Our Guide To The Best Charity Shops In Cambridge

The Cambridge area is home to several charity shops selling various items. If you’re considering dropping off some unwanted goods at one of the charity shops in Cambridge, it’s important to know what to expect. Read on to find out! It’s sure to be helpful! We hope you enjoy your visit!

Does Cambridge Have Good Charity Shops?

Cambridge has some great charity shops if you’re on a tight budget. Cambridge residents often donate items here, many of which are still in excellent condition. The shop sells everything from second-hand clothes, books, household goods, and vintage items. Many items are priced below £1 and are a great place to start your donation. Some even offer a free collection of large donations.

Locals head to Burleigh St., a street with seven charity shops, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned thrifter. Another charity hotspot is the independent Hospice on Mill Road, Cambridge, just over the railway bridge. In addition to these charity shops, Cambridge also offers a variety of other places to donate items. There are also some great charity shops in London.

What Items Do Charity Shops Not Take?

When you consider donating a large item to a charity shop, the item’s condition is an important factor. If you want to donate a new or gently used item, be sure to donate a clean one. Used items should be in good condition if you are donating them. If an item is broken, stained, or otherwise damaged, it may be best not to donate it.

Some items that Cambridge charity shops do not take include medications, cosmetics, and sex aids. Clothing with flammable warning labels will be rejected, as will clothing with pierced bodily parts. Furthermore, they do not accept hood material. Some organisations may also refuse to accept certain kinds of food or drinks.

Can I Drop Stuff At Cambridge Charity Shops?

Yes. If you’re a new charity shop enthusiast , you might start by visiting Burleigh Street, Cambridge, near Grafton centre. There are seven charity shops, including a Cancer Research shop, and you can also find an independent Hospice on Mill Road, which runs over the railway bridge. While thrifting can be challenging, Cambridge is a gem for those who wish to give to charity. Check out these tips to maximise charity shopping.

Many of these shops will accept a wide variety of donations, including clothing, furniture, large appliances, jewellery, books, and collectables. They also accept gently used furniture and appliances, household goods, clothing, toys, and DVDs.

Should You Wash Clothes Before Giving To Cambridge Charity?

Donating clothes to charities is a very effective way to help the environment while benefiting a good cause. Large charity stores don’t wash donated clothing before selling it. It is because they get a large amount of clothing from the public and don’t have the time or resources to clean it. However, other charities will not turn away wet or soiled items.

The first step is to ask the charity how much they need of your donated items. Make sure they have a deadline for their distribution. If they don’t have a deadline, ask if they’d prefer a donation of clean clothes. Also, you should clean the fabrics before donating. Avoid using fabric softeners or scent enhancers. Instead, choose a detergent that is made for washing and rinsing clothes.

What Do Cambridge Charity Shops Do With Clothes They Can’t Sell?

Despite being open for business again, charity shops still face an overwhelming donation tide. Charities must dispose of many unwanted items yearly, costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds. Before donating your unwanted clothing, contact your local charity shop to see if they can accept your items. Remember that charity shops only have a limited amount of storage space. They do not want to waste your time donating unsuitable items!

Which Charities Are Most Popular In The UK?

Charity boutiques come in many shapes and sizes and can be a wonderful way to support causes close to your heart. While shopping at a charity shop, check out its mission and what it’s all about. The items on offer are not necessarily high quality or expensive, but they’re cheaper than the price tags. While you’re out shopping, why not check out some of the best charity shops in the UK? While you’re there, why not donate your old clothes? The list of registered charities is endless!

Oxfam Bridge Street

This shop aims to help others overcome poverty and suffering. A company limited by guarantee, Oxfam has its unique Wastesaver plant where any textiles that do not sell are sent for recycling and saved from landfills.


The RSPCA shop is proof you don’t need to go to the retail outlets nearby to find some top bargains. The store specialises in clothing, shoes, bags, bric-a-brac and toys. They always need clothing donations from the eighties and earlier, but make sure you don’t donate fur products.

British Red Cross

Elsewhere on Burleigh St., the British Red Cross has two separate locations: clothing, books and the usual charity shop goods. The other store caters exclusively to furniture and electrical goods.

British Heart Foundation

Burleigh Street is becoming Cambridge’s charity shop capital, as the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is also located here. This registered charity sells a fantastic range of outstanding value, good quality furniture and electrical items.

Age UK

It is the leading charity for older people. They aim to raise money to provide life-enhancing services and vital support to people in later life.

The Children’s Society

Over 100 years ago, this store built a reputation for protecting the rights of abused, neglected, and exploited children.

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Founded in 1981, Arthur Rank Hospice supports people living in Cambridgeshire with an advanced serious illness or a life-limiting condition and those needing end-of-life care.

Numerous charities accept donations, including clothes, books, toys, furniture, DVDs, and other items. Donating old shoes and accessories to charity shops will give them a second life. These shops offer a wide range of high-quality items at lower prices, allowing people with modest incomes to upgrade their wardrobes. Charity boutiques also serve as special retail spaces. They offer shoppers lower prices and satisfy the desire for authenticity and individuality. The experience is also thrilling!

There are also charity shops that sell electrical items, books, household items, vinyl records and vintage clothing. Donations from these shops help people in need in the UK and worldwide. If you’re in the UK, check out some of these shops and see what you can find. They’re a great way to get some unique gifts! And who can argue with the great prices?

The idea of charity shopping offers amazing bargains while helping your community. The charity shops in Cambridge each have a unique selection of items. Be sure to check one out the next time you’re in the city!