Who are easyfundraising? Everything you ever wanted to know…

It’s only natural that when you put your trust in someone, you want to know as much about them as possible so here’s a run down of everything you ever wanted to know about easyfundraising:

  1. We are: Ian, Tracey W, Gary, David, Phil C, Chris, Mark, Becky, Nicola, Fay, Paula, Jannine, Dennis, Izzi and Pam.
  2. easyfundraising was started in 2005 by Ian who came up with the idea while recovering from a serious illness.  He says, “While I was ill, I was helped by a number of charities and was struck by how many of them were struggling to make ends meet. I realised that fundraising can be incredibly difficult for charities not for profit groups so I created easyfundraising to help causes help themselves. It’s been a labour of love but well worth it when I see the difference easyfundraising makes.”
  3. In the beginning, easyfundraising was run from Ian’s front room. We’ve since upgraded to a small office in Lichfield – on the plus side there is a lovely coffee shop on site but on the downside, we don’t get to bounce on Ian’s trampoline at lunchtime anymore.
  4. There are 15 full and part time members of staff, some based in the Lichfield office and some working from home.
  5. We are a real family company, with Ian’s wife, mother in law and sister in law involved, plus a couple of old family friends.
  6. Between us we have 19 children, ranging from a one year old to stroppy teenagers.
  7. We’re a young company – our average age is 32.
  8. We’ve raised over £3.3 million for good causes across the UK so far– and we’re very proud of it.
  9. Most of us live and work in the Midlands but Paula and Gary live in the West Country.
  10. We each support a cause of our own, from our children’s schools to cricket clubs.
  11. We are passionate about fundraising and we’ve got the blisters to prove it. Tracey, Becky, Nicola and Pam ran the Race for Life for Cancer Research and raised over £500, while Gary and Phil recently took part in a half marathon in aid of RNIB.

So that’s us! If there is anything else you want to know, just ask in the comments section below.