Cause Spotlight: John Moore Museum, Tewkesbury

Nestled within a row of historic timber-framed buildings close to the Abbey in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, the John Moore Museum was established in 1980 in memory of the writer and naturalist, John Moore. The renovated 15th century building offers a natural history collection which is frequently visited by schools to enjoy an extensive education programme dedicated to the Tudor times. It also offers a varied events calendar for people of all ages.

A recently registered cause on easyfundraising, the charity owned project is already benefitting from free donations as supporters shop online. We sat down with Kirstie, the Heritage Manager at John Moore Museum to find out a bit more about the museum and their fundraising.

Tell us about your cause

The John Moore Museum is run by a local charity (The Abbey Lawn Trust) who preserve historic buildings in the heart of Tewkesbury. We are the only Natural History museum in the county, bringing the wonders of nature and the countryside to life. A few doors away is The Merchant’s House, which has been restored as a 15th century shop and dwelling. We also run the Old Baptist Chapel, a late medieval home turned secret meeting house. We open the museum to visitors, run events, have concerts and workshops for adults and children. 

What are you currently fundraising for?

Along with the day-to-day running costs of the museum and further development of the education programme, we want to pay a local artist to paint the shutters of the Merchant’s House to help it become more locally known, which will help with promotion of the museum.

Has the cost-of-living crisis affected your fundraising in the past year? 

Yes, we’ve had a significant drop in bequeaths and large donations, although we still have small donations trickling in when visitors donate during their visit to the sites. 

Why have you signed up with easyfundraising?

So that we can get more donations simply through people buying the things they need, which makes it easier on our donors pockets. We hope to increase the awareness of our museum in the local area too, by widening our community of fundraisers.

How will the funds raised benefit your cause?

The funds will go towards maintaining the natural history collection, refreshing and updating the Merchant’s House, and supporting the volunteers with tea, coffee and biscuits. We are a small team, and any form of community support is greatly appreciated!

You too can support the John Moore Museum on easyfundraising to ensure this historic building remains at the heart of its local community.