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About Team Adam

Adam has a range of difficulties, low muscle tone, epilepsy, autism, mild to moderate hearing loss and severe learning difficulties. Until December 2009 we did not know what was causing Adams conditions but after genetic testing it has been confirmed that he has a very rare type of Chromosome 15 duplication disorder (He is one of only 7 children in the world with this diagnosis as he has 6 extra sets of the extra chromosome material). One of Adam's symptoms is also a very low oxygen uptake in the blood, you and I should have approximately 97 to 99% of oxygen in our blood, Adam's saturation levels have been recorded as low as 51% nearly a half less than he should have. This lack of oxygen is believed to have a profound effect on Adams quality of life without proper oxygenation his body does not restore itself and does not build muscles properly like yours or mine can. It also has a huge effect on his learning. He is not verbal and uses a special communication device to tell us his wants and needs. He also has severe low muscle tone throughout his body which makes co-ordination and balance very difficult. We were told that Adam might never walk but through the constant input of physiotherapy and occupational therapy Adam can now walk a small distance. To help Adam overcome these challenges he attends the Advance Centre in East Grinstead every 3 months. This centre applies the Scotson Technique which is a deeply restorative rehabilitation therapy for all children and young adults with brain injury. The technique aims to provide a restorative pattern of developmental improvement by addressing core weaknesses within muscular tissues of the respiratory system which affect trunkal structure, metabolism and motor and cognitive function.The focus is first upon weakness in the respiratory system and therefore low oxygen uptake, which is viewed as a serious barrier to the brain's restorative potential. Over time the results and increased oxygen provide the necessary enhanced foundation for the child's more normal future development. By enhancing Adam's respiratory and circulatory systems, the Scotson Technique develops the potential of the brain to function. We have seen a difference already, Adam is not as tired all the time and he is beginning to learn. Adam's walking is stronger and he can sometimes walk unaided giving him a huge sense of independence. he loves it and he is so much happier since he started this therapy. He has just been back for another sleep study in London and his respiratory consultant is amazed at the difference in Adam. He asked us what we have changed since last September and now....all we have done is used the Scotson exercises to strengthen Adams respiratory system, it is definitely helping. Each weekly therapy training course costs in excess of a thousand pounds including accommodation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have funded the first three sessions themselves but now need to fundraise to keep going. Please can you help support in raising funds. Hence the reason for joining Easyfundraising.

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