A latte love for coffee

Coffee; “a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of “berries” from the Coffea plant” or so Wiki says. But let’s face it – coffee is so much more than that.

Caffe Nero 1

Every cup of coffee is different, from the type to the occasion. It could be your standard morning espresso wake-up call, a mid morning latte with a friend or an after dinner filter coffee with a little something in it. It could be an Ethiopian blend, a Kenyan classic or an Arabic delight. A full fat, skinny or soya. A syrup shot, one lump or sweet enough.
That said, they do all have one thing in common – well now they do at least. They can all raise a donation for your good cause when you grab a cup from Caffè Nero!

That’s right, thanks to our NEW in-store donations and the great guys at this delightful Italian coffee house, you can raise a 5% donation on everything you buy from Caffè Nero.

PLUS if you sign up before midnight on Sunday 12th July 2015 we’ll enter you into a prize draw to WIN a £50 donation! What are you waiting for? Become a hero with Caffè Nero and join now.