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How Your Business Can Raise Money For Good Causes

The measures put in place to control the spread of coronavirus have changed the way many businesses operate. Having initially been forced to manage teams remotely in the short-term, while we deal with the pandemic, many businesses are now contemplating long-term changes to the way that they operate. This could well result in many workforces operating from home - either partially or entirely - to reduce overheads, maximise productivity and reduce the negative environmental impact of commuting.

Whilst this may have some lasting positive repercussions, it is not great news for workplace-based fundraising. Sociability and peer example underpin so many traditional fundraising events that social distancing has completely derailed the charitable activities of many businesses. However, although it may be tempting to cry over the torn fragments of the fundraising calendar that you carefully planned pre-covid, all is not lost. We’ve compiled this covid-19-proof list of ways your business can raise money for good causes.

1. Raise Donations by Replacing Your Photocopier Toner

How much does your company spend each year on toner for the photocopier? Did you know you can raise donations for your chosen good cause or charity every time you order replacement toners? Register your cause with easyfundraising and purchase all your office supplies (not just the toner) with Viking and they will donate a percentage of the value of the entire order to your cause each time you order as a thank you for choosing to shop with them.

2. Social Media Challenge

Remember how successful the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (motor neurone disease) was? Think of a simple challenge that will video well – for social media sharing purposes - and appeal to people’s competitive natures, by challenging everyone in the office to do the challenge, donate to your cause and nominate other people they know to do the same. You never know, what starts as an intra-office challenge could go viral and raise a huge amount for your cause.

3. Virtual Christmas Jumper Day

It may not generate as much laughter as an office-based event, but there is no reason why your annual charity Christmas jumper day can’t go online instead. Get everyone to pay a small amount to wear their most tasteless Christmas jumper to a company-wide Zoom meeting and then get everyone to vote for the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it).
Top Tip - If it is tricky to get all diaries to align for a full company Zoom call, do it by department and create a short list of jumper shame before crowning an over all winner.

4. Fitness Challenge

It is an (almost) universally agreed phenomenon that working from home increases your waistline because you cannot escape from the siren call of the fridge. Combat the bulge by signing up for a half marathon, or similar sporting challenge and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Training for a sponsored challenge for your chosen cause or charity gets you out of the house and away from the contents of the fridge, whilst also having a positive impact on your fitness. The shared experience of participating as a company team also means that you are more likely to succeed in your challenge.

5. Compare and Raise

It is hard not to feel frustrated by the way in which so many businesses focus on getting new customers, as the expense of rewarding existing, loyal ones. Use this to your company’s advantage by regularly checking to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal for everything – from broadband and electricity to mobile and vehicle insurance. If you use the easyfundraising price comparison site you can raise charitable donations for your cause too. What could feel better than simultaneously saving money and doing good?

6. Hold a Friday Lunchtime Quiz

Working from home makes it hard for teams to enjoy downtime together. Encourage some friendly competition and get everyone together online for non-work related fun by hosting a regular lunchtime quiz. Charge a donation for each entry to your virtual quiz, download questions online and use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to host it.

7. Baby Photo Competition

Ask everyone in the business to send you a photo of themselves as a baby and then compile a collage of them all using an online platform such as Canva. Charge everyone a small fee to be emailed the collage to see if they can correctly identify who is who. Offer a prize to the person with the most correct guesses.

8. Donate Your Coffee Money

Working from home means that many of us are saving quite a bit of money by making our own tea and coffee rather than buying takeaway on the way into the office. Ask colleagues to donate the money they would have spent in a day/week/month to your chosen cause instead.

9. Business Travel

Travel retailers are some of the most generous when it comes to donations, so don’t forget to use easyfundraising to book business travel. It’s an effective way to raise money for a charity or good cause, whilst making arrangements you were going to have to make anyway.

10. Zoom Meeting Bingo

Zoom meetings have defined our working life in 2020 and, even when we have the technology working correctly, our home lives have a tendency to interrupt our professionalism on a regular basis – from pets and children stealing the limelight, to someone trying to deliver a parcel mid-call. Have fun with this and raise a bit of money for your cause by designate one of your big online meetings as an opportunity to play Zoom Meeting Bingo.

You can download zoom meeting bingo cards online and send them out to participants in advance of the meeting. Ask everyone for a donation to take part and offer a prize to the winner.

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