How to make your fundraising take off with holiday and travel bookings

travel fundraising

It’s the beginning of a new year and people are busy booking their 2017 holidays, which means there couldn’t be a better time to make a world of difference to your good cause by raising big donations through our travel retailers.

And it’s not just flights and accommodation that will see you raise funds, there’s donations to collect from booking your entire trip via easyfundraising – even currency and travel insurance!

If every easyfundraiser booked all of their holidays and travel through us, together we could raise over £19.5 million this year! Just think what a difference that could make to thousands of our causes and charities.  We spoke to causes who successfully raised thousands of pounds through travel purchases alone and found out how they encouraged supporters to shop the easyfundraising way when booking their getaways.

St John’s Hospice Peru Trek 2018 – Shirley Holland

Shirley Holland from St John’s Hospice Peru Trek 2018, who raised an incredible £4,302.45 through travel, never misses an opportunity to collect free donations after realising that it wasn’t just holidays but all types of travel throughout the year that would see her raise big donations.

My husband is Managing Director of a company so all of the hotels booked for staff have been done through easyfundraising. I also book all rail travel for my family with easyfundraising too. The donations make a huge difference as the hospice is only a third funded by the government.

Blaydon Youth Community F.C

Coaches of Blaydon Youth FC

Coaches of Blaydon Youth Community FC being presented with First Aid/Defibrillator training certificates

Last year Blaydon Youth Community F.C raised a fantastic £1,526.30 in travel donations, which went towards keeping coaches qualified and training equipment for the football club.

Steve White said:

I book a lot of hotels so it seemed like a quick win as once you install the toolbar reminder it makes it really easy to catch the donations without taking any more time to do the booking. In the future, we’re looking to introduce more coaching staff, which will enable us to grow the club more by taking on more children.

Eccles Rugby Club

Eccles Rugby Club Unders 8's

Eccles Rugby Club Unders 8’s

Eccles Rugby Club raised a staggering £6,435.30 through travel bookings since they joined easyfundraising in 2013. Being a sports club they are planning on reaching out to parents to see if any of the companies they work for could raise money for them when booking hotels, trains and car hire.

For more fundraising ideas, download our Travel Fundraising Pack.