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From Christie PoV I have suffered most of my life, these days it's unbearable, even the doctors say it's no life. I have looked up Dignitas in Switzerland regarding assisted suicide, it's no laughing matter and I don't mean to upset anyone but it is so do hard to live this way and see no way through it. Recently I have been in touch with another sufferer who told me about this treatment, for the first time in so long I felt the stirrings of hope and Dignitas slipped to the back of my mind. But without funds it can't happen, out there is a treatment that could very well save my life and I cant have it. That's perhaps more depressing then there simply being nothing. MRS is so very rare that my chest physician has searched the world for a specialist and there isn't one, which means no funding for treatment or care! Those of us with very rare illnesses get forgotten about. I wake up every morning gasping for air and in agony from head to toe, I am on morphine etc for the pain and still I'm in agony. My glands swell, my body swells, my muscles stiffen up, my bones are compromised as it has given me osteoperena and osteoa arthritis. I move like an eighty year old, ouching with every step, it brings tears to my eyes and creates a tell tale furrow on my brow. I then spend most of the day in bed, missing out on living. I used to play a huge roll in my nephews lives now I'm lucky to manage half an hour sitting up watching to with them. The lethargia also coming into play., it breaks my heart. And when I found out I couldn't have a baby, they my adrenal gland has stopped producing steroids and hormones, that even if I had ive I would be too ill to carry, my heart shattered beyond repair, my dream above all else lost to me. I've been in ICU several times, my airways swollen, my chronic asthma and paralysed diaphragm, sleep apnea, all combining to choke me of air, a truly terrifying feeling that I face time and time again. I get a carrier bag of medicines from the chemist, carry an epi pen and have a nebuliser and cpap machine at home the latter soon to be upgraded to an NIV machine as I am now in type 2 respitory failure. I had dreams, I went to university and managed it despite the fact that half the time I was ill and on of the symptoms is confusion and not bring able to get my words etc so you can imagine the difficulty I faced as it was a journalism degree! However it was my last year it started to really progress and effect more parts of my body. Over the last several years is when I would say it has stolen my life, stollen me from myself. I'm not who I once was, I didn't appreciate that person as I should have. I hated my looks but I'd give anything to get back what is now lost to me through this illness and the constant requirement to take steroids etc that make me put on weight. I miss simple things so much like riding my bike, swimming, playing hide and go seek with my nephew, writing my book... I miss life and I need it back or what's the point? I used to think my illness was bad then and it was but now.... Please please please help me, you may not be able to give much but anything will help, two kind lovely people have already started me off. It's only a pipe dream if no one helps. I'm no one special, I'm you're average person from a working class family, I'm not a big charity like the ALS one but if everyone could find it in their hearts to give to that charity then maybe you could help me, someone you know or someone you could have been if you'd been dealt a different hand. Every penny will help me on my way, will show people care and might just save my life.

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