South Wales Animal Rescue

South Wales Animal Rescue is a small non-profit animal rescue run entirely by volunteers. They rescue all animals,  from hamsters to horses, and place them with safe, reliable homes.

Sadly, although they would like to be take in every animal, due to rising costs they now have a maximum number on the amount of animals they can take in and care for. Unfortunately last year they were only able to rehome 98 animals last year compared to 300 in previous years.

Caz from South Wales Animal Rescue says, “If we got £5 for every person who said, “Oh this is lovely, I’d love to do this as a job” or “When I win the lottery I’m going to rescue animals”, we’d be fine but we need a lot more actual support.”

They’ve raised almost £100 with easyfundraising so far. To help them raise more by shopping online, click here.