“My mum always said….” – the winning entries

Thanks to everyone who entered our Mother’s Day competition to win one of three Viking Direct Experience Days.

We were inundated with advice and sayings on many subjects from your mums, from “always wear clean underwear” to “books before boys” and alot more besides. You can read all the entries here.

It was hard to pick just three winners from such good advice but this is who we finally chose:

1st Prize – Hannah Medley who supports Friends of Honeybourne First School – Evesham.

Hannah said, “My mum told me it would be virtually impossible to get through my teenage years and not start to smoke. She said I would have to accept it. I became determined to prove her wrong and to this day have never smoked. My clever mum!!”

Hannah prize is dinner and theatre visit for two plus tea at Harrods for two.

2nd Prize – Sara Smith who supports The Woodlands Pre School – Clifton.

Sara’s entry was: “My mum always told me be grateful for everything you have, you never know when you’ll lose it or its taken away. I have always lived by this, we don’t have much but know we have worked so hard for the things we do have. never be jealous of what others have, as long as we have our health we are happy!”

Sara’s prize is a gourmet lunch cruise and London Eye trip for two

3rd Prize – Rhondda Gascoine who supports Leicestershire Fibromyalgia Support Group

“My Mum used to say……. “cast your bread on the waters of life and it’ll come back with jam on it”.  I can’t vouch for it though as I’ve never tried as I’m not a soggy sarnie fancier, I’ll leave that to ducks!!!”

Rhondda wins a Deluxe makeover experience.