Outlook Expeditions Costa Rica 2017 - Megan Lucas

Hailsham, East Sussex

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About Outlook Expeditions Costa Rica 2017 - Megan Lucas

I am passionate to help the staff, who pledge to protect the nesting turtles and reef. The coastline is full of life that is sadly endangered. This project is designed to give me the opportunity to be part of a detailed and meticulous protection campaign. I will undergo orientation and training to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the beautiful nature surrounding the island. What I will be doing: I will be spending time during the day with a member of the conservation team, they teach you about the different types of turtles they have in Costa Rica and the threats that are causing the sea turtle to be at risk of extinction. At night hourly beach walks with be conducted to look out for any turtles surfacing from the sea and nesting on the beach. I will be collecting data on the location of their nest, the size of the turtle and how many eggs it lays. Watching a baby turtle struggle out of the nest and make its way to the water is an emotional experience. Everything from footprints to driftwood and crabs are obstacles, though this gauntlet is important for its survival. Birds, raccoons, and fish are just a few of the predators these vulnerable creatures face; some experts say only one out of a thousand will survive to adulthood under natural conditions. After an�adult female sea turtle�nests, she returns to the sea, leaving her nest and the eggs within it to develop on their own. This projects allows me to give all the eggs a fighting chance for survival and help raise the statistics. Your sponsorship would mean so much to me, because I have never had the opportunity to be a part of something like this before, and to have the chance to help these animals is something I cannot pass. It would be an experience of a lifetime and I would never forget it.

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