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Invite a business

Invite a business

What supporters had to say

Mark Wells

Horsham Football Club

"Working as a travel supervisor I am able to book all of my business travel via easyfundraising. We are able to raise hundreds of pounds this way and I really want to push buying for business through easyfundraising – it’s a no-brainer! We’ve raised over £5,000 for Horsham Football Club which is just fantastic!"

1st Wincanton District Rangers

Raised over £1,000

"Our top tip is to team up with a local small business and ask them to use easyfundraising for all their business purchases, whether that's hotel rooms, stationery, insurance or car hire, it really does make a difference and it's amazing how much you can raise!"

Frequently asked questions

ALL UK business can register to use easyfundraising. As long as they’re registered with Companies House (if they’re a limited company) or can prove they are a sole trader they can register with easyfundraising.

easyfundraising pays donations out to businesses just like we do for our causes. We pay them every quarter once they have hit the £15 threshold. When they have the funds, the business can then pass it on to you!