£10 million raised for good causes: Top 10 ways to raise


If you’ve not heard the fantastic news yet – YOU’VE REACHED £10 MILLION RAISED FOR GOOD CAUSES!

This is an amazing achievement and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys! We’ve done a bit of digging into how the money has helped and what you guys have done to raise it and here are our top 10 ways to collect free donations.

1) Travel

If you plan on booking a holiday, remember to shop through easyfundraising and give your cause’s donation total a real boost – you could raise 100s.

And don’t just stop there, you can collect more free donations when you book your accommodation, travel insurance, car rental and more.

We’ve even made it as easy as possible for you to find all the best travel deals in one location!

2) The Donation Reminder

Have you ever forgot to collect your free donations when shopping online?

Not to worry, we’ve got a great tool that reminds you every time a donation is available for your cause – The Donation Reminder.

In fact, easyfundraisers who’ve downloaded the Donation Reminder go on to raise five times more!

3) Insurance

Renewing insurance is something we all have to do, so collect some high-value donations for your cause along the way.

From car insurance to home insurance, you could raise up to a £30 donation for your cause.

4) Social Media

Promoting your cause and easyfundraising on social media is a great way to help you raise more donations – 6 times more in fact!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for useful posts and tweets you can share with your supporters as well as taking a look at our Raise More section for even more social media tools to use!

5) Raise More

Talking of Raise More Tools, we’ve put together all the guides and ideas you’ll need to promote your cause and remind others to use easyfundraising!

Our Raise More section includes ready-written emails to send, posters and flyers to hand out and marketing calendars filled with weekly tips to help you raise even more.

6) The easyfundraising App

If you’re one of the millions of people that shop online through your phone and tablet then our app is just the thing for you!

It’s completely free and means that you can shop on the go and never miss a donation!

Download the app today and join the thousands of easyfundraisers who are using it to raise up to 50% more for their cause!

7) Business Minded

If you buy for business online, don’t forget that you can also raise FREE donations.

From stationery to computer equipment, broadband to travel, next time you need to shop online for work, browse our business retailers for all the best deals out there – the donations will all soon add up for your cause!

8) Utilities

Just like renewing your insurance, utilities are something we all have to take care of from time to time, whether that’s your broadband, gas and electricity or landline phone.

You could be raising up to £100 for your cause when you switch your utilities through easyfundraising.

Just think of the positive difference that kind of donation could have towards any fundraising targets your cause might have.

9) Invite a Cause

Do you know a good cause in need of extra funds? Invite a new cause to sign up to easyfundraising and we’ll match 20% of what that cause raises in its first year.

All you have to do is share your unique link on Facebook, Twitter or in an email to get started!

10) In-store Donations

Finally, there’s our newest way to raise even more donations for your cause – by shopping on the high street!

Simply register your debit or credit card and raise up to a 5% donation every time you shop with one of the retailers we’ve got on board, like Caffè Nero!