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Visit italk and then shop online as normal

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Your cause receives free donations

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About italk

“Reliable broadband doesn’t have to be a luxury.” So says italk, who are in the business of providing unlimited broadband, line rental and calls to every UK customer, with great service, and no hidden fees. Founded in 2007, this independent telecommunications company strives to offer better and faster services than other providers, at a more affordable price, without compromising on quality or service

italk offers unlimited broadband, and a helpful service team who will provide support however you prefer it – by phone, email, or in writing. All packages come with a free router, line rental as standard, and a fixed term contract which guarantees no price increases at any point until your contract ends. Plus you’ll get 100% unlimited usage, so there’s no slowing you down when you’re online.

Sign up today via one of these easyfundraising offers, and you’ll also get a donation to your fundraising cause at no extra cost to you. Simply choose the best deal and donation for you, and get started with your new online deal! 

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