Bowls Club Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising ideas for Bowls Clubs

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Hit the fundraising targets for your bowls club with one of these topical ideas:

1. Virtual Lawn Bowls Championship

Carry on fundraising during the Covid-19 pandemic and motivate your club members with a bit of friendly competition by organising a virtual lawn bowls championship. There are a few different apps that can be used for this and, whilst it’s not the same as getting out on the green, it is a good make-do solution.

2. Barefoot Bowls

A great summer event for your fundraising calendar, an evening of shoe-less bowls is second only to getting sand between your toes on the beach! Charge participants a fee to take part and serve refreshments on the night to raise even more.

3. Guess the Weight of… Quiz Event

This bowls-specific quiz event requires participants to pay an entry fee and then to guess the weight of a series of animals and objects, not in tons, kgs or stones, but in terms of how many bowling balls make up an equivalent weight. E.g. The average lawn bowls ball weighs to 2kgs, so a 2010 Mini Cooper (1205 kg) weighs 602.5 lawn bowls balls. This event can be run in a venue or as an online event (to allow for social distancing measures).

4. Guess the Number of Bowls Balls in the Box

A great add-on fundraiser for a larger event, just fill a large box full of lawn bowls balls and charge a small fee to guess how many it contains. This fundraiser is simple to set up, free to organise and totally sport-relevant.

5. Bowl-a-thon

How long can you play bowls non-stop for? Challenge club members and supporters to play bowls for 12 or 24 hours and to get sponsorship for successfully completing the challenge.

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