Outlook Expeditions Malawi 2017 - David Butlin

Colwyn Bay, Clwyd

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About Outlook Expeditions Malawi 2017 - David Butlin

In the summer of 2017 there will be the opportunity for myself and a group from the school to go to Malawi in south east Africa . During this trip there will be the chance to meet with the locals and get a feel for their culture and lifestyle in such a new experience. This event will be ran by Outlook Expeditions. The 3 week trip consists of myself and the group building or doing something practical for a community in the area, this could be building a small school, a football field, a well, teaching the locals English and maths, theres a huge list of ideas for which i have in mind. I will have the chance to conquer the countries highest peak-Mt Mulanje, kayak on the beautiful Lake Malawi, experience the famous hospitality of the locals, contribute to a community project, and finally emabark on a real safari adventure. What i am looking forward to most is the local community project. I think its hugely important that i get the chance to embark on this breathtaking adventure, its a once in a life time opportunity which i am determined to take part in. I want to make a difference and i believe that this is the pinical of showing i can do that. To go on this adventure and help those in need i am needing to raise a total sum of £3775 exactly, and this cost will cover everything from my training, insurance, flight, tansport, accommadation and to the various things i will be doing (mentioned above). Its a huge amount of money i understand, i have never been on an experience like this and that is why i am fully commited. Its a once in a life time opportunity in which i will be able to make a difference not only for myself but for those who are less fortunate than ourselves in Malawi. I hope you will donate to my fund, i would really appreciate it as this really will be the best experience of my life! It would mean the world to me to go on this trip because I'd love to experience a culture that is so different to ours and learn about their way of life. I'm also so lucky that I don't live in the poverty that some people and communities in Malawi and other countries have to experience on a daily basis, so I really want to give back something to people who are less fortunate.

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