Hurry! Get the word out before school’s out!


It’s not long now until the schools break for the summer holidays. Whether this thought fills you with dread or joy, it’s a great time to make sure you have easyfundraising on your radar!

Why? Well, it’s a perfect opportunity to boost your easyfundraising supporter numbers and raise lots of easy donations!

If you’re a parent, you’ll be looking ahead to a summer of keeping the kids entertained, back to school purchases and everything else in between.

And if your cause uses easyfundraising to support a school PTA, a scout or girlguiding group or local kids sports club, it’s time to get other parents on board so all their purchases raise donations too.

Here are some really simple things to do to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fundraising opportunities over next few weeks.

Get more supporters!

It might sound obvious but more supporters means more donations! And when you think that an active supporter raises on average £30 a year (often much more!) you can see that there’s huge potential for raising a lot of money for your cause.

So, if you’re wondering how to get more supporters, look no further than our ‘How to sign up more supporters’ guide. Plus check out all the fantastic NEW ‘Back to School’ themed marketing tools in the ‘Raise More’ section of the website. You’ll find everything you need including our school themed posters, flyers and ready-written emails and social posts.

Talk to people

Summer fetes at the end of term are the perfect opportunity to tell other parents that your cause uses easyfundraising! Arm yourself with flyers and recruit mums and dads to your easyfundraising army to raise donations too.

Spread the word

Get your free print-at-home business cards to help get more people raising donations for your cause! Keep the cards in your purse or wallet so you have them handy when you’re out and about picking up the kids and chatting to other parents.

Raise with trips and days out

Looking for activities and entertainment to keep the kids occupied? Or thinking about booking a late break at the seaside? Shop online and raise a donation with hundreds of travel retailers. Don’t forget to raise when you book travel, take out insurance or buy sun cream, sun hats and swimwear too!

Beat the rush!

Feeling really organised? Make a list of all the school supplies you’ll need ready to wave the kids off back to school in September! Start shopping for stationery, lunch boxes, books (everything they won’t grow out over the summer!) now, spread the cost and see a steady stream of donations start rolling in.

A great way to remember

Lots of people kick themselves after realising they forgot to visit easyfundraising before they bought something online! So when you’re in a rush to get the kids ready to go back to school and it seems everything’s been left to the last minute, the Donation Reminder will come to your rescue! The Donation Reminder is really easy to use, once installed it will alert you every time a donation is available when you’re shopping online.

Get ahead!

Download our new seasonal marketing calendar. It’s a full of weekly hints and tips to guide you right through to September. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, this is a great resource for inspiration.

Be top of the class!

Why not challenge other parents, members of your school PTA or supporters of your good cause to a bit of friendly competition? See who can sign up the most supporters or raise the most over the summer!

We’re always looking for ways to help you raise more and would love to hear about what works for you! Share your ideas in the comments section and help other fundraisers raise more too.