5 storytelling lessons for good causes

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Storytelling isn’t just for the classroom! Setting the scene helps supporters remember to collect donations for your good cause.

1. Give your supporters real, tangible reasons for choosing to support you. Tell them why you need their help and setting targets for specific equipment or projects is a great way to motivate supporters.

2. A little ‘thank you’ always makes a big impression so make sure you let your supporters know what their fundraising has enabled you to buy – new computers, sports equipment, books, a school trip. Whatever it is, take pictures, share the story and show them the real benefits of shopping the easyfundraising way.

3.Take pictures of the new playground your fundraising has bought, the children with their new iPads, the fully stocked library.  Wherever your fundraising takes you, take pictures and video and share the story.

4. Try using social media to get closer to your audience. You can host Q&As in a Facebook group and then write-up the answers and feature them on your blog.

5. Enlist an easyfundraising champion! They can help you spread the word and help you reach potential new supporters/


Share your own story in the comments.