I nominate Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme.
    I fundraise for this charity myself, the founder Anne Royle is herself blind.
    They are a small charity based in Scotland, which exclusively trains, provides and maintains German Shepherd dogs as guides to blind people across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Pathfinder Dogs are the only charity to focus 100% on German Shepherds,
    Please support the charity.

  35. I would like to nominate Pathfinder Dogs, a small charity based in Scotland that specialises in training German Shepherds as guide dogs for the blind.
    The Directors of the charity work tirelessy with fundraising so as they can put the dogs through the intensive training that they need, inorder to be the best guide dogs they can be for their owners.
    It’s a wonderful charity, that was set up by Anne Royle (who is totally blind herself) and Eddie McDonnell.

  36. I would like to nominate pathfinder dog guide programme, who is a small charity based in Scotland. They train and provide german shepherds to the blind. These dogs cost £36,000 to train from being a pup to a full working dog.
    Parhfinder dog guide programme was established and is run by anne royle who is totally blind herself, along side her is also eddie Mcdonnell who both dedicate their lives to this charity.

  37. I am nominating the Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme. A small dedicated charity that provides a much needed choice for blind people. They specialise in raising & training German Shepherd Dogs as guides for blind people. The demand for GSD’s is not currently being met in the UK. The charity receives no statutory funding, nor funding fom The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, they rely on soley on voluntary donations.

  38. Please would you consider Lluest Horse & Pony Trust for this award, who I believe would be very worthy and deserving winners of this prize.
    Lluest ( the Welsh word for Haven) is a small Equine charity based in South Wales, that is run on a minimum of paid staff and a band of dedicated and loyal volunteers. They care for horses, ponies and donkies, some of which live with forsteres and some of which live at the sanctuary – which truely is a HAVEN, for many of these abused and neglected equines.
    The recession as hit this charity hard, in that they are getting more and more calls for help, either from people who can no longer afford to look after their own horses or from members of the public reporting abandoned or neglected horses, while at the same time seeing a decrease in donations, again as people have less desposable income.

  39. I am supporting and nominating MS Research Training and Education (MS Research) charity, a cause that is very close to my heart! Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects young people, its progress is relentless and most will have some level of disability by the age of 30. MS Research wants to see more research to prevent disability and to help find a cure. Shopping online using easyfundraising listing more than 2000 retailers works without the shoppers knowing it is happening just like MS! Since registering on easyfundraising and easysearch MS Research has raised more than £500 that have helped our equally constant and relentless research to prevent disability progressing. £500 will fund 5 days of therapy research or 2 to 4 days of laboratory research-all are vital!

  40. I would like to nominate the MS Therapy Centre Lothian, which provides therapies and support and information for people with MS. Many other charities raise money for research, but in the meantime the Centre is open six days a week and is focused on helping people who currently have the condition to carry on with working, looking after families and living a full life as much as possible.

    Therapies include hyperbaric oxygen, physiotherapy, reflexology and yoga, and all are available free (apart from reflexology which is subsidised). People who use the Centre give donations towards running costs, but all additional donations are really appreciated. £500 would help the Centre to provide an initial course of oxygen treatment to four people – this therapy is currently used by 15,000 people across the UK to significantly alleviate all the symptoms of MS.

  41. I would like to nominate sos serbian animals. Jelena Kostic is dedicated to helping the poor animals of Serbia.
    She has cats & dogs in the hundreds. Her sanctuary is aiming to have all dogs off chains & into enclosures & neutered. The animals are starving & will freeze to death in the winter without special houses that are insulated.
    Puppies need to be vaccinated to prevent them dying from parvo virus.
    Many off them are street dogs, they are hunted, stabbed, poisened, shot & tortured for fun. Many of them had terrible injuries from car accidents.
    Serbia is a very harsh country, these animals are kicked & spat upon in the street & all they want is something to eat & a bit of love & compassion.
    Jelena works to help all the animals she can only with donations & some help from some wonderful friends. Sometimes travelling to resuce animals afar to rescue them from a pound to be put to sleep.
    SOS siberian animals needs dog shelters, food, vaccinations, help with vets bills. Please help by voting so we can save some of these poor little animals from freezing or starving to death this winter as most have already been through so much alredy & deserve to be given another chance.

  42. I am nominating the Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme. A small dedicated charity that provides a much needed choice for blind people. They specialise in raising & training German Shepherd Dogs as guides for blind people. The demand for GSD’s is not currently being met in the UK. The charity receives no statutory funding, nor funding fom The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, they rely on soley on voluntary donations.

  43. I am nominating 2nd Rossendale Scout Group/Band. Based in Bacup in Lancashire the group have been established for many years and are one of the few scout bands left. They meet in the scout HQ in Bacup twice a week to rehearse. Saturday morning is the big event of the week where we can have up to 60 in the hall. The band provides facilities for children to learn to play an instrument by providing them one on loan, they also recieve free lessons and mentoring from older members of the band. we have just finished a major refurbishment of the hall for which we had to raise a staggering £250,000. The band play at venues across the area, and are always well recieved. This is a fantastic group of people who freely give up their time to support children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy music. The cost of purchasing and maintaining the instruments is funded solely by the band, for which many fund raising events are organised.

  44. I would like to nominate Hayes Park School, who are raising money to create a mini rain forest in their school grounds. The school serves a diverse community in Hayes, Middlesex, from Nursery up to Year 6, with a specialist Autism Spectrum Unit. To create the rain forest, we want to errect a geodesic solar dome in the grounds, and then plant it up with rain forest plants. As a solar dome, all this will be done in an eco-environmentally friendly way. The children will be involved in developing the rainforest, benefitting the Science curriculum as they research what is needed for a rain forest. Once in place, the rain forest dome will serve as extra classroom space to assist in delivering the Science curriculum. It will be available for other local schools and groups to use, thus benefitting all the children of Hayes Park School and the wider community for years to come. We have the space planned out for the dome, we have planning permission in place, all we lack now is the funding. The childre of Hayes Park are involved in many activities to help raise funds for the dome, and if we are chosen as September’s Cause of the Month it would provide a very welcome bonus to our Rain Forest fund.

  45. We at St Cadfan’s Church, Tywyn, are a group of people who like, not only to worship and enjoy each others company, but also to reach out to the community and welcome them in for a cuppa on Market days to our Historic Church building.
    The opportunity to boost funds has arisen via and also via easysearch and we would recommend these to any good cause. I hope more people of St Cadfan’s and the local area will take a look at these pages and consider joining. x

  46. Kith & Kids is a small charity supporting children and adults with autism or another learning disability. People with these types of disability and their families can be extremely isolated, with little or no activities outside of school or college. It doesn’t have to be this way. Kith & Kids is a fantastic charity providing great volunteer supported activities during holidays, at weekends and evenings, helping people to develop the social and life skills to be more active and accepted members of the community they live in.

    The charity also helps parents by giving important information regarding how to access the services they need and support in times of hardship or crisis.

    We do lots of good things with very little resources so a donation of £200 would mean a great deal, please vote for Kith & Kids.

  47. I am nominating Hampshire Search and Rescue who provide skilled volunteer search teams to assist Hampshire Constabulary in searches for missing vulnerable persons anywhere in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 24/7.

    Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) is a member of the Asssociation of Lowland Search and Rescue (ALSAR) which sits alongside Mountain Rescue England Wales (MREW) on the UK SAR Operators group.

    HANTSAR is a registered charity 1098332 and also provides event first aid and safety cover for events in Hampshire to raise funds for the team.

    Annual running costs are £10,000 and the team does not receive support.

  48. The Nightline Association exists to train, support and develop student volunteers from over 30 Universities around the country who volunteer their time to run a listening and helpline service for fellow students.

    The vision for the Nightline Association is for every student in higher and further education to have access to the support offered by Nightline services so that;

    – Every student is able to talk about their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

    – Fewer students have their education compromised by emotional difficulties.

    – Fewer students die by suicide.

  49. I would like to nominate Morley District Rangers. We are part of the Senior Section of Girlguiding UK. We were set up in March and have 8 members so far with 2 volunteers. We cater for girls 14-25 and teach them all sorts of skills from Independent Living to Community Action. In the light of so much coverage of young people in a negative way we provide a positive way of using their free time to do something worthwhile for themselves and their community. In November we are going on our very first residential where the girls will learn/develop their communication skills, cooking and navigation. This £200 would go a long way to finance the trip.

    Claire – Leader Morley District Rangers

  50. September is the international childhood cancers awareness month.

    Monty’s Corner supports children going through cancers treatments and their parents worldwide.

    Monty’s Corner just launched a BIG NO to childhood cancers to honour the month on Facebook.

    Monty’s Corner is the community project of CCE RA, UK registered charity investing in childhood cancers research, specifically focusing on epidemiological studies into the causes of childhood cancers.

    Trust and Charity is run 100% run by professional volunteers around the world to invest all monies raised in research and support services.

  51. We are the 2nd Durrington Sea Scouts. The voluntary leaders work as a team to educate and entertain up to 50 young people aged from 6 to 18 years old each week. Worrthing/Durrington is very poorly resources for young people and all we do, makes a great difference to the values young people adopt as they grow up. At present, we are working to raise money (12000 pounds) to buy two Bell boats. These are cataraman type canoes which can be used by the Beavers, aged 6-8, with the help of the Explorers, aged 14 – 18. We hope to begin using these boats in the spring nrxt year.

  52. I nominate Forest fundraisers. It is run by a small group of people and they work tirelessly to raise funds for charities and organisations throughout the forest of Dean. Everyone concerned in the group do it voluntarily.
    Going into the 5th year now resources are getting low and £200 would mean an awful lot to be able to replenish stationary. Especially as ink for the printers are so low. One printer completely out of ink and the other printer is very low on colour ink especially. The website is undergoing maintenance at the moment so please be patient. We are assured that it will soon be up and running again so it can be updated.

  53. Interpal helps the Palestinians who have been treated very badly since at least 1948.Their country was invaded and they have been cast to the 4 winds.This is a huge injustice and Interpal tries its best to help Palestinians of all faiths whose living conditions are very sub standard.

  54. My proposal for Cause of the Month is Hamlin Fistula UK which exclusively supports the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. My wife and I lived and worked in Addis in the 60’s and 70’s, and our first child was delivered by Dr Catherine Hamlyn, who with her husband,Reg, devoted her life to mending the physical and social problems of destitute women who suffer childbirth and related injuries.
    A midwifery College has now been established and many of the students originally travelled hundreds of miles on foot to reach Catherine and receive the care, surgery and comfort they needed to survive. Such was the effect of that treatment that they have committed themselves to the hospital and become midwives themselves.
    Support for this work will ensure the continued care for damaged girls and young women in a country crying out for help in so many ways. This is one cause where you can be sure that money is spent wisely and well.

  55. I Would like to nominate the Army Of Angels Charity who offer direct support to individuals injured during any of the UK’s conflicts including NI and NATO operations.
    The charity help the injured with basic household necessity items needed to make their everyday life more comfortable. The Army Of Angels also help the families of those who have lost a loved one while serving their country.

    The charity also help with rehabilitation equipment, household conversions, relaxation breaks for the families who are suffering and recently on a couple of occasions the charity have helped to get these sufferer’s off the street’s and into their own rented accommodation.
    With the generous help from the public and monies donated through these initiatives we can make a difference.

    To find out more about the Army Of Angels and how you can help our brave service men and women please visit our website.

  56. In April this year HCBW took on the rehoming of 75 boxers. This was done in superquick time but a a great cost to the organization. The cost of kenneling a dog is 70 pounds a week. In addition to that all the dogs needed vaccinations and spayng/neutering. We have become Mum and Dad to two (now) 10 month old puppies. The other 73 hahve found their news homes and families due to the hard work of HCBW and the kennels who helped look after these dogs during the waiting period.

  57. This is an amazing animal sanctuary run by Fiona Oakes who cares for over 400 animals. She works tirelessly at the sanctuary,never taking a holiday, and is also an athlete and marathon runner, who raises money for the sanctuary and for other causes too. Tower Hill relies entirely on donations for the food and care for these animals, and is a very worthy cause for this prize.

  58. Please consider Sheffield Mind as the cause of the month.

    So many of us are affected by mental health problems, whether we ourselves or someone close to us experiences depression, anxiety and low mood, have been diagnosed with a condition, whether we are caring for someone or we have a colleague who needs support……mental health support is such a vital service.

    Sheffield Mind has been providing therapeutic support for over 40 years. We offer one-to-one counselling – long term and short-term – therapeutic groups, befriending, support for people in work, anti-stigma campaign activities and a range of community groups such as Food and Mood, Anger Management and Emotional Wellbeing. We make sure our service is available to all, regardless of income, and we have provided vital support to many hundreds of people over the years.

    Support our cause! Thank you.

  59. I think Autism puzzles should get the donation simply due to their tireless efforts to promote awareness of us parents who have to contend daily with ignorance and the problems that come with these conditions,AP has been a safe shore in rough seas that frankly has probably saved the sanity of every member at some point.

  60. My cause is Cystic Fibrosis. My nephew who is now 14 was one of the youngest in the country to be diagnosed at just a few days old. Since that day his mum and dad have worked tirelessly to keep their son as fit and healthy for as long as possible.

    Cystic Fibrosis is a relentless disease and although research is positive, research costs money so the Cystic Fibrosis Trust is constantly looking for help to boost funding.

    Not only does my sister, her husband care wonderfully for their son they still take time out to raise funds for the CFT.

    Funding is the future for people like my nephew Cory, so it would be wonderful to help boost their funding by winning this competion.

  61. I would like to nominate the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Lothian. The Centre provides invaluable support and therapies to those in Lothian living with MS. As one of those people with a progressive form of the disease, I appreciate all the efforts of the Centre to help me maintain my health as far as possible.
    As a charity, all members are encouraged to donate- and any additional donations are always welcome to enable us to spread our support and inspire hope for others whose lives are affected by MS.

  62. Blind Life is a charity for visually impaired people started by users themselves in 2004. The whole of County Durham is covered by our service. Monthly meetings, newsletters, skype chat sessions and phone contacts help to aleviate isolation and depression. While fortnightly New Age Kurling at two different venues provide healthy exercise as well as welcome socialisation.
    We also organise a few trips and one short break during the year. While campaigning and providing advice and emotional support. Most of this is done by volunteers with only one part time worker to help.
    Funding is always a problem – we have a musical evening on the 10th to help raise some funds. Any additions would be very welcome and well used

  63. PNI ORG UK literally saved my life! Knowing other women were going through post natal illness and being robbed of a joyous time helped me to see I wasn’t going insane that I would get through it and there was hope. Such fantastic women supporting other women at the worst time in their lives. I can’t express my eternal thankfulness to PNI ORG UK – without them my son would have no mother, and my husband no wife.

  64. I support Crossroads Caring for Carers Isle of Man, not only do they run a programme helping adults with learning difficulties into employment but they have care services for elderly, young carer groups and a nursery project supporting children with disabilities. I think Crossroads Isle of Man is a fantastic charity that looks after the community regardless of what your needs are and is unique in that it is aimed with the best in mind for both the carer and the person they care for, it is probably unique in that it can help a family through their entire lifetime and without them i would find life very difficult indeed.

  65. I am supporting Respite & Recovery, Chemotherapy Home Comfort Kits
    Approximately 60% of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in the UK will experience related nausea, hair loss, dried skin and mouth ulcers. Experience shows that while hospital oncology departments give excellent advice regarding their treatment patients are rarely provided with a kit of useful remedies that mean that they can be prepared to address the symptoms as they occur. Respite & Recovery are constantly asked for advice regarding coping with chemotherapy and theirChemotherapy Home Comfort Packs are based on what their beneficiaries have found to be the most helpful ways of coping . The packs contain products & advice on preparing for & dealing with the side effects as they may occur. These packs will be given out free to cancer patients at hospitals before they start their chemotherapy treatment. Each pack costs £25 however Respite & Recovery have a sponsor who will match any funds raised before December 2011 so the £200 would be doubled to £400 and help to save more lives

    1. This is a fantastic cause which I have personally benefited from. Being diagnosed with cancer is bewildering enough without the additional stress of trawling the internet for help and advice. The goodies and advice in the pack helped me with all the side effects and I was able to continue with my treatment.
      Thank you Respite & Recovery for being there for me.

  66. Cruse Bereavement Care Herefordshire exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people (children, young people and adults) across the county, and to enable anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss whenever or however the death occurred. The Service is confidential, free and is provided by trained, experienced volunteers.
    We need to raise £15,000 a year to pay for administration, phone-lines and volunteer expenses
    The death of someone close can be shattering. Everyone experiences grief differently; there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right’ way to grieve. How we react will be influenced by many different things, including our age and personality, our cultural background and religious beliefs, our previous experiences of bereavement, our circumstances and how we cope with loss.
    We want to continue to support as many people as possible and would be really grateful to be chosen as September Cause of the Month.

  67. The Goldenhar Family Support Group (UK) supports families all around the UK who are affected by the rare condition Goldenhar Syndrome. This consists of a number of related birth defects of the head, face and spine and sometimes other body parts and internal organs. Most families aren’t aware that their new baby has any medical condition until it is born. The midwives and doctors delivering the baby probably won’t have seen anything like this condition before and won’t know what the long term prospects of the child are. The child may need immediate intervention to help it breathe and may also have to be tube fed. The parents may be told that their baby is unlikely to ever be able to walk or talk and that they may also be deaf, blind and mentally retarded. Not only do the parents have to cope with the shock of having a baby with Goldenhar Syndrome once they finally receive a diagnosis, but they also have to explain what it is to every health visitor, community nurse and doctor they see.
    The Goldenhar Family Support Group is run completely voluntarily by families that have been through this scenario. They provide support, information and contact with other affected families that is absolutely priceless, especially in the early days when parents don’t know what to expect. Fundraising takes place all year round to finance an annual family day where families can come together, listen to medical speakers and compare notes with others.

  68. We, at Carefree Kids, are a small, but growing, London Charity. We offer individual therapeutic play and arts therapies to children in schools. Our aim is to emotionally support the well-being of our community by being able to offer therapeutic interventions at a price that is affordable (we charge a maximum of £7 a session compared to an average price of £40 per session) and so making our service accessible to those that most need it.
    We work with parents/carers, children, school staff and those who want to learn new ways of responding to children that are healthy and helpful.
    I believe that the work we do is valuable and will be in even greater demand as people try to juggle caring for children with a career, we are affordable and accessible at a time when there is such a lack of funds for services.
    If we were chosen to be September’s cause of the Month it would be most appreciated by us and by the families we support.

  69. Welcome to INVEST in ME

    Who we are
    We are an independent UK charity campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), as defined by WHO-ICD-10-G93.3.
    We have links nationwide and also internationally. Invest in ME are one of the founding members of The European ME Alliance.

    Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the Aetiology (causes), Pathogenesis (harmful effects) and Epidemiology (the pattern of distribution of a disease through a population) of M.E. This should lead to the development of a universal “thumb-print” test for diagnosis of M.E. and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness.

    Invest in ME want to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into M.E.

    Please join us and help make M.E. an illness which is properly understood and where adequate funding is provided for biomedical research into ME allowing treatments and cures to be found.

    1. I would like to nominate Invest in ME as the cause of the month.

      While I believe M.E. has a big psychological impact (as with any chronic illness), funding for research has been massively biased towards psychological analysis and I believe too much control has been handled by psychiatrists.
      At one point in the US almost $13 million towards CFS research was redirected or used elsewhere. We need more bio-medical research desperately.

      M.E. is a real, debilidating illness that ruins people’s lives andcan even sometimes kill people. We patients with M.E. deserve an unbiased, balanced collection of research for our illness so that we can progress towards a cure or therapy that will really work- instead of the controversially prescribed Graded Exercise Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

      1. I also nominate “invest in ME.” They are MOST Worthy and they are working together with other charities around the world to help the 17 million afflicted with ME that have been neglected and abused for 25+ years and 3+ generations…
        It has recently even been linked in 9 countries by differewnt labs using different cohorts to possibly a 3rd Human Retrovirus and there are also MILLIONS of asymptomatic carriers. What other “Legitimate” reason would MANY of the countires around the world have for BANNING the Blood donations of ME Patients to the Public Blood Supply?
        There are now MANY medical tests that PROVE this is a REAL Biomedical disease that has INDEED reached Epidemic proportions and would be indeed also sinful to ingnore this disease and the families effected any longer.
        Thank You for letting me nominate Invest in ME that has proven themselves a worthy HONEST Charity that is Sincerely trying to Further REAL Scientific Research and help Millions.

  70. i would like to put Peebles Burgh Silver Band forward for nomination. The band has been in operation for over 170 years and currently has 33 musicians and approx 20 children learning to read and play music. this is all done at no cost to the student and contributes to the continued survival of the band.
    We provide musical performances all over the Scottish Borders
    We are a non profit organisation but as with every organisation we have substantial running costs.
    We are always looking at ways to raise funds and easyfundraisers and easysearch are ideal avenues to help us achieve our fundraising targets.
    to win a £200 donation from Viking would be an absolutely fantastic boost for us and would certainly ensure that we continue as an organisation.

  71. INVEST in ME needs vital funds for a UK centre of excellence for translational biomedical ME research, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients, training and information for healthcare staff, based at the Norwich Research Park in the UK and aiming to work collaboratively with international biomedical researchers.

    Please help us fund biomedical research into ME.

    At the 5th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference in London in May Invest in ME announced that they had entered into discussions with the University of East Anglia to instigate a research facility for ME.

    Discussions have continued since the conference and we have decided to publicise our attempt to set up this facility.

    Below is a summary of information relating to a proposal which has been formulated by an Invest in ME steering group which has been formed to instigate the setting up of this facility.


    People with ME need early and correct diagnosis, proper treatment and advice. The current status of services for people with ME and their families in the UK is poor with little knowledge of current biomedical research being applied and possible treatments not being made available to patients or healthcare staff.

    This has resulted in ME patients having no service and there being little progress in attracting new researchers or clinicians to study the disease.

    The dangers for people with ME having no proper clinical examination and no access to possible treatments is that the disease can develop into more severe forms with significant loss of functioning. There is also the danger of mis- or missed diagnosis – a common problem with people thought to suffer from ME.


    After five years of campaigning for awareness and promoting better education about ME/CFS it is felt that the best way to make progress is to establish a national centre of excellence for ME.

    The Invest in ME Steering Group (ISG) has been formed – consisting of carers of people with ME – to begin work on establishing a facility leading to a UK Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research into ME.

    The ISG believe that a change needs to be made in the way service provision for ME patients is carried out and is suggesting a simple but effective structure for providing services and instituting major biomedical research into this disease which will have profound effects on the way ME/CFS is treated in the UK and establish a hub of scientific and clinical excellence for ME within Europe.


    The ISG propose for a facility to be instigated with four main elements for diagnosis, treatment and research into ME/CFS – service commissioning, service provision with clinical diagnosis and examinations, translational biomedical research and a research database to allow for more research and improved training of healthcare staff.

    1. I to Support Invest in ME and The Invest in ME Steering Group (ISG) that has been formed – consisting of carers of people with ME – to begin work on establishing a facility leading to a UK Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research into ME.

      The ISG believe that a change needs to be made in the way service provision for ME patients is carried out and is suggesting a simple but effective structure for providing services and instituting major biomedical research into this disease which will have profound effects on the way ME/CFS is treated in the UK and establish a hub of scientific and clinical excellence for ME within Europe.

  72. I would like to nominate 1st Methwold Scout Group for the cause of the month. We are a village group with nearly 40 young people. Boys and Girls can join the Beaver Scouts at the age of 6 and then progress at around 8 years old to the Cub Scouts, and on to Scouts around 10½. We have our own Headquarters building and are trying to raise funds to repair or replace the roof to keep us warm and dry this winter.
    Scouting offers young people the opportunities to develop through a programme of fun and exciting activities.
    Please vote for us and help us to achieve these aims. Thank you.

  73. Fibromyalgia Uk supports sufferers throught the Uk and lobby for a greater awareness amongst the public and medical professionals. Fibromyaligia affects 4% of the population, with wide spread chronic pain and severe fatigue. There is no cure for this long term illness and it can only be managed by medication. A donation of £200 from Viking would make a huge difference to this charity who is run by volunteers and funding is by way donations, book sales and fundraising activities. As a long term sufferer with children, we need all the help, support and information that they can provide..

  74. We would like to nominate the PATHFINDER GUIDE DOG PROGRAMME, a very small charity which trains and supports German Shepherd dogs as guides for blind people. German Shepherds have a much stronger working ethic than other breeds, are very adaptable, more intelligent and bond closely to their human companion. Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme has just started training a new puppy, and every penny raised makes a difference to another blind person somewhere in the UK. The charity has to raise all of its funds from public donations, receiving no statutory funding or support from any other organisation.

    We really hope that Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme will be selected for the shortlist, and that the public will vote for this truly wonderful and very important charity.

    Thank you.

  75. Welcome to INVEST in ME

    Who we are
    We are an independent UK charity campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), as defined by WHO-ICD-10-G93.3.
    We have links nationwide and also internationally. Invest in ME are one of the founding members of The European ME Alliance.

    Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the Aetiology (causes), Pathogenesis (harmful effects) and Epidemiology (the pattern of distribution of a disease through a population) of M.E. This should lead to the development of a universal “thumb-print” test for diagnosis of M.E. and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness.

    Invest in ME want to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into M.E.

    Please join us and help make M.E. an illness which is properly understood and where adequate funding is provided for biomedical research into ME allowing treatments and cures to be found.

  76. I would like to nominate BIGGSD for all the excellent work they do.
    The principal aim of BIGGSD is to help rehome German Shepherd dogs in the UK & Ireland and is a virtual hub for a number of rescue charities who use it to help save and rehome GSD’s as well as other breeds of dogs in desperate need.

    They do this by:

    Making people aware of the dogs in need, at rescue centers, dog pounds, other rescue organisations and with private individuals.

    Bringing particular attention to the plight of dogs who are under immediate threat of being put to sleep (pts).

    Helping to fund the kennelling, fostering & transport costs whenever possible via the BIGGSD fund.

    Bringing German Shepherd dog loving people together through this board as a community.

    Helping any other breed or crossbreed dog too, to find a safe, secure and loving home whenever possible.

    Offering a list of homecheckers, volunteers & fosterers that are members on the site who can help rescues & private individuals whenever possible and providing the ability to request help too.

    Providing areas on the board that include; Transport requests, Behaviour, Health & Training advice, Walks & Events and Supplier recommendations
    Having BIGGSD branded items for sale and a paypal donation facility that help to provide the necessary funding that is needed to help dogs

    BIGGSD is administered and moderated by a group of individuals who give their free time voluntarily with no payment

  77. Invest in ME is a lifeline charity supporting patients and their carers.

    At the 5th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference in London in May Invest in ME announced that they had entered into discussions with the University of East Anglia to instigate a research facility for ME.

    Below is a summary of information relating to a proposal which has been formulated by an Invest in ME steering group which has been formed to instigate the setting up of this facility.


    People with ME need early and correct diagnosis, proper treatment and advice. The current status of services for people with ME and their families in the UK is poor with little knowledge of current biomedical research being applied and possible treatments not being made available to patients or healthcare staff.

    This has resulted in ME patients having no service and there being little progress in attracting new researchers or clinicians to study the disease.

    The dangers for people with ME having no proper clinical examination and no access to possible treatments is that the disease can develop into more severe forms with significant loss of functioning. There is also the danger of mis- or missed diagnosis – a common problem with people thought to suffer from ME.


    After five years of campaigning for awareness and promoting better education about ME/CFS it is felt that the best way to make progress is to establish a national centre of excellence for ME.

    The Invest in ME Steering Group (ISG) has been formed – consisting of carers of people with ME – to begin work on establishing a facility leading to a UK Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research into ME.

    The ISG believe that a change needs to be made in the way service provision for ME patients is carried out and is suggesting a simple but effective structure for providing services and instituting major biomedical research into this disease which will have profound effects on the way ME/CFS is treated in the UK and establish a hub of scientific and clinical excellence for ME within Europe.


    The ISG propose for a facility to be instigated with four main elements for diagnosis, treatment and research into ME/CFS – service commissioning, service provision with clinical diagnosis and examinations, translational biomedical research and a research database to allow for more research and improved training of healthcare staff.

  78. We run a scout group in Grasby (1st Grasby), supporting mainly the local villages of Owmby, Searby, Bigby, Grasby, Caistor, North Kelsey and Nettleton. This is a very rural area with not much in the way of public transport and activities for young people. Having started with Beavers, then Cubs, we are starting Scouts this September. We do lots of fun activities with the different sections, who meet weekly during school term time. We also take them on trips further afield, giving many of the children opportunities to “live on a larger map” which they otherwise would not have. We are all volunters and all enjoy Scouting.

    In the Louth District of Scouts, Grasby Scout groups are the furthest from Louth but we try to join in activities organised by the District whenever possible and the Leaders appreciate training sessions which widen our knowledge of the movement and enable us to help the young people to develop.

  79. Pats Cats Etc focusses mainly on on helping old, sick or terminally ill animals as well as any others in trouble. Run entirely on voluntary lines with no outside funding for twenty-five years any needy species is offered a safe haven and any veterinary care. If suitable it will be found a new forever home following stringent home checks or can live out its life in the sanctuary which has a no kill policy. Permanent residents are offered as near to family life as possible. Help is also given when owners are rushed into hospital, are made homeless or run into difficulties. Liaison is maintained with veterinary practices, the police, the dog wardens and estate agents, the latter to help with animals abandoned in empty properties. An owner can die leaving a dog of sixteen years and no one wants to know and this is where Pats Cats will do their best to help. Help for animals in trouble out of normal business hours is not easy to find and again Pats Cats run a 24 x 7 phone line as on last Christmas Eve in the snow and ice when rescue turned out for a dog just before midnight.

  80. I support Epiphany and am continually inspired by the founder who is only 21 years old. She has worked tirelessly for others even as a child and started Epiphany in 2008. She was moved by the things she saw and the people she meet whilst in India with the governments “Global Fellowship” scheme. Epiphany helps people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds in India and some projects will also be starting here in the UK and other countries such as Africa.

    Food for thought, Life straw, Epiphany schools/orphanages and slum safety are some of the projects underway. Slum safety already helps many children working in rubbish tips in India by providing them with gloves, goggles, shoes and clothes to help prevent illness, accident and eventually provide an alternative life for these children.

    Caitlin started this all her self and took a gap year from university to start it up. Now in her 3rd year at University and with friends helping to run things it is hoped they can gather enough funding to have Epiphany finally registered and start building their first orphanage. Some of their fundraising includes regular music gigs, sponsored events and the sale of craft items; locally sourced in India via the community links Epiphany have made.

    Please, please help them change lives at home and away.

  81. We are raising money to enable more brownies and guides to attend indoor holidays and outdoor camps,many of our girls are unable to attend these events due to parents unable to afford it even at reduced costs.,It would be great if all girls had the same experience as others

  82. This is their blurb – UK German Shepherd Rescue is made up completely by volunteers who have experience of the breed & or experience of rescue in general.

    Our aim is to rescue & rehome German Shepherds who are in need. Each dog that comes into our rescue is assessed by experienced volunteers & a suitable home found to meet that pariculare dogs needs.

    We take dogs from local pounds that have been picked up as strays or handed in. We take dogs from individual homes, who for whatever reason, they are unable to keep the dog any longer.
    They have had alot of pregnant gsd’s come in over past year and a particular heart wrenching case is of Stella and 3 relatives who came in severely underweight and with Stella ready to have pups anyday. They are now being nursed back to health and Stella had her pups a few days ago. The labour was far from easy and saw her being in labour for nearly 48hrs and having 11 pups, 3 of which unfortunately were lost . The whole while The rescue owner and staff were with Stella and helped her through it all and fought with all their might to save the pups that were lost.
    The rescue use the same amount of dedication with every dog they take in and try and rehome.
    I think they truely deserve this x

    1. I am privileged to say I volunteer as a screener for UK-GSR.
      The tireless effort & love put into each & every dog (including honorary gsd’s!) is second to none.
      Volunteers work together from all walks of life, throughout the UK to rescue, foster, rehabilitate & re-home gsd’s regardless of their background.
      We work as a team for the love of our beloved breed but unfortunately love alone is not enough ….. funds are required to feed, vaccinate, neuter, provide veterinary care etc
      Please take the time to vote for us …… our dogs deserve it

  83. We offer friendly, caring and exciting childcare for children aged 3-11 who’s parents work, respite, socialisation. We provide exciting activities rangeing from sports, arts n craft to cardboard box cookery. The children have fun with their friends and learn valuable life skills (being sociable, cooking, caring for themselves,(from keeping clean to making themselves a sandwich).

    We offer breakfast, afterschool and holiday care. A nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better way to enjoy this than with your friends. Enjoying such delights as bacon rolls, smoothies, beans on toast, croissants, cereals and of course toast and yoghurts.

    unfortunatley our building needs some repairs and we need new outside equipment. £200 would go towards making the outside garden area a more enjoyable and rewarding place for the children to learn.

  84. We are hoping to raise some desperately needed funds for SOS to enable the rescue to carry out essential veterinary care, provide food, pet passports, transport & above all provide a safe environment for the constant stream of abused, abandoned & neglected dogs. SOS is run entirely by voluntary help & donations, we have no other means of funding.

    SOS Animals UK was initially set up to help the strays of Spain. Every year millions of British citizens visit Spain, and many decide to live there permanently.

    Unfortunately, Spain has one of the largest stray populations of dogs & cats in Europe. Furthermore, horrific cases of animal cruelty have been extensively documented, specifically directed towards the working dogs. In Spain, it is not rare for the Podenco’s (pharaohound) and Galgo’s (greyhound) to be hung when they have finished their working life, or have their legs broken, among many other forms of barbarity that are practiced.

    To make matters worse the British citizens that have moved to Spain are responsible for half of the dogs dumped in some of the shelters on the Costa Del Sol. With the current economic situation, many British citizens are packing up their villas and moving back to the UK; forgetting their beloved pet, dumping them at the local shelter or just leaving them alone and abandoned outside their houses. Many of theses dogs find it very hard to adapt to shelter life after having the warmth and security of their own home and owner. Some of these dogs simply just give up, get very depressed, and their health quickly deteriorates. These dogs often pine for months waiting for their owner to come back.

    You may think that helping Spanish Dogs should not be our concern in the UK but it is very much ‘our’ problem.

    SOS UK is dedicated to relieving animal suffering throughout the world. Committed to supporting crucial neutering programmes, distributing vital medications and re-homing animals in desperate need. SOS UK changes one animal’s life at a time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  85. The Peter David Lane Trust Fund is run by a regular working class mum who decided to channel the grief she suffered when she lost her son ten year ago into helping others. Julie Reay works ceaselessly fund raising in her hometown of Sunderland, organising events and rallying the whole community to offer up their time, efforts and cash that is then given to many worthwhile and needy causes. Sometimes funds are offered to other registered charities, but sometimes the funds are used to help individuals in the community that need help with medical treatment that they otherwise could not afford, or to offer a special holiday to someone who may not have all the time in the world left to them, amongst other things. Julie is a warm and wonderful person, giving her time willingly, and has become something of a hero in her hometown. Her charity, named after her son, deserves any boost it can get – she is truly quite a remarkable person.

  86. My cause is ‘Chloe- Exercise Kwazulu Natal- Northern Venturer’. I’m a 17 year old Corporal in the Army Cadet Force and I’ve been selected as one of only 40 cadets from all over the UK to take part in the 2012 Army cadet and Combined Cadet Force expedition to South Africa. We are aiming to carry out some charity work with local people who wouldn’t otherwise receive any form of aid as well as making 3 treks with the biggest seeing us sumit Thabana Ntleyana, South Africa’s highest peak. I need to raise at least £1000 to be able to go and so I need as much support as I can get as I’m also in my A2 year at college meaning I’m fighting to get good grades in my A levels so that I can get a good place at university. Please please vote for me! Thanks.

  87. I support a small local primary school, which is very rural and is desperately hanging onto small community life. Fundraising in a low income community is always difficult but especially so these days. 45 children would benefit greatly from winning this month and there’s so much we could do with the winnings – including giving something back to our loved community!!

  88. Each year we organise an event in Dalby Forest ( North Yorkshire) to raise funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. Friends and supporters of Saltersgate Hunt get together to way-mark routes for riders, carriage drivers and walkers to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the forest. All participants are charged an entry fee and some raise sponsorship. We have a great day with picnics and barbeques afterwards and at the same time raise funds for this very worthy cause.

  89. Rapid uk are a team of volunteers from all walks of life.Dedicated to respond to
    disasters all around the world.They provide search and rescue teams that are highly trained in all disciplines,medics, search dogs,search and rescue,,water rescue.Training of home countries in disciplines and techniques designed to preserve and rescue life.accredited to INSARAG and purely funded from donations.The training is intense and grueling at times.Total commitment is a must to reach the high standards that are set and push them higher,how much for one life?Funds for Rapid no matter how much, would contribute towards the high cost of training and equipment required to carry out these tasks to the highest standard.I am a firefighter and have a thorough understand of the commitment and dedication required to achieve the goals that the Rapid members do time and time again ,that is why i nominate Rapid Uk for Septembers 2011 award.

  90. Sangam is a very worthwhile cause, it is the Green Tara Foundation which helps young children and their mothers learn the basic skills in life to help them look after their children. Also it gives the children a chance to go to school and recieve a free education for a few hours each day. Please support this cause.

  91. The cause that I support offers 3 fantastic venues where young people from the ages of 5 to 24 can hang out in a safe enviroment that is fun and young person friendly. During the 3 different age relevant sessions they offer young people to get involved with a load of different activities, there is craft, Wii, a quiet lounge and blacklight room to chill out in, theres a computer room and a loads of youth club type activities like table tennis and pool. This venue also offers a cafe that offers hot and cold food and drink at prices that are low enough for the young people to get themselves a meal.

    Not only are young people encouraged to interact with each other in a fun safe enviroment but it also offers a venue that young people can come to instead of hanging out in the streets and causing anti-social behaviour.

  92. The Woodley Preschool is a small preschool for children aged 2 to 5 years old and is currently fundraising to rebuild the storage units within their large rented cupboard space. The Preschool rents the function room at a local leisure centre and pays to rent the cupboards to hold all the preschool’s toys and resources.

    The storage units have been in place for at least 20 years and are becoming very fragile.

    A donation of £200 would assist the replacement of these units.

    Thank you

  93. Angolan Community In London is driven by the power of humanity, we believe in human rights, we believe in knowledge, the knowledge we have acquired is demonstrated in our actions and activities towards the community we aim to help. Angolan Community in London is dedicated to empower the rights of it’s community members residing in the UK. In this alien nation we tend to bring our community together despite the barriers encountered. Angolans in other parts of the world are more accredited, their organisations and associations are better supported, here in the UK Angolan Community In London is striving to fulfill it’s obligations, the funding doors are closed, there’s no money allocated for the social causes we assist during the year. I leave here my appeal for more financial support, we believe we deserve a boost so others will benefit and will be better oriented. The Organisation is in operation since 1992, in 2004 the City of Westminster recognize the work of Mr Carlos Alonso Silva for outstanding work in helping to improve the quality of life of fellow members.
    Please give whatever you feel, it will revert all to our good causes.

  94. I nominate Bellevue Playgroup for the £200.00 as it is a Registered Charity, with very hard working staff. They look after children from 2 1/2 yrs to 4 yrs from all nationalities and backgrounds. Initially the children are very scared to be away from their parents and the brilliant staff help them settle in a welcoming friendly setting in the Wrexham Area.

  95. I also nominate Victoria Out of School Club for the £200.00, again as a registered charity with very hard working staff.

    It is a very friendly club, with staff who act like the children they are looking after, which makes the children love attending the setting.

    I feel that both Bellevue Playgroup & Victoria Out of School Clubs would benefit from any cash input due to the lack of funding in our area.

    Thank you very much

  96. Brize Norton Pre school do a wonderful job getting our children ready for school. They are always short of money, as they have to pay quite a lot of rent for the village hall. They always do a play at Christmas, (where my granddaughter let the side down on her first year by refusing to wear the Kings costume I made her and wore a green tellitubbies suit instead. They have a lovely Easter bonnet parade, and really ease the children in to big school

  97. I support Reeds Target shooting club. We are a shooting club established for nearly 95 years who desperately need funds to build our own range. We have over 80 members ranging in ages from 13-74, We also cater for disabled shooters. We hold lots of social events throughout the year and are a real fun club to join. Please support us.

  98. Both my children attend Ferring C of E Schoo in Ferring, West Sussex. Ferring is a small village school and rely on fund raising a great deal. We have been fundraising some time now to have a new teaching kitchen within the school. This would be for children from reception to year 6 and would act as a teaching aid as well as a fun past time. The kitchen would also support breakfast weeks, where children can come along for a hearty free breakfast where parents go to work early as well as promoting healthy eating. The school is still somewhat short for a new kitchen yet and the £200 from Viking would make a great plus to the fund.

    Thanks for reading,

  99. I support 28th Harrogate guides. We are a lively group with 30 girls aged between 10 & 14. We offer a safe and stimulating programme of activities for girls and Young Women to fulfil their potenetail. They are challenged by new experiences and achieve a sense of pride. We encourage them to think for themselves and make their own decisiions, they do undertake teamwork and start to acquire leadership skills. We also get involved with our local society by supporting other causes such a The Homeless projects. But most of all we believe we can all do our best according to our abilities and we love to have fun!

  100. I would like to nominate Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (UK) as charity of the month.

    The reason for this is the smaller charities like this need the donation a lot more than most charities.

    Recently Prader-Willi Syndrome Association tested Diabeties drugs on patients with PWS and the drugs did help those tested, however the testing was only done on 6 individuals which is not enough for them to be able to say the test was a success. PWSA dont have the funds to do the test on more individuals to make sure the drugs can help.

    This is upsetting for those supporting people suffering with PWS because there is a drug there that probably can help the person they care for but there isnt enough funding to be able to get the drug given to sufferers so far. This is why i am nominating PWSA for charity of the month.

  101. I would like to nominate Invest in ME a small charity that plan to open A UK Centre for biomedical research into M.E. the first of it’s kind in Europe. There are 250,000 sufferers in the U.K. alone and there is no treatment or research of any consequence. 25% of those with M.E. are severely affected and are bedbound, this illness affects children and adults.

    Thank you. Paul

    1. I support paul as a fellow person diagnosed with mitchondria dysfunction underlying as per Dr myhil papers : Paul said ” I would like to nominate Invest in ME a small charity that plan to open A UK Centre for biomedical research into M.E. the first of it’s kind in Europe. There are 250,000 sufferers in the U.K. alone and there is no treatment or research of any consequence. 25% of those with M.E. are severely affected and are bedbound, this illness affects children and adults.

      Thank you. Paul”
      Please nominate ME thanks x and




  103. I nominate invest in ME.

    ME – stands for Myalgic Encephaolomyelitis, it is a illness which must be investigated,, thousands of people worldwide, including children, have ME, some are bed bound due to the condition.

    I am lucky, in that I can work, but the condition affects me daily, I experience a lot of pain.

    Medical sceintific research must be done, to treat those with ME and to prevent others from contracting it.
    Please consider Invest in ME as a worthy cause. Thank you

  104. I would like to nominate the excellent charity Invest in ME set up in 2005 and run by a small team of sufferers of the neuro-immune disease myalgic encephalomyelitis and their parents/carers with the aim of raising awareness of the need for biomedical research that will lead to a better understanding and treatment of this poorly-understood disease.

    Invest in ME receives no government funding and is run entirely by volunteers with no salaried staff, keeping all costs to a bare minimum so that every penny possible goes directly on helping to make changes for the better for people with M.E. They do a huge amount of work that goes unsung.

    Their priority at the moment is to set up a centre for biomedical ME research and treatment – the first of its kind in UK and indeed Europe – and they need all the support they can get to fund this. Approximately 250,000 people in UK have ME, 25% who are so severely affected that some cannot move, speak or swallow, and 10% who are children, yet there are no publicly-funded projects to help get them the treatment they need.

    Every little helps so please support Invest in ME. Thank you.

  105. We support Craigshill Good Neighbour Network. This is a small charity working in a poor area of Livingston. We volunteers run lunch clubs, social clubs, outings, fund-raising events and parties and provide homeless starter packs for people who are socially isolated through age, disability and mental health issues.
    Our funding is running close to the knuckle this year and donations are vital to keep our outings going. If we won cause of the month, we would spend the money on pantomine tickets for our clients as their Christmas treat.

  106. I would like to nominate St Mary’s PTFA Forest Hall. As a very small school with a dedicated number of volunteers the funds would be put to the great benefit of the children in our school. As the start of another school year begins it would be a great boost to our fundraising for a new playground for the children. We are looking to get a safer surface and some vital play equipment for the yard. A donation would be grately appreciated.

  107. I support Invest In ME it’s an independent UK charity campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), as defined by WHO-ICD-10-G93.3.

    They have have links nationwide and also internationally. their aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the aetiology, pathogenesis and epidemiology of M.E.

  108. i surport M.A.L.S merseyside because of the difference it makes to are local community helping not only the young people to get a better start in life but also helping victums who have lost loved one to rebuild there shattered lifes and as M.A.L.S team is made up of mostly mums and victums of these devestating crimes a difference is all thay want to make an are slowly achiving it and a donation of £200 will make a hugh difference in achiving a better way of life for are service users

  109. I nominate Invest In Me for the £200 as they are hoping to build a new centre in England which will aim to treat M.E sufferers and carry out research into the causes and hopefully one day a cure for M.E.
    This is being done purely by fundraising so need every penny they can get to acheive their goal.

  110. I would just like to say what a brilliant job PATHFINDER GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND do. Their training of dogs for the blind and the sucsess rate they have is a worthy cause.

  111. Forever is a project that is seeking to bring hope and help to communities up and down the UK, using the 2012 Olympic Games as the initial impetus.

    We are coordinating hundreds of teams from across the world to come to the UK to give short-term impact to communities in the UK during the Games themselves.

    We are also establishing teams in each of the Olympic hosting cities (Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Weymouth and Portland), which will work with local churches and communities, serving them to reach out to young people through a variety of programmes and projects and also to assist generally in the areas where they are based.

    The whole project, and all our workers, is funded by gifts and donations from friends, groups and organisations. Our team currently consists of 19 people who have given up salaried jobs to give their time and expertise to make this project work. As the Olympics draw nearer, that number will increase.

    Thank you for reading this post, and for considering partnering with us in this exciting project.

  112. You should support Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs because so many of its members grow in their musical and performance artistic skills regardless of whether they’re already acquainted with music or not. All our members are welcome and many have come a long way and we always feature social events nationwide, most notably spending a week in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, where we go busking on the Royal Mile among other places in the UK. Please support us now!!

  113. I would like to nominate a small medical research/care charity called Invest in ME who host an annual conference bringing the best specialists in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis to the UK to help educate health professionals and researchers. They now have plans to take the next step towards their aim of providing care and treatments for people with the disease by creating Europe’s first translational research centre for ME in Norwich. Aiming to provide diagnosis and advice on clinical management including symptom control and specific interventions, for both patients and health professionals. At the same time findings will be fed back to provide data which would help researchers searching for the cause and possible treatments for this devastating disease.

M.E. is listed by the World Health Organisation as a neurological disease, although the causes are not yet understood. Estimates suggest it affects around 240,000 people in the UK 10% of whom are children. Sadly the NHS is still unable to provide any successful treatments and sufferers rely on management strategies that are often of limited benefit and unsuitable for the most severely ill. As with MS (another neurological condition) there is little understanding of the disease processes involved. One of Invest in ME’s aims for the proposed centre is to be able to offer hope to the many bed and housebound patients with ME through the eventual provision of an ambulatory service and/or tele-medical services for severely ill patients who cannot be moved. As well as developing a network of local multi-agency domiciliary services to support people who are more severely affected and who are at present unable to access hospital and primary care services. This would also allow the severely affected who at present are rarely included in research cohorts to participate in clinical trials.
Since the National ME Centre closed its 5 in-patient beds this year due to a cutback in local funding there are now no dedicated in-patient beds for people with ME. Even for the most severely affected – about 25% of sufferers. The most severely affected are unable to move, speak, swallow or breathe unaided and yet at present they have limited access to medical support. They are forced to spend their lives in isolation, living in darkened rooms because they are unable to tolerate light, noise, or even the presence of family and friends. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis places a severe burden on sufferers and their families. It is impossible to quantify this burden in any meaningful way, it really is something that has to be experienced to understand. In purely monetary terms in 2003 (the last year for which figures exist) ME/CFS cost the UK £3.46 billion a year (£9.5 Million a day) taking into account only lost revenue, benefits and healthcare. Over 90% of this figure is in lost income. 

People with ME need early and correct diagnosis, proper treatment and management advice. An early diagnosis is one of the few indicators of a better prognosis. The current services for people with ME in the UK are poor, with little knowledge of new findings in research or possible treatments reaching either patients or healthcare professionals. Without a clear understanding of the disease misdiagnosis is frequent. A 2010 study of patients presenting with a diagnosis of ME/CFS at the Newcastle CFS centre showed 40% of those attending had been misdiagnosed. Of those misdiagnosed 49% had other chronic disease, 20% sleep disorders, 15% psychological/psychiatric illness and 4% cardiovascular disorders. Many people wrongly diagnosed with ME/CFS are therefore being deprived of an accurate diagnosis and the chance of treatments that could return them to a healthier and more productive life.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful scheme to support charities. I hope Invest in ME has a chance to become one of the lucky charities who get to benefit from such an opportunity. To feature as your monthly charity would not only raise the possibility of funds for a centre many of us desperately want to succeed, it would also help raise the profile of a small but amazingly driven and dedicated charity that deserves all the support it can get. 

A pdf of the proposed centre can be downloaded from the Invest in ME website at

  114. I have had ME for 14 years now. It has devastated my life. Public perception and also medical opinion of this neuro-immune disorder is still confused.

    Invest in ME, a national registered charity run purely by volunteers, family and sufferers of ME has an aim to build a Centre of Excellence where science can at last pin down the cause and hopefully a cure for this disabling and devastating illness, a place where those with ME will be able at last have somewhere to go for treatment.

    They are wanting to raise an initial £100,000 to begin this initiative. Patients and their families are working hard to raise these funds. Your help in this would be appreciated.

    Invest in ME registered charity number: 1114035

    Thank you,

    Carole. :)

  115. Invest in ME – 17 million around the world at least 250,000 in the UK with 25% of those bedbound & housebound inc Children – their lives devastated!!! & no biomedical research or Treatment.
    Invest in Me need the funding for the Biomedical Research Centre


  116. I have had long term severe ME since my early 20s, it has robbed me of my youth, career and a chance of having my own family. I have lost several friends (all in their early 30s) to this life threatening illness.

    I would like to Support Invest In ME who need an initial amount of £100k to start an “ME centre of Excellence” in the Uk. This centre will be dedicated to finding the cause(s)/tretment for this devastating condition. Plaese help people (many of them young) whose lives have been ruined by this terrible illness.

    Invest in ME registered charity number 1114035.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Simin Ghatineh

  117. I’d like to nominate INVEST in ME

    Invest in ME is an independent UK charity campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), as defined by WHO-ICD-10-G93.3.
    It has links nationwide and also internationally. Invest in ME are one of the founding members of The European ME Alliance.

    The charity’s aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the Aetiology (causes), Pathogenesis (harmful effects) and Epidemiology (the pattern of distribution of a disease through a population) of M.E. This should lead to the development of a universal “thumb-print” test for diagnosis of M.E. and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness.

    Invest in ME want to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into M.E.

    Please join us and help make M.E. an illness which is properly understood and where adequate funding is provided for biomedical research into ME allowing treatments and cures to be found.

    Through funding efforts like this, Invest in ME will be able to change the lives of thousands of forgotten and struggling ME patients.
    Thank you.

  118. I nominate M.E. which stands for Myalgic Encephaolomyelitis. It is a disease that can be devistating and yet people know very little about it and not much research is done on this illness yet. We still do not know how to treat this disease properly yet and/or what is the true cause. So many suffer every day and they have lost so much because of it. I myself am unable to work any more. I’ve lost many friends because I’m unable to do the things I once was able. But I’m one of the the lucky ones too ~ may are completely bedbound. I know M.E. is worth to be nominated.

  119. I nominate Invest in ME for their fund-raising effort towards a much needed biomedical research centre in the UK. The reasons why this is so important have been given by other nominators.

  120. Netherseal & District Womans Institute:

    We are a group of women that are constantly engaged in one type of activity or another, we fundrasie for local and national charities every year: notably for Macmillan, Leonard Chesire homes, Anaphylaxsis, plus others.

    We have monthly meetings on various topics to introduce ladies to new life selections, from bee keeping, to barge boats, to robin watching, baking and flower arranging.

    The list is endless and we enjoy friendship and sharing each others company.

    Support us because we support others, thank you.

  121. I nominate Invest in ME as the cause of the month. This illness is often misunderstood not only in public perception but by some medical professionals, and often gets very biased press coverage. This leads to stigma for sufferers who are doing their very best to cope with the illness in a postive way, and sometimes a lack of appropriate care which can lead to long term deterioration and disablement. 25% of sufferers are severely ill, bedbound or housebound. ME charities gain very little attention compared to other charities, as many people don’t realise the real nature of the illness or how serious the condition can be, also affecting many children. Nearly all funding for biomedical research into this illness comes from charities. Correct diagnosis and management of the illness is crucial to prevent sufferers deteriorating, and to recover as much as possible, and biomedical research is needed to ensure this. Invest in ME is working with other charities and international experts to achieve this goal. If achieved, it can reduce suffering and offer a future to thousands who are otherwise written off.

  122. I would like to nominate Cheltenham Community Transport. This is part of Third Sector Services in Gloucestershire which provides low cast transport for older people and people with disabilities. Most of the drivers are volunteers, and I volunteered there for 2 years one day a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have my regular customers so getting to know them, and hearing about their interesting lives. They became friends and I looked forward to seeing them each week. Many of the people would not otherwise be able to get out without this service. People can use the service to go to Doctors/dental/hospital appointments, the hairdressers as well as the supermarket and visiting friends. With rising fuel costs it can be a challenge to keep the fare low but that is the aim. The service also offers trips such as trips to the seaside and the Christmas illuminations. Longer journeys can be also be organised.

  123. I nominate Invest in ME
    Their support of Dr Belcher on viral involvement in M.E. showed how much they can achieve. A very worthy charity.

  124. Please consider Invest in M.E. as the cause of the month, for the following reasons:

    * Only 5% of patients with ME will experience a full recovery.

    * Myalgic Encephalomyelitis can be more disabling than MS, late stage AIDS or polio, and many other serious diseases.

    * More than 30% of M.E. patients are housebound, wheelchair-reliant and/or bedbound and are severely limited in their movement.

    * It is estimated that 250,000 people in Britain have this illness.

    * Patients with M.E. experience severe stigma, disbelief, and ridicule from the press, their friends and family, and even their own doctors. Despite overwhelming evidence showing that this is a genuine biological disease, it is treated with psychological therapy that only provides modest benefits to a small percentage of patients.

    * Many patients cannot access NHS services at all because they are too weak to leave their home to visit a doctor.

    * Even if they can make it to the doctor, and have a doctor who treats them with compassion, their GP will have very few treatment options available.

    * Some patients are denied pain relieving medication due to the unwillingness of some doctors to treat chronic pain as a genuine symptom.

    * Despite the severity and prevalence of this disease, shockingly little funding has been spent towards trying to research a cure or develop effective treatments.

    Invest in M.E. intends to change the above by opening a UK Biomedical Centre for Research and Treatment, the first of its kind in the country, and a place that will offer genuine hope to people. Please help.

    1. I second the above nomination for INVEST in ME charity. This is such an honorable cause, to remain free from outside influences. It would be wonderful for this group, which is attempting to lay the groundwork for real scientific research into M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis), to receive any financial help possible. It is truly noble undertaking! Thankyou.

  125. I nomintate the Voluntary Care Centre
    The Voluntary Care Centre was set up over 40 years ago to provide practical support to elderly, disadvantaged families and vulnerable people in Lewisham. Our team of 160 volunteers provide a range of services including befriending, gardening, driving, shopping and wheelchair pushing. Our volunteers also run a weekly club and weekend drop- in for people with severe mental health issues, and act as mentors to participants on our Stepping Stones in Lewisham wellbeing project for those with mild mental health issues. We also deliver an annual Christmas project to provide food hampers and toys to disadvantaged individuals and families.

    We provide ongoing training and support to our volunteers as it is important that they have an enjoyable and worthwhile volunteering experience, as well as providing much needed support to our service users helping them to take part in community activities and remain independent. We care about our neighbours in need and couldn’t do this without our friendly dedicated volunteer team.

  126. I am nominating Menston Cricket Club as cause of the month.

    We are near to the end of our 2011 playing season, one which has not been the greatest in terms of achievements on the field. Off the field, our clubhouse suffered a flood during last winter and, although we have been able to refurbish, there is still much work to do to ensure that the facilities are brought up to an acceptable standard. For example, players have not been able to shower after a match for the first season in living memory and our toilets suffer regular leaks and are not very appealing to visitors.

    Fundraising is difficult at the best of times and cash balances remain tight, so any additional income would be very helpful indeed as we seek to repair the clubhouse over the next few months before the 2012 season starts in April.

  127. I would like to nominate IIHUK. September is IIH awareness month so this would be an ideal time to support IIHUK, the only charity in the UK supporting those with this debilitating condition.

    Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), is a neurological condition defined by increased intracranial pressure around the brain without the presence of tumour or disease. The condition and its treatment can lead to a vast array of symptoms and side effects including: headaches, visual and auditory disturbances, difficulty thinking and speaking.

    IIHUK provides information and support for sufferers and their families.

    My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with IIH 3 years ago. As parents the information and support from IIH UK has been invaluable. Our daughter said of the latest IIH weekend away; ‘ the best thing was being normal – everyone knew how it felt to be me’. Until we went on our first IIH weekend away she had never met anyone else with IIH.

  128. I would like to nominate INVEST IN M.E

    as an M.E sufferer myself I am desperate for some answers to help with the constant suffering.
    Invest in M.E are helping with awareness and working with charitys to help work towards much needed answers to find treatment

    Thereare so many sufferers likeme housebound and often bedbound on a daily basis.We wish to get better and try hard to find answers but there is very little support available..Invest in M.e is one of the charitys trying to help us and they deserve our support back Thank you x

  129. Natallia Kakhnovich who supports Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, “Sunflowers” Plymouth&District Link.
    I would like to nominate Plymouth “Sunflowers”.
    “Sunflowers” was set up 10 years ago. We are part of a national charity founded in 1991. Since then over 140 “Links” have been established throughout the United Kingdom, raising money to support the children of Belarus, whose lives will be forever affected by the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
    Belarus received over 70% of the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl nuclear explosion in April 1986 and as a result, thousands are born every year or go to develop thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia.
    IMAGINE: Living the rest of your life in a radioactive polluted environment! There is no escape! The World Health Organisation state that 500,000 children in Belarus are at risk!
    IMAGINE: Eating contaminated food, that harm you, but what else can you do?
    IMAGINE: Coming to the UK and eating fresh food and breathing fresh air and going home with your immune system recharged!

    Our work is focused on the following core activities: raising the funds to bring children to Plymouth each year for four weeks of fresh air, uncontaminated food, fun, love and attention as well as dental and eye check ups.
    On behalf of all belarussian children I would like to say THANK YOU to all people for the love, kindness and generosity! God bless you!!!

  130. I have had M.E for 25 years since I was 28 years old IiME are trying to help people like me get some sort of a life back before it’s to late … IiME recieve no goverment funding … as nothing to do with ME does except for phsycological nonsense which it has been proven that we DO NOT need … M.E is a very real illness and because of charities and charities alone do myself and my very dear friends have a hope of finding help or even a cure. Thankyou.

  131. I would like to nominate Devon and Cornwall Boxer Rescue
    My sister has been helping the boxer rescue now for many years and the more funds they get the better life they can give to many boxers


  133. I nominate Invest in ME – for real solid biomedical research into this debilitating disease that affects 250,000 people in the UK – more than those with HIV or with MS.

  134. I would like to nominate Denbury Pre-school as cause of the month. They are a rural setting who run from the village hall and has good links with the village primary school to whom most of the children attend when they leave the pre-school. The three qualified staff members work hard thinking up fun and exciting games, activities and stories to fit in with the terms themes to encourage learning through play.

  135. I would like to nominate the PATHFINDER GUIDE DOG PROGRAMME, a very small charity established and run without pay by Anne Royle, herself blind. Pathfinder dogs train and maintain German Shepherd dogs as guides to blind people. Winning £200 would feed four Pathfinder guide dogs for a month, rather than disappearing into a large financial pot. All the costs of a Pathfinder Dog are met by this small charity, including food, equipment, vet bills. It costs the charity £36000 to train and maintain each dog – the cost to each handler is only £1, for a life companion and guide. Without these amazing dogs, their handlers would find safe mobility so much more difficult. With their dogs, they not only have mobility but confidence and social inclusion.

  136. I would like to nominate Invest in ME – There is currently no coherent biomedical research nor treatment in the UK for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. The NHS does not offer any medical treatment for this condition (only talking and activity therapies for the mildly/moderatly affected who are able to leave their house while severely affected patients are completely left to their own devices). This neuro-immune illness is devastating for both patients and their carers.
    Invest in ME is proposing to make positive changes by opening a UK Biomedical Centre for Research and Treatment. Your help and support would be most welcome.

  137. I nominate Invest in ME. As others have said, they are raising money for much-needed research into ME, which attracts very little funding compared with similar conditions.

  138. I would like to nominate Coleridge Pre School Ottery St Mary as they have just had to restructure the staff so that their costs are kept down and they are able to continue to provide an excellent place for the local under fives to go. My children attend the pre-school as do my grandchildren, my daughter works there and my other daughter is on the comittee and all staff and comittee are working hard to continue to raise funds.

  139. I nominate Dunbar Baptist Church as cause of the month. This church does not have its own building, it has to use its local day centre for it to run, we have to rent this building out every sunday :( we also go to a baptist bible young camp down south and are hoping to raise money for the kids to go to camp, who can not afford it. We could do with some brand new hyme books because the old ones are very old and not in a very good condition.

  140. I would like to nominate Invest in ME as the cause of the month pleeeease. We really need research into finding a cure for this invisible illness. Thank you

  141. hello, next summer i am going on a expedition to ecuador south america, and this is done through world challenge, we have to fund raise the money for our self, and recently my parents have split up making money tighter and a lot harder, i have been trying my best by doing car boot sales and car washes e.c.t but i am struggling to be able to get enough money for the next installment, i think the 200 pounds will help greatly towards my cause, where i will be helping a native community in ecuador and will be helping better my education, thanks for reading

  142. I would like to nominate INVEST in ME
    They are trying to raise money to help thousands of people by building a biomedical ME research and treatment centre. I have had ME for 2 years now and it has affected my life tremendously and has made me miss out on some vital things with my children.
    Please help

  143. I would like to nominate Invest in ME.

    We’re in urgent need of a European Center for biomedical research and treatment for M.E.

    Thank you.

  144. I would like to nominate the charity INVEST IN ME. They have untill now organized 6 excellent yearly conferences in London about the disease Myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)and they are hoping to establish a research and treatment center in Norwich for this disease.

    Millions of people all over the world are suffering from ME/CFS and very little biomedical research is being done – let alone treatment of the condition. Lives are being wasted, and have been for the oast 30 years. Please help by supporting ‘Invest in ME’. Thank you.

    Mrs. Helle Rasmussen
    Danish ME/CFS patient since 1995

  145. I would like to nominate Invest in ME. Invest in ME are doing an excellent job spreading information about ME. Every year the organize an international conference with the leading ME experts from around the globe. Invest in ME has no governmental funding as is dependent on donations.

  146. i would like to nominate oakfield high school & college they are a sen school &college that caters for children with different disabilities the childrens ages range from 11-19 our aim as a pta is to give to our children has much independence and fun they can get if we were to win this money it would go towards the kids buying equipment to enable them to make things and possibly sell to parents and carers to give them a sense of achievement the look on their faces when they have made these achievements is priceless when some of the kids are visually and hearing impaired also with physical disabilities and especially the kids with autism it makes them so happy so please please consider us .

  147. A Child Of Mine is a very young organisation, set up to help anyone affected by the death of a child; the most profound loss of all.

    As a society death is such a taboo subject and especially the death of a child. It became apparent to us very quickly after our own son’s death that there was a lack of support and information available for bereaved families and what was available was very hard to find. We felt strongly that this gap needed to be addressed in some way and so, A Child Of Mine was born.

    We wanted to offer a one stop shop where anyone affected by the death of a child could go for information, guidance and support from people who DO understand.

    We have now set up our website which offers information on all aspects of losing a child, from the practicalities of what happens when your child dies to arranging a funeral, advice for siblings and how to survive as a couple during your grief. A Child of Mine also includes a comprehensive list of support groups by region, together with all the major National Organisations throughout the UK who give support and counselling after the death of a child.

    Since establishing A Child Of Mine in early 2011 we are now working closely with health care professionals, hospitals and children’s hospices to raise awareness of our work and to ensure that the families who need us are directed to our site.

    Looking to the future we are now planning to set up local support groups, where parents can come and meet with others to share their journey and to know that during the difficult days ahead they will not be alone.

    Extra funding would enable us progress our work further and to reach out to the families who need our support so much.

    Please help support A Child Of Mine so we can help support other families who have lost a child.

    Thank you.

  148. A Child Of Mine is a young organisation which supports anyone affected by the death of a child; the most profound loss of all.

    As a society death is such a taboo subject and especially the death of a child. It became apparent to us very quickly after losing our own son that there was a lack of support and information available for bereaved families. We felt strongly that this gap needed to be addressed in some way and so, A Child Of Mine was born.

    Our concept was simple; to offer a one stop shop where anyone affected by the death of a child could go for help, information and guidance. We have now set up our website which offers information on all aspects of losing a child, from the practicalities of what happens when your child dies to arranging a funeral, advice for siblings and how to survive as a couple during your grief. A Child of Mine also includes a comprehensive list of support groups by region, together with all the major National Organisations throughout the UK who give support and counselling after the death of a child.

    Since establishing A Child Of Mine we are now working closely with health care professionals, hospitals and children’s hospices to raise awareness of our work and to ensure that the families who need us are directed to our site.

    Looking to the future we are planning to set up local support groups, where parents can come and meet with others to share their journey and to know that during the difficult days ahead they will not be alone.

    Extra funding will mean so much to our organisation and will help us to progress our work further and reach out to the families who need us most.

    Please help support A Child Of Mine and those families who are struggling with the death of their child.

    Thank you.

  149. My cause is the Samaritans – Isle of Man branch – I have come across a number of people over the years who have felt the need to have someone to turn to in times of desperation and despair – sometimes they just needed someone to talk to, to work out their own solutions, to share a bad experience with or merely becaue they felt alone. In todays busy world it’s easy to forget about people who feel this way and the Smaritans offer a fantastic service and listening service for those in need anytime of the day or night.
    Without the volunteers the IOM would certaintly be a lonelier place for a number of people. They also give out information for those looking for the right place to go for help if they have a particular problem.
    They do a fantastic job and on many occassions save lives and give people hope in a busy stressful place where people don’r always have time to talk and most importantly listen.

  150. I would like to nominate Ballakermeen High School – Isle of Man.
    It’s not just a great school, it’s a place for children to grow, be encouraged, neurtured, developed and supported. It has be awarded the parents in partnership badge and has the childrens interest at hear 100% – the team of staff (including a great head teacher) who really go the extra mile to demonmstrate role model behaviour – learning can be fun – mixing cultural activities such as drama and music, sport in addition to the academic studies – patience is of the essence and the head in particular is very fair, firm and respectful of her pupils – she leads her team by example and often over delivers in terms of real committment and loyalty at the same time of dealing with the every decreasing budgets – a model school who really cares about students. They really deserve any extar available to support the good work going on to educate students and parentd alike.

  151. I would like to nominate invest in ME. Invest in ME are hoping to carryout research to find out the cause and hopefully treatment for this devastating illness. Approximately 250,000 people in the UK are suffering from this illness and the numbers worldwide suffering are staggering. At the moment there seems little hope. Therefore, not only would this work provide hope band answers it could potentially save the Country huge amounts of money in medical carevand benefit payments. So please help by supporting invest in ME!

    1. Invest in M.E. is the only ME charity in the UK which is actually achieving objectives, running a prestigious annual conference in Westminster being only one. They would make the best use of the money to help establish proper research & a centre in the UK. I’m only one of the quarter-million sufferers who have had their lives devastated by this nasty disease, which is now strongly thought to be caused by a retrovirus suspected over 25 years ago.

  152. I also want to nominate Invest in ME. They are really responsive to need, have a fantastic information service, host an International Conference every year, and now are fundraising to open a translational medical clinic, looking for effective treatment for ME. The need is huge, 250,000 people are sick.

  153. I would like to support Invest in ME. It needs funds to establish a Uk ME biomedical reseach centre in Norwich. As others have said there needs to be medical breakthroughs so particularly the 60,000 severely affected (25% of 250000 with ME) who are housebound or bedbound for years are given hope of sustained recovery. Psycholigical therapy has been shown to cause significant long term damage in severely affected patients so biomedical research needs funding as it paves the way greater understanding, diagnosis, and treatment which would bring sustained improvement to thousands of peoples lives including my own. Thanks Viking for considering Invest in ME for a donation:-) ME is classified as a neurological disease.

  154. “Cretan animal protection” CAP deserves and badly needs money to help these poor street animals.I have just been to Crete and witnessed dying,starving,ill cats and dogs everywhere,it was heartbreaking.We went for a relaxing holiday but spent most of it going around giving food/water to these beautiful animals who were suffering so badly.
    At the end and begining of the tourist season the authoritys put poison down in the animals food and then they are left days to suffer until they die.
    Whilst we were in Crete we contacted some of the charitys because we were so concerned especially about 2 particular dogs we were feeding and “Cretan animal protection” responded and are actively helping with these dogs.
    If you look “Cretan animal protection” CAP website you will realise as we did exactly what Lorraine Benson and her husband who is the founder of this does.This lady has a full time job aswell as looking after all the animals at her sanctuary,she also gives medical treatment/ feeds the street animals and this is done all by donations and on the website you can find out how to raise money for the charity each time you buy online or search online and it doesn’t cost you a penny.
    Please look at the website because there are beautiful dogs/cats waiting to be adopted and sent to uk,hollond,germany.france.Thank you

    1. I nominate the Invest in ME charity in the UK. They are doing such important work for the millions in the world with ME. Thank you.

  155. I too would like to nominate Invest in ME so that people with ME can have a much needed medical research and clinical care facility – currently there are no bio-medical centres for ME in the UK. 250,000 people in this country ahve this horrible illness.

  156. I nominate Invest in ME, the only group in the U.K. dedicated to researching the biomedical causes and evidence-based treatment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

  157. I nominate Invest in ME. I’ve been suffering from ME for some yeary and haven’t found proper treatment yet, since there has not been much research yet.

  158. I would like to nominate InvestInME who are going to open a clinic to investigate the cause and possible treatments for the 250,000 people in the UK currently denied medical treatment by the NHS.
    This will be the first clinic of it’s kind in this country. So far all funding has been done by patients hoping to make this a reality.
    Please help us with funding and be part of a something unique.
    Thank you.

  159. I would like to nominate Invest in ME. Their intention to create the first proper biomedical clinic for people with ME in the UK is probably my only hope of treatment from my 41 yr long illness. There are approx 250,000 people with ME in the UK who are not being offered any treatment by the NHS other than behavioural ones which are both inappropriate and damaging. People with other neurological conditions are not treated this way. Invest in ME are a beacon of hope. Please make them your cause of the month.

  160. I Nominate: “Invest in M.E.” Charity, as they are the leading Charity in the U.k., furthering Research into MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS, and also widening the knowledge and international co-operation by organising INTERNATIONAL symposiums for the last 6-7 years in London in May of each year. Speakers from many countries, who are Leaders in their Field are only too willing to travel to London every year to share their knowledge. This extremely debilitating and painful disease has been NEGLECTED for far too long. M.E. kills.

  161. I would like to nominate invest in ME, this massively under researched and disrespected illness which has finally been given alot of hope as invest in ME’s goal is to set up a clinic in the UK to help us find a biomedical reason into why the illness happens and how we can go about getting cured as many never really do!!! ive been bed bound now for 9 months and that is nothing compared to many sufferers. It really is a life wrecking illness and needs to raise all the money and support we can!!!

  162. I would like to nominate “Invest in M.E.” as it is helping severely ill people who are refused Medical treatment by the NHS, because nobody there has bothered to study the disease. (not that it is new, Charles Darwin had it as did Florence Nightingale,) but nowadays GP’s are only allocated 5 mins to see the patient, diagnose, medicate and write up notes under NHS rules, so making progress is slow and the disease is awful.

  163. I would like to nominate Invest in M.E. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (the name means generalized muscle pain plus encephalitis and CNS dysfunction) is a serious disease that impacts 250,000 UK adults and untold numbers of teenagers and school-age children. Unfortunately, it is often a life sentence. One-fourth of victims ate housebound and/or bedridden. I was, but I have been in a number of studies in the US. We have our own problems with our health agencies, but at least I am able to pay for testing and treatment. You’ll have to trust my description of the pain – migraine-level headaches, back of KY neck, behind my eyes, and in my large muscles. My kegs don’t work normally, so I have to use a cane or wheelchair. I have had blackouts, ataxia, expressive dysphasia, short acterm memory loss, disorientation, and massive confusion to the point where I once poured an entire pot of coffee in a silverware drawer convinced it was a cup, I do well on an experimental immune modulator, but it is very expensive.

    In the UK, this disease has been captured by psychiatrists – who also work for insurance companies – who claim it is just deconditioning brought about by inappropriate illness beliefs – just as they once insisted MS was really “hysterical paralysis.”. But they have incredible power over indormation in the UK – also have tested positive for a new retrovirus (an HIV-like disease) in a study published in 2009 – if all you read were articles in the UK, you would think that had been disoriced. But the NIH is still working on a study about it, it has not been disproved at all – and even if it is, testing has also showed that I have CNV and HHv-6A, AIDS diseases, in my spinal fluid, j also have Coxsackie B, which is interesting because before the shrinks took it over, British researchers had found Coxsackie B in M.E. Patients in the UK. Coxsackie B is in the polio family of viruses.

    InvestinME holds an annual research conference in mid-May on Birdcage Walk – right across the street from Parliament, but no one shows up. They nevertheless publish the results in both print and in a really good, educational DVD. Now they are trying to help get a center for biomedical research into the disease in the UK.

    Children get this disease. People’s children have died of this disease. Don’t wait until it’s one of your own. Please support this cause.

  164. I nominate Invest in ME. This charity is a beacon of hope for people in the UK who have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, an extremely debilitating neuro-immune disease. IiME is working to build a clinic to treat this disease properly. No such clinic exists at present and the need for one is extreme.

  165. I am 35 & very ill with severe ME (bedbound & tube fed). I have been tube fed for 8 years but ill since just 16. There’s no treatment to help make things better for me and there’s been little research despite this illness being so potentially devastating.
    I use easyfundraising when I shop because as a patient group we’re desperate for some money to go to biomedical research. I support invest in ME & this is who I hope youll consider to be your cause of the month
    IiME are trying to set up a UK medical treatment & research centre in east anglia. This would really help me as it would bring an ME specialist to Norfolk/ Suffolk where currently we have no expert to help us & do vital research which may result in treatment for my fellow sufferers & I, at last. Having it as your cause of the month would help make the public aware of IIME’s aims &also of the seriousness of this illness which has stolen all my adult years.
    Many thanks for your good works

  166. ‘I nominate Invest in ME’ The types of biological and neurological research results and investigations will be of great benefit to everyone voting for all sorts of charities albeit at present the greater population don’t know how or why they should vote for ‘Invest in ME’ ! There is an insidious disease that has infected few enough of the population for there not to be a public outcry! Many of those that suffer with M.E or similar neuro immune conditions know that the NHS has unethically let them, their families and their carers down, hence the need for Invest in M.E!

  167. I would like to nominate Invest In ME – because it would help the thousands of sufferers in this country who have no hope due to no treatment,

  168. I would like to nominate invest in ME , to date there is no definitive test to even diagnose it and absolutely no treatments whatso ever of any help or validity,
    so many sufferers and so little done

  169. I would like to nominate Invest in m.E. Invest in M.E is supporting bio medical research into this dreadfully debiliating neuro immune illness.

    At least 150,00 people have M.E in the UK, 20,000 of whom are children. 25% are severely affected and remain housebound or bedbound not for months or even years, but decades. They suffer with severe chronic pain, 24/7 flu like symptoms, senstivities to noise, light, smells and many more symptoms.

    The quality of life is terrible and a well known M.E doctor says its comparable to end stage aids,

    However, despite this illness affecting so many including children, the British govt have to date have only supported behavioural studies which have proved of no benefit to suffererers.

    Invest in M.E have a vision to set up the first bio medical centre for treatment and research for M.E. This centre would be the first real help people in this country with M.E. would get. Perhaps some people’s lives could be freed from decades confined to bed, isolated and in pain. Please consider Invest in M.E.

  170. I nominate Invest in ME. At a time when the governments in the UK and the U.S. are backing away from meaningful research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, this tiny charity has been able to bring together experts from all over the world to their scientific conferences in London. Without government funding, this charity will have to rely on private funding to open a sorely needed biomedical research center. I hope you can help them help us.

  171. The Gambian Schools Trust is an idependent voluntary charity based in West Yorkshire. Over the past ten years, it has raised money to fund and support primary education in The Gambia. The charity has built three new schools from scratch, as well as funding the extension and refurbishment of others. It also operates food programmes in the schools it has established. Some of the money riased each year funds a container in which school supplies are shipped : a large amount of this consists of resources and furnishings which are being replaced in UK schools and which would be thrown away if the charity did not use this innovative method of recycling them. The charity is entirely voluntary and no one working for the charity receives any payment: the committee and volunteers even fund the cost of trips to The Gambia themselves. It is one of the few charities that can truly say that every penny donated goes directly to the cause which it supports.

  172. I would like to nominate the ‘DOGSTAR FOUNDATION’ a charity that helps the street animals of Sri Lanka. They run sterilisation and vaccination clinics, they provide free veterinary clinics / treatments for companion animals, they promote responsible owner ship, educate the locals in animal care and fund research studies into Rabies. They are continually trying to raise funds to help more of the animals in Sri Lanka. for more info of the invaluable work they do.

  173. I nominate the tiny charity Invest in M.E., whose staff are all volunteers.

    Their proposed research and treatment centre is the only hope for those of us with severe myalgic encephalomyelitis. who receive no specialist treatment whatsoever for this debilitating, painful, life-long hellish illness .

  174. I would like to nominate Invest in ME.

    From the Invest in ME blog –
    “Some 250,000 people are thought to have ME or CFS in the UK – 25% of those are severely affected and 10% are children. Some are so severely affected that they cannot move, speak or swallow. Studies at Dundee and Newcastle Universities found that 40-44% of patients with a diagnosis of CFS/ME were misdiagnosed and some had other, potentially treatable illnesses. Development of a reliable diagnostic biomarker and objective biomedical tests for the disease is therefore a priority. This will be of huge benefit to doctors and patients alike.

    Patients with severe ME have been largely excluded from research and also from treatment, as services have not been developed to meet their special needs and lack of research means that doctors have no evidence-based treatments to offer them.

    In a UK study, ME was found to be the biggest cause of long-term absence from school. Research carried out at Dundee University and published in September 2010 showed evidence of persistent underlying viral infection in children, the same as previously found in adults in 2005. This adds to the mounting body of scientific evidence of the biological processes at work in ME, yet there is no cohesive strategy for taking this research forward so that these biomedical findings can translate into treatments of the root cause of the disease and perhaps even prevention.

    Invest in ME is a small UK charity with a big idea!”

  175. Please Nominate Invest In ME they are a small charity in the UK , They are doing a great job but rely on donations towards setting up a clinic for Biomedical research . There are over 250,000 sufferers in UK including Children that suffer from this disabling condition that effects the Immune system , Neur sytem , In fact ME also known as CFS effects every single cell in the body , Most people cannot work or go to school with this condition, It really is the most neglected illness there is . ME can strike anyone any age any class . !!!!

  176. Sick people need research and treatment for an illness some have had for over forty years.

    ME is a neuro-immune disease. It makes you very, very ill and it should be taken seriously.

    Please support his wonderful Charity who hope to open a treatment centre and get some serious research under way.



  177. I would like to nominate Invest in ME – much more research really must be carried out into the real causes of this disabling and often misunderstood and disrespected illness in order to find real treatments – a Biomedical Research and Treatment Centre is the only way forward. The numbers of people with ME are growing every day and it has been said by many that severe ME is much like late stage HIV-AIDS. The rate of progress of research and treatment of HIV-AIDS illness has been phenomenal – we should expect no less for ME. Please please please consider making Invest in ME your nominated charity, help the millions worldwide and the quarter of a million (and growing) people in the UK.

  178. I am nominating “Invest in ME”. This charity is giving hope to hundreds of thousands of sufferers of the cruel illness known as M. E. who desperately need effective treatment from the devastating symptoms of this horrible disease.

  179. I would like to nominate Little Sunshines Pre-School for the cause of the month.

    We are a charity formed in April 2009, out of neccesity within our local community, as our previous pre-school was unexpectedly closed and our children were left without a pre-school to attend. Staff and volunteers worked very hard together to form the new setting, designed for 2 to 4 year olds, including the staff working for free for 6 months and parents forming a committee to establish and run the pre -school. We are continuously organising fundraising events to ensure the safety of our childrens future.

    Please support us for the childrens sake.

    Thank you.

  180. I would like to nominate ‘Magpas’ for cause of the month. This is a charity providing emergency medical assistance at the scene. It consists of many wonderful emergency care paramedics & doctors, who volunteer for this service in their spare time – without them, I would not be here today.
    Last year I was involved in a serious car accident, they were flown on the air ambulance to the scene, where they were able to sedate, intubate & put in chest drains before escorting me on the flight to the trauma centre.

    Their care was second to none & they are an absolutely essential service relying solely on public donations. A donation to them would be invaluable in keeping this service going. Anyone who volunteers in their spare time to save others deserves my vote!!

  181. I would like to nominate Myeloma UK for cause of the month. This is a chariable organisation set up to help sufferers and family members who have been diagnosed with the non-curable cancer of the plasma cells.
    My mother has been recently diagnosed and we have used the helpline on a number of occasions.
    The team of people are amazing and lways have time to talk and advise no matter how big or small the question is.
    All donantions are required and they need more publiclty as not many people are aware of Myeloma/
    Many Thanks

  182. I would like to nominate Invest in ME because the goverment does not fund research into the causes of ME someone has to.and Invest in ME are good at it but need money.

    At the moment people with ME are left seriously ill with minimal medical care this could change if treatments were found

  183. BelsAtra have been a constant in many peoples lives for the past 24 years, they have been responsible for building two community centres in the area, a multi use games area, have helped literally thousands of people with problems and completing forms, have provided quality, safe and educational play for also thousands of children over the year and have started two Ofsted registered playgroups in the area from a toddler group in a house many years ago.
    Nothing is ever too much trouble and they always fight the areas corner with the local authority when necessary. hundreds of volunteers have progressed in both their voluntary work and into paid work over the years.
    A true example of the Big Society.
    If anyone wishes to help us now our latest big project is a community park that has been costed at £250,000 and we still have to raise funds for our play projects afterschool clubs, backpacking, playschemes, and camps.

  184. I support Northcote Heavy Horse Centre, this is run by Terena Bolam and a team of volunteers, Terena works extremely hard , she’s on the go from first thing in the morning until late evening, caring for about 15 shire horses and shetland ponies.
    In the holiday season the centre is open for visitors, and lots of grand days are organised, i.e. Summer Fates, Medieval Days, 40’s nights, Halloween Parties.
    The horses are really loved, and extremely well cared for, and you can clearly see how happy they are.
    It truly is a wonderful charity

  185. Please can I nominate dogstar foundation, what they do:
    Providing free Veterinary care for companion and community (stray) dogs and cats in rural Sri Lanka, UK registered charity registration number 1133431. WSPA Member Society

    The name Dogstar was chosen as its the more common name for the star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major ( The Dog ) is the brightest star in the night sky and is visible from both Sri Lanka and UK
    Mission Improving community health for animals and people in Sri Lanka

    Reduction of overall canine/feline headcount.
    Rehabilitation of community ( stray ) dogs.
    Reduction in Rabies infections (Canine, Feline, Human).
    Promoting responsible and compassionate ownership.
    Reduction in disease (Canine, Feline, Human )
    Products Free sterilisation, vaccinations and treatments. Funding research for Rabies prevention. Educating owners and communities in relation to animal care and the reduction of disease and breeding.

  186. I would like to nominate’Orphans in the Wild’. They are raising money for the Milk Formula Project for HIV/AIDS Mothers in Mufindi, Tanzania, E.Africa. HIV+ Mothers are given an injection just before the birth of their baby, they are asked to feed their baby for the first 6 months only and from then on ONLY Formula feed their babies. To mix both breast and formula milk causes adhesions in the gut through which the HIV virus passes. This has proved to be a very effective way to bring babies up without the HIV virus up. Also we have many orphaned babies in our chidren’s Village in Mufindi who need this Formula Milk. Formula is extremely expensive in Tanzania and we are always looking for funding. This £200 would be very useful! All help very appreciated.

  187. I would like to nominate the charity INVEST IN ME .
    ME is a devastating disease which is much misunderstood and under-researched. This small charity has started a fundraising campaign for a UK centre to research and treat this illness. This finally offers a glimmer of hope for people suffering from this condition

  188. I would like to nominate Monsters Wheelchair Fund. They are rasising money for a very special girl to get a new wheelchair so that she can be both safe and more independent. She currently struggles with her wheelchair which is only suitable for very flat ground and isn’t even capable of getting her and her assistance dog down to the local corner shop! As she approaches her 18th birthday she is longing to be more independent like other teenagers and is currently restricted by her current wheelchair. Raising this money and buying Hollie a new wheelchair would make a huge difference to the life of a very lovely young lady and her fabulous assistance dog who longs to go on the beach with his mum.

    We need to raise £12,000 so the prize would really help us on our way.

    Thank you x

  189. I would like to nominate Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue.

    Approximately 40,000 Greyhounds are bred for racing every year in Britain and Ireland. The majority are dead before their 5th birthday. Only a lucky few end up in rescue kennels where they have the chance of finding the quality of life they deserve.

    TiA was founded in 1997. It is an independent charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming unwanted greyhounds and lurchers.

    TiA is able to care for around 100 dogs in its purpose built kennel block and finds a “Forever Home” for over 200 dogs a year.

    No dog is put to sleep once in TiA’s care unless he/she is ill and suffering.

    The charity relies on the public’s generosity and a small army of volunteers to give a second chance to dogs which have often been mistreated, traumatised, starved or neglected.

    TiA’s veterinary bills alone are in the region of £50,000 per annum so it is a constant struggle to survive and care for these needy dogs.

  190. Invest in ME needs charity money as there is no government cash forthcoming and they are doing very good job in promoting awareness of ME all over the UK.

  191. I would like to nomninate Invest in ME as there is very little Government biomedical research into the tortuous illness. Currently there is no cure and there is a total lack of understanding and awareness of this extremely debilitating condition and the NHS and medics cant help us and we are getting sicker and sicker and many are being neglected and left to deteriorate and rot in their beds. I myself have seen 28 hospital consultants and nobody has been able to make me better.

    Invest in ME a small charity that plan to open A UK Centre for biomedical research into M.E. the first of it’s kind in Europe. There are 250,000 sufferers in the U.K. alone and there is no treatment or research of any consequence. 25% of those with M.E. are severely affected and are bedbound, this illness affects children and adults.

    Thank you. Rachel

  192. I would like to nominate the RSDR they do fantastic work saving dogs & cats in Bulgaria. It is a non profit organisation. They’re aim is to to spay & neuter all dogs. They have animals that have been abused, tortured, hit by cars with dreadful injuries. There are lots of puppies dumped they all need vaccines to prevent the pups from dying from parvo virus which is a very nasty death for poor puppies.
    They are full to capacity & having to turn poor dogs away or feed them & leave them where they are. They also need a new roof & the harsh winter is coming. There is a lot of opposition against them, including the locals.
    Many dogs are stabbed & poisoned. This is a British family who emigrated out there & ended up helping thousands of dogs. Many are now fostered & adopted & they have just started adopting in the U.K now.
    I nominate RSDR for the tireless work & wonderful compassion they have for animals that nobody wants or cares about who desperatley need a second chance. Many dogs & cats would die a painful death without their dedicated help x Thank-you Coral Lowden-Smith
    Rodezum street dog rescue Bulgaria

  193. Twelve Notts gymnasts have being invited to attend a Magical Classic international in Florida next year. They are fundraining to enable them to go and compete.This opportunity will provide them with valuable top level experience. They are working hard at fundraising by doing a sponsored press-up on saturday 14th October in gym.
    I would like to nominate them because they are also doing cake stall, bag packs and a silent day.
    They are tireless training from 7am till 8pm most days.

  194. I nominate Invest in ME who are looking for the cure for ME which affects millions worlwide & there is little Government research.

  195. I would like to nimoinate East Huntspill School for the £200 as we are a very small school of only 61 children out of that we have only 43 families at the school. Our present project is the playground! The first thing you look at on entering the playground is a brick wall with a blue alien type shape holding a bat on it (It was our template on how to hold a bat for rounders painted at least 33 years ago! I know I was there!)
    We are hoping to purchase a map of the world, then a UK map, finally a South West Map so the children can place us in the bigger picture of things!
    Thank you to everyone that supports us!

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