10 Best Dog Breeds For Children

Best dog breeds for children

Best dog breeds for children

So you want to make your family complete and add an extra addition; but this time it’s in the shape of man’s best friend.

But with young children you may wonder which breeds would be best to introduce to your home. Most dogs make wonderful family pets, especially when socialised properly by responsible dog owners.

But here are our top 10 picks:

1. Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds amongst families, and known as one of the most popular to be trained as service dogs. They make an excellent choice for families, with their fun loving, reliable and protective nature. They’re also highly intelligent and love learning new tricks.

2. Golden Retriever

Another extremely popular choice of breed, the Golden Retriever is smaller than the Labrador; they still embody the playful nature, which is great when children are around. Along with being an animal with playtime high on its list, they’re also extremely patient, which make them another great choice for families.

3. Beagle

These dogs are full of energy and extremely friendly and sturdy, making them great to be around children. They’re also known to be great with other animals too, but do require frequent brushing and bathing.

4. Bulldog

Although they aren’t filled with boundless energy like other dogs on this list; their docile, friendly and loyal nature, will make them the center of attention in home. And let’s not forget their sturdy build, which make them great for kids.

5. Collie

Made famous by television star Lassie, Collies are excellent pets and especially great around children. Easily trainable, gentle and always eager to please, their mild mannered temperament makes them perfect for families. Their coat however will require some grooming to be kept in top shape.

6. Newfoundland

With a natural love of children, these dogs have been nicknamed ‘Nature’s Babysitter’. With a temperament that can be described with the words patient, kind, gentle and lovable, these are perfect for families with children of all ages. This breed is better suited to families with larger open spaces and is known to shed quite a lot.

7. Bull Terrier

With an unfair reputation as an aggressive dog, Bull Terriers were initially bred to be a companion dog; as such, they make great family dogs. Filled with energy, they require a lot of playtime, which is great with energetic children, and are also very protective animals. These dogs are typically suited to larger families.

8. Irish Setter

Filled with energy, and known for their shiny red coats, these dogs are ideal for families. Best suited to those with a yard due to their energy, their lovable and playful nature is perfect for children of all ages. They’re also extremely smart and trainable.

9. Poodle

Known for their history of rather fabulous haircuts, these smart and gentle dogs are ideal for families. Caring and loyal, their friendly and good mannered nature makes them perfect for being around children. Also, they shed little fur but do require scheduled grooming. It’s also worth noting that only standard poodles should be introduced as family dogs, as miniature ones tend to be more highly strung and not ideal for those with children.

10. The Vizsla

You may not have heard of this dog, but if you’re an active and energetic family, then this is the breed for you. Originally bred as middle-European hunting dogs, these are great for those with older children due to their energy. Aside from this they’re very gentle, obedient, affectionate and great at learning new tricks. They’re also known for having very little ‘dog’ smell, which many families often worry about.

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