Give #MoreThanAGift this Christmas



The most magical time of the year is here and we’re so excited!  There are loads of wonderful things about Christmas; the festive food, time with friends and family, the Christmas TV and of course, Christmas presents.

There’s just nothing like waking up on Christmas day and opening presents, but the true magic comes from giving a gift that you’ve spent time thinking about and watching it light up a special someone’s face.

That’s when you know it’s more than a gift, when it makes memories long after Christmas and shows you truly care. Remember the teddy you got when you were little which turned into your best friend…#MoreThanAGift

This Christmas, you could give even more, with no extra effort and make every present you give #MoreThanAGift by collecting free donations through easyfundraising when you shop online. With so much shopping to be done, you could make a huge difference to charities and good causes across the UK. We’re sure that they’d appreciate the gift.

And don’t forget, you can shop with nearly 3,000 retailers, we’ve got you covered on everything from presents and turkeys to tinsel and more.