10 great ways to Raise More for your cause!

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Raise More section of our website, here are 10 brilliant ideas to help you raise more for your cause. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Tell another cause about easyfundraising

Think about other good causes you know and invite them to sign up to easyfundraising. For example, schools often have pre-schools based on the same site and sports clubs have junior and senior teams. If you refer them and they sign up, you’ll raise an extra 20% of the total amount they raise within their first 12 months!

2. Install the Find & Remind toolbar

The Find & Remind toolbar makes it easy to raise more. It tells you when a donation is available when you’re shopping online. It’s completely safe and secure to use and is 100% advert free. On average, people who have downloaded it raise 5 times more as they never miss out on valuable donations! Click here to install the toolbar.

3. Visit our free donations page

You can raise free donations by signing up to free trials and services that don’t cost a penny! For example, you can raise £6 for your cause when you sign for a 30 day trial with LOVEFiLM. And if you sign up and register to receive bespoke offers newsletters, you’ll receive 50p!

4. Buy for your office, business, school or cause

If you buy office supplies, equipment, computers, stationery or make travel bookings for your office, school or cause, do it through easyfundraising. We work with all the big business retailers, like Viking, Dell, Staples, Aviva and Expedia, and as business purchases can often run into hundreds or thousands of pounds, it’s a brilliant way to raise funds.

5. Raise money when you search the web

Easysearch is a search engine, like Google, where you earn half a penny for your cause with every search you make. Set easysearch as your homepage and ask your supporters, friends, family and colleagues do the same. You can raise around £25 a year simply by using easysearch, so it’s a great way to boost your funds!

6. Publicise with posters and presentations

When you hold meetings or events, download our posters and flyers and presentations to introduce easyfundraising to new supporters and to show them how it works. Better still, take your laptop so you can show people the easyfundraising website and get new supporters to register during the event!

7. Spread the word on Facebook and email

It’s a good idea to keep reminding your friends, members and colleagues about easyfundraising. Sending emails and newsletters or posting on Facebook or Twitter are great ideas to keep banging the drum and to ensure your supporters keep raising funds!

8. Contact your local paper

Get your local community behind you by approaching the local press to write a story about how you are using easyfundraising to raise money. Read our short guide which contains lots of great advice on contacting the local press, then fill in our press release templates and email or post them to your local paper.

9. Include an easyfundraising webpage on your website

We’ve created a ready-made, personalised webpage to help you encourage your supporters to raise money with easyfundraising. When anyone visits your website, the webpage will make it really easy to sign up new supporters and it’s quick and simple to install.

10. Tell us what your cause is up to

We’re always on the look out for case studies that we can feature on our website and in promotional tools. So if you’ve got a story to tell, let us know so we can spread the word for you! Perhaps you’ve got a target you’re fundraising towards or a funny, heart-warming or inspirational tale to tell. Email rena@easyfundraising.org.uk or better still, post your comment below so everyone can see it.