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About GoCompare Car Insurance

We work for you and we love it! GoCompare s super duper team of slightly bonkers but very clever people work their socks off to make insurance easier for customers to get their head around. Confusion! Bewilderment! Despair! Not here, not on our watch.

We ve done a pretty decent job of making our customers lives easier by challenging the bothersome to be more enjoyable, so sit back and relax and get the right policy cheap, not the cheap policy. Plus, we re completely unbiased! Winner!

And why stop there. We re always looking for the next big challenge. If it makes our customers lives easier, we ll give it a go.

That is our commitment to you. Hurrah!

Our customers could save up to £268* on their car insurance with GoCompare

*51% of consumers could save up to £268.68 based on a comparison of 29 companies, Consumer Intelligence during 01 April to 31 April 2018

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

- Donations will only be paid if we are able to link your purchase to the EasyFundraising website. This means that you must click the EasyFundraising link, go straight through to the GoCompare.com website, generate a brand new quote and make your purchase immediately in the same session and without exiting your internet browser. For the avoidance of doubt, Donations will not be paid if a saved quote is purchased. A saved quote is held in the quote history section of your GoCompare account for you to return to at a later date. Unfortunately, Donations will not be paid if you purchase a saved quote or edit a saved quote even if it has been generated on the same day you wish to purchase insurance from GoCompare via EasyFundraising.
- Donations will be deposited in your EasyFundraising account within 90 - 180 days of your policy purchase date. Quotes that don't convert into a policy will be automatically declined after 150 days of being generated.
- If you, or your insurer, cancel your policy before Donations is deposited in your EasyFundraising account, then you will not be eligible to receive Donations.
- Any purchases made on the GoCompare.com website via the EasyFundraising link will be subject to the EasyFundraising Terms and Conditions (https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/terms/supporter/) and GoCompare.com Terms and Conditions which can be found on the GoCompare.com website.

What else is essential?

- Donations will only be paid to members who have BACS as their registered EasyFundraising payment method.
- Donations may initially track lower in your EasyFundraising account.
- This offer is only available to United Kingdom residents who have purchased a valid insurance policy through GoCompare.com via EasyFundraising .
- This programme is being monitored. EasyFundraising members transacting fraudulently with this retailer will have their membership terminated immediately and may have their details passed to the authorities for further investigation
- In the event of any queries about your Donations please contact EasyFundraising Customer Support as the insurer or GoCompare will be unable to deal with this type of query.

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