The top six fashion apps you need to download

The top six fashion apps you need to download

The top six fashion apps you need to download

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, a way to organise your life or simply something to keep you occupied while waiting for the train – there are apps for that.  We’ve collected six of the very best fashion apps to help you tap your way to an easier life and a better wardrobe.

1. PS Dept

Ever wondered what it might be like to have a personal shopper on hand at all times? Wonder no more, for having the ‘PS Dept’ app is like carrying one around in your pocket. You can search for a fabulous pair of heels to go with that dress you bought last month, or even find entire outfit inspiration for your next big night out.

Personal stylists from huge brands including Net-A-Porter and Stella McCartney will provide you with free advice to help you get that outfit spot-on; leaving you free to shop directly for your goodies afterwards.

2. Polyvore

If you love fashion and enjoy a good mood board then this is the app for you. Combining visual inspiration and mobile shopping, ‘Polyvore’ will never let you down. You can put together your very own outfit mood boards to help you visualise your new look and then use the intuitive, brand-rich shopping section to browse for the items you fancy.

What’s more, you can also flick through outfit boards created by others and discover incredible styles you might never have thought of before.

3. Stylect

Calling all shoe lovers, you seriously need this app. Dubbed the ‘Tinder for Shoes’, you can use ‘Stylect’ to swipe through all the most wonderful shoes in existence – over 50,000 styles, no less.

Based on your own personal style and preferences, you’ll be presented with an almost endless parade of beautiful shoes. You can filter these by colour, price and style until you find your dream pair. Who needs the real Tinder when you have this?

4. Pose

Spending all morning getting your outfit looking absolutely on point and then stepping out into torrential rain is never a pleasant experience. Luckily, you can download the ‘Pose app’ and erase this trauma from your life forever. With this handy app, you can see what other people in your area are wearing, based on the weather forecast for the day, so you can never be caught out again.

You can even filter the results by occasion, so whether you’re off to work, a lunch date or a posh evening do you can make sure you’re dressed right for the weather as well as the occasion.

5. FAD

We all like to think we know what’s what when it comes to fashion, but sometimes even the most fashion savvy among us need a bit of assistance. Enter ‘FAD’ – the ultimate fashion dictionary to the rescue. Here you can find all the information you could ever need, whether it’s decoding an unfamiliar fashion term, finding out about lesser-known sewing phrases or even researching a bit of fashion history, it’s all here in the palm of your hand. With the help of FAD you’ll be a true fashion expert in no time, so it’s well worth a look.

6. easyfundraising

Finally, don’t forget that you can also browse and shop for some of your favourite fashion brands and raise money for charity at the same time with the easyfundraising app – it’s the easiest way to collect donations on your mobile or tablet when you shop!

Search by retailer category ‘Fashion and Beauty’ and you’ll find everything from womens clothing and mens clothing to footwear, accessories and jewellery. PLUS, fundraisers using the app collect up to 50% more for their good cause!

With this new arsenal of fashion apps you’ll never be short of fashion-based inspiration, procrastination and information; you’re welcome.