A tale of two kittens (and their mum)

I had cause to celebrate the patter of tiny feet recently. Or should I say paws. Yes, I’ve become the proud owner of three (you heard right, three) new cats – two kittens and their mum, courtesy of the good people at Cats Protection.

You see, our beloved old cat passed away in the summer and while I was certain we didn’t want another, a chance (honestly…) look at the Cats Protection website had me reaching for the phone.

Libby and her two kittens, Maisie and Nancy, were found abandoned in a cardboard box in Birmingham. All three had eye infections which unfortunately left both kittens blind in one eye.

Claire Davies, a fabulous fosterer from the North Birmingham branch of Cats Protection, had nursed them back to health, even bottle feeding the kittens while Libby was too ill to feed them herself.

Well of course once we had heard their story, there was no turning back and they’re now living happily with me and my family and eating us out of house and home.

Have a look at their video to find out more about the amazing work of the Cats Protection. There are over fifty branches of Cats Protection registered with easyfundraising so if you’d like to support your local branch or the main charity when you shop online, click here and type Cats Protection into the search box.