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HS4B - Help & Support for Bankrupt People

Weymouth, Dorset


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About this cause

About our cause

We are a brand new charitable concern set up on the 2nd November 2009. Before we can register with the charities commission and obtain a charity registration number we must raise our first £5000 and then we can register.

Primarily we need:

Local Bankrupts to get in touch with us that are in need of help
Landlords prepared to rent to a bankrupt
And the obvious one.....money.

About us

This charity was set up because of first hand experience of how much a stress a bankrupt goes through and the difficulties they face. A bankrupt person is generally at the end of their tether, they are completely stressed out at the situation they find themselves in and the last thing they need is a finger pointed at them as if to say it’s completely and utterly their fault and they deserve what they get. Sometimes we might be better to think “There but by the grace of God go I”...... Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. We want to not only change peoples perceptions of bankrupts in general, we also want to make sure there is more help and practical advice available.

We are a brand new charitable concern, so new in fact we haven’t yet got our charity registration number from the charities commission because at the time of writing this we have yet to raise the first £5000 in donations, only then can we legally apply for our registration number. If you would like to help us in any way please get in touch with us

Our Aims

Primarily our aim is to offer a supportive environment both on and offline where bankrupts can network and gain support from others with similar experiences.

Once we have managed to raise the necessary funding, our aim is to help a bankrupt person or family get back on their feet. To this end we are actively raising funds specifically for counselling/therapy and long term secure housing. Certain legislations that are in place at the moment do not take the personal circumstances of a bankrupt into account and end up hindering rather than helping a bankrupt get back on their feet. Our long term aim would be to challenge these legislations and help to make some positive changes. We want to make sure a bankrupt can live within their means and that starts with paying a fair rent and being entitled to long term secure housing.

A bankrupt person knows that they are a drain on society’s purse strings, benefits from the government are in a lot of cases all they have to live on and get themselves back on their feet. They don’t want to be a drain, they want to contribute and the little self respect they have left is what can keep them going. The faster a bankrupt gets back on their feet the faster they can contribute to the taxes and purse strings of the people, community and government. It’s very difficult to get out of the benefit trap once in it and the extra rent they have to pay can seriously make a difference to whether bills get paid or not and will hinder them getting back on their feet.


We need you. If you are a Landlord that will accept a fair rent for your property and will give a bankrupt person or family a long term tenancy agreement then we want to hear from you. By a fair rent we mean the price the housing benefit will pay. All too often the housing benefit for a bankrupt person is less than the rent they have to pay because the bankrupt generally has to rent from a private landlord. If you are a non greedy landlord that is prepared to give a bankrupt a leg up then we need to hear from you and hopefully gain you a guaranteed long term tenant.

Discrimination Bankrupts Face

They can’t rent from a property management company or estate agent and therefore are prevented from shopping around for a property small enough and cheap enough for their needs. As is often the case a bankrupt finds themselves in a negative rent position, that is to say they will receive less housing benefit than their actual rent costs and some find they have to pay an average of £200 per month more for their rent than the local Council gives them in Housing Benefit, it seems that even though Bankruptcy is on the increase year in year out, there is no provision in local government to help them only to hinder them and make things more difficult for them. The fact that they are a bankrupt gives them no extra points with the local Council towards obtaining a Council or Housing Association home. This is one of those legislations we would hope to be a part of changing in the future.

A property management company or estate agent will require an application form filling in and it costs between £100 and £400 (there isn’t even a fixed lawful fee). The application is then assessed and a credit check obtained which obviously fails.....they are bankrupt! The property management company or estate agent then tells the prospective tenant that they cannot help them because they did not pass the credit check and therefore will not be able to rent them a property, the money paid for the application is non refundable. The property management company or estate agent know this in advance and it’s rare you will get a property management company or estate agent that will tell the bankrupt prospective tenant in advance. This is the case from Penzance to the borders of England and Scotland and the practice is, in our opinion, deplorable. This is another practice we would hope to challenge in the future.

The whole idea of going bankrupt is to absolve the person or families debts allowing them to start from scratch however by giving those people anything up to several hundred pounds less than they have to pay rent is not helping but hindering them from day one. How does a bankrupt person get back on their feet when they are pressured into debt from the word go?

Fundraising and How You Can Help

Maybe you have been a bankrupt and know first hand how the experience has a negative effect, maybe you know someone who has been bankrupt, maybe you’ve never met or known anyone that has been bankrupt (which I don’t think is possible....) and just want to help anyway. We need fundraisers and organisers and volunteers to help with the following;

Collecting milk and other plastic bottle tops, jar lids, butter lids and other types of plastic tops. We get £25 per 500 kilo’s

Collecting used postal stamps

Collecting aluminium drinks cans (these are the cans easily crushable and not the tins that are rigid)

Collecting clothing and brick a brac for fetes and bring and buy sales

Organisers for running a fete, boot sale/market stall

People to sell tickets on a football card on a darts, bowls, pool, snooker night

People to do weird, wacky and wonderful things for us to raise funds

An organiser for a once a year party on the beach

A Grants Manager and volunteers to search for and apply for various charitable grants that may be available to us

People to sell advertising space on our web site

Organisers for a pub poker night, dance, band or any other evening of fun or entertainment

Celebrities.... Do you know someone that knows a celebrity? Can you help us by talking to them to see if they can spare us a little time? Maybe they would wear our shirt whilst on tv or give us a mention on the radio

News coverage, we need volunteers to help us get noticed and in the news, we need editorials from newspapers and magazines and suchlike, we need to be interviewed by newscasters and radio presenters to help get our voice heard

We need bankrupts to not be ashamed or embarrassed and give us their personal stories of how they have been treated and how the experience has affected them

We need posters putting up in house and shop windows and lamp posts

Leaflets delivering all over so we need volunteers everywhere



Volunteers to write to companies by normal mail or email asking for a donation of some kind, maybe their product, after all bankrupts are buyers of just about every product going like the rest of us.

Cars, Vans and Lorries to put a magnetic sign or vinyl sticker to help publicise us

Land to build long term affordable housing on

Property to rent to bankrupted people.... we need to raise millions just to buy run down houses that we can then do up

Property bequeathed in a will or given to us

Excess motorway or development land that is no longer required

Recycling Skips to put recyclables into

Land to put recycling skips on.

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