Jacob Supporting KLS Support UK


<p>Jacob Supporting KLS Support UK, is Jacob’s story about his battle with KLS. </p><br> <p>At age 13 he became unwell and was diagnosed with this episodic condition of which there are no answers, so in his quest for a solution and through sharing his story he felt he would like to raise awareness for others with that condition.</p> <br> <p>What is KLS?</p><br> <p>Kleine-Levin Syndrome is a very rare and complex neurological disorder which seriously affects sleep and behaviour and severely impacts the lives of sufferers and their families. KLS primarily strikes in adolescence but can occur in children and adults.</p> <br> <p>Kleine-Levin Syndrome episodes are cyclical. KLS episodes last for days, weeks or even months, during which time all normal daily activities stop. Individuals are not able to attend school, work or care for themselves.</p> <p>In between episodes sufferers of KLS return to full health although many will have a period of insomnia after a sleep episode and often report sleep disturbances when an episode is brewing. Episodes can occur at any time but many report a stress as a trigger.</p> <br> <p>For more on Jacob's story please visit: <a href="http://www.kleinelevinsyndrome.co.uk/KLS_SupportUK.html">http://www.kleinelevinsyndrome.co.uk</a></p><br> <p>Can you help make Jake make a difference?</p><br> <p>Jake would like to raise money for support in the UK for Kleine Levin Syndrome – so that information and support is available for his family and for other patients whether they have a diagnoses or not.... In Autumn 2012, Jacob set up this page with the idea that through online shopping and search engines, his friends, family and other KLS patients could help him raise money for KLS Support UK – so that he can achieve his goal and make a difference to other people, and have something to show for the time that KLS has stolen from him.</p>

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