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Let easyfundraising empower your business to raise donations for the cause they want to support. It’s convenient, enjoyable, effortless and completely free.

Thousands of trusted suppliers will donate on behalf of your business

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Shop for your business, help the community.

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    Sign up your business

    Provide a few details about your business and the cause that they want to raise free donations for.

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    Raise donations through shopping

    Search for your favourite suppliers and shop with them. After checking out, they will send a donation to the cause.

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    Share the positive impact

    Keep track of how much your business has raised and share it with your colleagues to increase staff engagement.

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Make a positive social impact

Stand out amongst your competitors and make your employees proud by being a business that supports the community


Increase staff engagement

Encourage your colleagues to feel good while raising as much as possible at no extra cost or inconvenience


Reduce your carbon footprint

Shop and raise with sustainable suppliers and decarbonise your supply chain to help the planet

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Turn your business shopping into donations

Let your suppliers donate part of what your business spends to a good cause of choice. The cost of the donations will be covered by the suppliers.

We’re a trusted brand for businesses

easyfundraising is honoured to be affiliated with a number of esteemed organisations throughout the UK. To date, we’ve contributed with over £50 million donations for national and local good causes.

Living Wages
Institute of fundraising