Cause of the month – January winner

RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue) are this month’s Cause of the Month and we’re pleased to donate £150 to them. And in keeping with the spirit of easyfundraising, they have decided to donate half to another animal cause, Animal Rescue Kos.

RSDR rescue pups

Regular readers will remember that Animal Rescue Kos were our October winners and shared their prize with RSDR – so this is RSDR’s way of saying thank you!  RSDR also named a rescue pup ‘Kos’ in honour of their friends.

Julie from RSDR said, “We are so pleased! We will be spending the money on purchasing a wood burner for the building that will be our clinic.  With a heat source, we can have someone stay over to keep the place secure.”

Thanks to all the causes who took part and everyone who voted. Watch this space for the next Cause of the Month.