Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary – easyfundraising Case Study


We’re dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through spiritual healing.

What is Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary?

A place to go to find inner peace and relaxation, Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary offers an escape from the stresses of illnesses and everyday life, focusing on spiritual healing to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Helping people to achieve a more balanced energy, the sanctuary allows visitors to unwind through the mediums of meditation, prayer, and various forms of healing. The service is even accessible for those who cannot physically attend the sanctuary through the use of distant healing, where encouraging letters and emails are sent by the sanctuary’s healing team.

What makes this charity even more unique is its healing service for animals. Holding a special understanding for the needs of animals suffering from physical and emotional problems, the healing team focus on improving their health, which has proved to be exceptionally successful.

Enveloping people and animals with understanding, care and ongoing support makes the healing process something that people turn to, time and time again.

I had never been free of pain for such a long period. I have distant healing to thank for this state of wellbeing.

A Little Bit of History

Back in 1946, world-renowned healer, Harry Edwards, founded the sanctuary to use his healing powers to help others through difficult times. As more and more people heard of Harry’s healing abilities and benefitted from them, he was receiving up to 10,000 letters a week from people asking for distant healing. In 1966, the sanctuary became a registered charity, offering people of all ages simple, safe and supportive energy therapy to balance the mind, body and soul. Since Harry passed in 1976, the sanctuary has continued his legacy, allowing spiritual healing to be a popular method of therapy in today’s society.

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Today

Today, the sanctuary is led by a board of 5 Trustees, 16 paid staff and approximately 100 volunteers who dedicate their spare time to help others. The charity also provides training at Harry Edwards Healing College for those wanting to develop their own capacity to offer spiritual healing to others, becoming fully-trained healers.

Every single person in our team has an important role to play.

Although the sanctuary has helped so many people, receiving hundreds of testimonials about patients’ positive experiences, obstacles are faced when it comes to medical treatment; the charity’s main challenge is trying to overcome resistance on the part of many in academia and the medical profession to achieve widespread recognition that spiritual healing can contribute to well-being, as well as playing a part in supporting allopathic medicine.

My doctor asked me if I was still receiving spiritual healing. I smiled. ‘Well whatever you’re doing, I suggest you keep doing it.

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