Facebook adds new “donate now” button for charities and good causes

Great news for our easyfundraising good causes! Facebook have rolled out a new “Donate Now” call to action button, which you can add to your cause’s Facebook page and any link adverts you run.

You don’t need to add any payment details, or awkward tabs – you simply provide the webpage link to your online donation form, this could be to your website or a third party provider like JustGiving.

So how do you do it?

1. Check your cause category

change category



Your Facebook page category needs to be set as “non-profit” – you can change this by clicking on the about tab on your page, you’ll see you page info, simply click edit and select “Non-Profit Organizations”.

2. Add the call-to-action button to your Facebook page

Create call to action

If you haven’t already added a button to your Facebook page you can do so by clicking the “Create Call to Action” button. If you’ve already added one, hover over the button and Facebook will give you the option to change it.

donate now button


Select the Donate Now button and enter the web page address to your usual online donation form.
Click “Create” and the “Donate Now” button will appear on the top of your page!

Happy Fundraising!

6 thoughts on “Facebook adds new “donate now” button for charities and good causes

  1. The above is our fb group (public) I’m confused – very easy!!! I don’t see where I can click non-profit organisation. Is it on the group page or on the EF page?? lol Or – can I not do it?


    1. You can submit any web address – so if you have a paypal donate page this should work – test it out and let us know! ^Amy EF

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