Challenge Number 9: Pin the Nose on the Rudolf

For our 9th visit to the Nice Bucket Challenge, Mark Locker pulled out Pin the Nose on the Rudolf.

Mark had to nominate two others to join him in his challenge.  Each contestant was blind folded, spun around several times and had to pin the nose on rudolf using only their mouth!  Quite a challenge!

Nominee Steve Heath stepped up first, after being blind folded and spun around (a lot), Steve had to be pointed in the direction of the wall and was very close to hitting his target.

Chris Rosillo was the next challenger to take to the stage, again needing a little guidance in the general direction of the wall.  Chris missed the mark by a whisker!!

Mark the final challenger stepped forward, blindfolded and dizzy he managed to land one right on the target!

Mark was crowned the winner and has chosen to give his £20 donation to Cancer Research UK is a way to raise money for good causes such as schools, charities, sports clubs, religious groups, community groups and more, simply by shopping online. Shop with over 2,700 top retailers and choose from over 55,000 good causes. Discover more and register today.