10 fun facts all coffee lovers should know

…even if you don’t love coffee, you should probably know these!

According to legend, Ethiopian shepherds first discovered caffeine in coffee when they noticed their goats dancing around after eating coffee berries. No seriously, we’re not kidding!

Coffee - Goats 1

Here are some other interesting facts you may not know about coffee…

•    It takes roughly 10 minutes after drinking a cup for the caffeine to kick in
•    Coffee exporting alone is a $20 billion dollar industry
•    After crude oil, coffee is the most desirable produce in the world!
•    Worldwide, we drink over 500 billion cups every year – that’s a serious amount of coffee guys!
•    This delicious drink is the most popular fair trade product in the world
•    Drinking it between 9.30 and 11.30 is the most productive time
•    The first webcam was created in Cambridge to make sure there was actually coffee in the coffee pot before walking to it
•    Coffee beans aren’t beans. They are fruit pits – who knew?
•    You can now raise a donation every time you buy a cup of coffee from Caffè Nero thanks to our NEW in-store donations!