Raise money for a good education cause or charity

From PTA teams raising money for schools, to fundraising challenges for students travelling overseas on community support projects, education charities are some of the most rewarding groups to work with. Everything hinges on learning, and seeing children, or disadvantaged young adults thrive in a learning environment is one of the biggest motivators to donate.

At easyfundraising we help education charities to raise money at no extra cost to you as a supporter. Simply sign up using the buttons below, and when you shop online, the retailer will make a donation. You pay nothing extra.

An easy way to fundraise for education charities and causes

If you’re looking for an easy way to raise funds for a school, playgroup or other education charities and causes then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re part of school Parents and Teachers Association or your child’s playgroup, or maybe a group that supports people with special educational needs. easyfundraising can help. Whether you’re a small group made up of just a few people or a large school, we can help you raise donations for free just by shopping online. easyfundraising is a completely free service that allows you to raise a donation whenever you shop online. We have over 2,700 retailers, including Apple and John Lewis, who will make a donation to charities, groups and good causes each time a shopper makes a purchase from them by way of a thank you for your custom. All you need to do is register your cause, or register to support a cause, and get shopping! When you make a purchase, the retailer will make a donation in return by way of a thank you for your custom.

Support an education cause

School or playgroup in your local area or one that your own children have attended. You might have friends who have children who have asked for help to raise funds for a trip or some new books or to sponsor them to walk 20 laps of the playground. Register with easyfundraising as a supporter of your chosen education charity or cause and you can help with their fundraising by raising a donation simply by shopping online. You can make a difference to pupils at your local school or to those who benefit from the services of hundreds of education and learning causes across the UK and abroad.

Are you looking for an education cause to support? Check out the causes and groups already registered that you can choose to support. There are different cause categories that you can look through too.

Register your school or education cause

Do you run a group that provides education or learning services or support? Are you a parent looking for a way to raise money for your PTA? Whether you need to raise funds to help pay for a project or to contribute to the running costs of the group, you can raise a free donation when you shop online. Register your education charity or cause with easyfundraising and parents, teachers and friends who are involved with the group can raise donations to contribute towards the fundraising goal across the academic year or can be used to buy some new books or arts equipment to help with students learning.

How easyfundraising works

1. Start at Easyfundraising

When shopping online, go to easyfundraising.org.uk first.

2. Make a purchase

Choose a retailer and click through to their website.

3. Get a donation

You earn money from the retailer for your purchase which can be turned into a donation.

For more information take a look at our video

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