Challenge Number 5: Sing with a stranger

For Challenge Number 5, Sing with a stranger, Andy ‘Bublé White delivered a donation winning duet.

Andy was challenged to convince a stranger to join him in a rendition of Jingle Bells!  The lovely Katy from ABC Teachers happily joined him to help raise £20 for a good cause.

Andy and Katy both delivered cracking performances and raised £20 for ‘easyfundraising raising for Acorns’.

Well done Andy and thank you Katy!

Andy’s made his nomination so keep an eye out for the next challenge, the “Stocking Filler Challenge” is a way to raise money for good causes such as schools, charities, sports clubs, religious groups, community groups and more, simply by shopping online. Shop with over 2,700 top retailers and choose from over 55,000 good causes. Discover more and register today.