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Are you passionate about supporting young artists and storytellers? Look no further than easyfundraising! Our website is home to a variety of children’s charities focused on promoting art and media education. By signing up with us, you can help these organizations fund programs and events that inspire creativity and self-expression in kids from all backgrounds. The best part? It won’t cost you a penny! Every time you make a purchase from one of our partner retailers, they’ll donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen charity. So join us today in empowering the next generation of artists and media moguls, one click at a time.

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Fundraising for Art & Media

Fundraising for children's clubs and groups, such as those focused on art and media, causes and charities is crucial in nurturing creativity, talent, and personal development. Your support enables access to educational resources, training programs, and equipment that empower children to explore their interests and express themselves artistically. By contributing to fundraising efforts, you promote the growth of young minds, foster a love for the arts, and cultivate a vibrant community of young artists. Join us in supporting children's clubs and groups, making a lasting impact on their artistic journeys and shaping a brighter future for the next generation.

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