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Have you got a good cause that you want to raise funds for? Maybe there’s a particular type of cause you want to support. easyfundraising has thousands of causes already registered that you can choose from, just select a category from those listed below.

Animals & Wildlife

There are hundreds of charities and causes, large and small, that look after animals and wildlife that you can fundraise for.

Arts & Culture

Start raising funds for the many arts and culture groups registered with easyfundraising.

Children & Young People

Get fundraising for your favourite local, regional or national group or charity that supports children and young people.


Do you want to give something back to your community? Raise your donations for a group that’s making a difference in your local area.



Start raising donations for a cause that provides support or a service for people with disabilities.


From nurseries to colleges and primary schools to secondary schools – there are lots of education based causes that you can choose from.


There are hundreds of Causes that care for the elderly- get raising for one of them now!


Give something back to a cause that cares for the environment and helps our planet.

Individual challenge

You can help someone who is embarking on an individual challenge to reach their fundraising target!


Take a look at the variety of medical causes that you can support when you shop online.

Public service & military

You can raise funds for lots of military and public service causes who are registered with easyfundraising that you can support with your free donations.


Whether you’re looking to raise money for your local church or place or worship or a larger charity, we’ve got lots for you to choose from.


If you’re a fan of sports you can choose from all sorts of sports and outdoors causes and groups.


Fundraise for a cause that looks after the welfare of children, older people or those who are more vulnerable.

You can raise money by simply shopping online!

Join over 140,000 other great causes who have helped raise over £30 million in donations with easyfundraising.

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