5 winning ideas for workplace fundraising

Wherever you work, there are so many reasons to do something for charity with your team. For starters, you spend so much time at work that it’s a perfect place to raise some money for your favourite charity. But it’s also great fun! By involving staff in charity fundraising initiatives, you’re also likely to have a much more engaged workforce. Charity events and volunteering activities all help to improve commitment, and engender a team spirit within your organisation.

But where should you start? Well, it’s not as complicated, or as time-consuming as you might think. And in many organisations there are staff who’d be delighted to take on the role of organising a fundraising calendar for their work colleagues. We’ve put together some easy but effective fundraising ideas for work to get you started, but we’re sure you can think of lots more!


The Great Workplace Bake Off!

It may be an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie. Sweet treats always go down well in the office, and you’re guaranteed to have a member or two of the team who loves to bake. Ask everyone to bring in a plate of treats, and sell everything off for a charity donation. You could sketch up some fliers, and let the whole office building know, or if it’s a nice day, set up outside and catch some passing trade. You might even have a cake competition to really challenge the bakers in your team, and create a buzz.


Bring one, buy one

We all have a stash of things we no longer use, and one person’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, so how about a bring and buy? Fashion, trinkets and homewares are always in demand; or you could run a book stall once a month to sell second-hand tales for charity.


Hold a raffle

Raffles are simple to put together, and a small outlay for staff and bosses alike. You could even ask other local businesses to get involved by donating prizes, and rotate the proceeds around all their chosen charities.

Spare some change

This is one of the easiest ways to raise money on an ongoing basis. Have a spare change jar on reception, and ask people to empty their pocket of coppers on their way in every morning. It soon mounts up; you could even set a target, and pin a barometer on the notice board to keep your team and customers up to date with progress.

Best in class pet show

Everyone loves a cute pooch, and owners are always keen to show off their pets. Create some fun categories (most waggy dog award?) with a fee for entry (price includes pet treats!) and a certificate for the winners. You could hold this as part of your annual team-building day – invite families and run a BBQ to really boost your fundraising.


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