A day to remember at The Entertainer plus win a dream toy!

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to The Entertainer head office to take a look at this year’s must have toys for Christmas. Even better, my three children were also asked to come along to road-test the toys – as you can imagine, they jumped at the chance!

Charlie and Barney check out the Hex Bugs

So in fully fancy dress and with strict instructions to ‘behave and be polite’ Milly (11), Charlie (9) and Barney (4) were let loose amongst the toys and each found a favourite within seconds.

For Milly it was the Spynet Video Watch 3 in 1 Surveillance Pack (Was £74.99 Now Only £49.99), a super cool piece of spy kit including a video watch, mirror glasses and voice changer. Apparently its perfect for keeping tabs on your annoying little brothers…

Barney with his new best friend

Charlie loved the Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus (was £39.99 now only £34.99) while Barney fell head over heels in love with Cookie, the amazingly life-like FurReal puppy. (Was £74.99 now £49.99)

After a tour round the packing and distribution centre to see how the toys make it from factory to your door, it was back to more playing and demonstrations from the enthusiastic Entertainer team.

Milly playing Bop It XT

Milly and I loved the Moshi Monsters Talking Poppet Moshi Soft Toy (was £15.00 now only £10.00) and they all enjoyed playing on Bop It XT (was £27.00 now only £20.00)-although some of us were better at it than others! ( I blame my age..)

After 6 solid hours of playing, we came exhausted but with lots of great ideas for their letters to Father Christmas this year!

Big thanks to the fab team at The Entertainer for their hospitality and patience!

Win Cookie the FurReal Puppy

Everyone who makes a purchase from The Entertainer before 20th December will be entered into a draw to win Cookie the FurReal Puppy!

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