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easyfundraising makes day-to-day business spending more rewarding, whether you're restocking the stationery cupboard with Viking, booking work trips with or buying IT supplies with Currys PC World you could be raising money for your charity of the year for free.

How does it work? Well it's simple - each time your business purchases anything with one of our 5000+ partner retailers, you could be raising money for your charity of the year - all for free! We then add up all your free donations, and send you the money each quarter so you can give this to your chosen charity. It's simple and free.

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Businesses can raise £1,000s for your cause when they use easyfundraising to shop for all their day-to-day business spending, especially when buying so regularly and for items that have BIG donations.

1st Wincanton District Rangers

Raised over £1,000

"Our top tip is to team up with a local small business and ask them to use easyfundraising for all their business purchases, whether that's hotel rooms, stationery, insurance or car hire, it really does make a difference and it's amazing how much you can raise!"

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