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About Boiler Juice

Buy your heating oil with BoilerJuice and give money to charity

If you use heating oil to heat your home, chances are you’ve heard of BoilerJuice. And if you haven’t, you’re in luck, as you’ll get a great deal next time you need to stock up.

BoilerJuice went from being the UK’s number 1 heating oil price comparison service to the UK’s number 1 heating oil marketplace. The company has been helping its customers save money on their heating oil since 2004 by comparing hundreds of national and local suppliers in seconds and giving the best available heating oil price.

And every time you make a purchase with BoilerJuice, you can give money to charity too. Simply by signing up to easyfundraising.

How can I raise money with easyfundraising?

When you register with easyfundraising, you can raise money for charity as you spend online. It doesn’t cost you a penny, and it works like this:

  1. Register with us for free and choose which cause you want to donate to. We work with over 190,000 charities.
  2. Visit BoilerJuice through our site and get a great deal on your heating oil.
  3. Part of what you spend is donated to your charity of choice by BoilerJuice and us.
  4. It’s super easy to get started with our app or browser extension, and we even alert you whenever a donation becomes available.

Choose BoilerJuice for all your heating oil needs

BoilerJuice has been going for nearly 19 years, but the core aim of the company remains the same: “To help customers find the best heating oil price in their area, quickly and easily”. The business is completely independent of any heating oil company and provides a totally impartial service. And they deliver millions of litres of heating oil to thousands of customers every week.

So, how does it work? When you opt for a heating oil quote, BoilerJuice automatically checks all the suppliers in their database to present you with the cheapest price available in your area for each delivery option. By showing only the lowest quote to customers, the company encourages suppliers to offer their most competitive prices, as only the cheapest supplier for that area will win the order. The end result is consistently competitive prices for the end user.

And the competitive pricing doesn’t stop there. BoilerJuice also offers Group Savings where you group together with others in your postcode to buy heating oil in bulk, as well as Buying Weekends when qualifying orders in the same postcode district are grouped together to help those customers save money. Plus you can even get a quote for a boiler or aga service too.

Why choose easyfundraising?

Giving to charity is very important to many of us, but sometimes it isn’t always practical or affordable. But with easyfundraising, you have a super simple solution to give money to your chosen cause while shopping as you normally would.

Since we started in 2005, we’ve created a community of more than 2 million supporters and have raised over £45 million for charity. Once you sign up with us, you can choose from more than 190,000 charities that are already registered with us – whether you want to give money to children’s charities, animal welfare organisations or local clubs. You can even nominate a charity or cause that’s close to you and not yet registered with us.

Frequently asked questions

How much money can I raise when I shop with BoilerJuice?

The money that’s given to your chosen cause will depend on the available donations with BoilerJuice, whether that’s a percentage of what you spend or a flat cost. You can see the available donations right here on this page.

Is it free to raise money the easyfundraising way?

When you raise money with easyfundraising, there’s no fee involved at all. It’s free to sign up and the donation is made from the commission sent to us by the retailer. You don’t pay anything extra.

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