Refer a Friend March 2020 – Terms and Conditions

“Tell a Friend” scheme – Good Cause Administrators: For a limited time only, your Good Cause may be entitled to receive up to a £7.00 Donation (each a “Good Cause Bounty”) for each new Supporter you introduce to Easyfundraising. However:

  • for your Good Cause to be eligible to receive the Supporter Bounty: (i) you must share a link generated in the “Tell a Friend” section of the Website Referrals on Facebook, via Twitter, WhatsApp or by Email; (ii) your friends must click through the link provided by you and create an account between 8th March 2020 and midnight 31st March 2020 on the Website; and (iii) your friend must then generate a confirmed £7.00 in Donations from Retailers using their new account, this excludes any Donations from Easysearch, free donations and any other Supporter Bounties (iv) any Donation your friend generates must be confirmed within 12 months of registering their new account;
  • This promotion is only available to selected Good Cause Administrators who have received a '£7 referral bonus donation' promotional email.
  • A £7 donation will be added to the ‘referring’ user account and will be payable to the good cause or charity they support at the time of payment.
  •  Easyfundraising may withhold, cancel or recover the payment of the Supporter Bounty for any reason, at its absolute discretion, including but not limited to; (i) any transaction which led to the award of the Supporter Bounty is subsequently cancelled or otherwise set aside; or (ii) if we suspect any fraudulent activity, including the registration of multiple accounts by the same Supporter.
  • Payment of the “good cause bounty” Easyfundraising will add the donation to your account by the next eligible payment run.