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Leading UK retailers are ready to donate to your cause

  • Officers Club
    5% donation
  • Caffe Nero
    5% donation
  • Blue Inc
    5% donation

Don't miss out! Great retailers are getting on board all the time...

Add your debit/credit card

5 reasons to register your debit or credit card

It takes a few seconds!

We all live busy lives, that's why we've made things as quick and easy as possible for you - all we ask for is your Card Number. We don't need your billing address, security code, PIN or even your expiry date. Simples!

Raise donations when you shop on the high street

Just imagine being able to raise a donation each time you buy something at Caffé Nero - well now you can! You can also raise donations when you shop at Blue Inc and Officers Club.

There's more high street retailers coming on board too. Sign up now and we'll let you know who they are once they join. You can also check whether a particular retailer is on board by visiting their page on the easyfundraising website.

We take security seriously

To offer donations on your purchases in-store, we have teamed up with Reward, an award-winning card-link offers provider, and the first in the world to obtain Level One PCI-DSS 3.0 certification. For added security, we only ask you for your debit or credit card number. We will never ask for your billing address, security code, PIN or expiry date.

What you buy is your business

We aren't nosey. We won't see what you've purchased and neither will our technology provider Reward, or the administrator of your supported cause. Your information is private and confidential.

Any donations you raise are in addition to rewards from your card provider

Any rewards that you receive direct from your credit or debit card provider, such as Nectar Points, will not be affected.

It won't stop you getting cash back from your bank

If you're registered to receive cash back from your bank then registering with us won't take priority, you'll receive your cash back rather than a donation. If you'd rather receive donations for your cause, not to worry try registering a different card with us and remember to use that one when you want to raise In-store Donations.

Don't miss a donation! Start raising money on your high street purchases today.

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