10 ways to raise more for your cause

If one of your New Year Resolutions is to raise more for your cause, check out our top 10 ways to do it:

1. Pick up some complete freebie donations

You can raise on easyfundraising without spending anything at all, just by signing up for newsletters or getting quotes.

2. Subscribe to the blog

Just enter your email address in the ‘subscribe’ box and you’ll get to hear about our latest offers, donations, news, advice and competitions before anyone else.  You also can comment on our blog posts, ask us questions and reach out to other members too.

3. Buy your car, home, pet or travel insurance

Insurance retailers offer some of the largest donations on easyfundraising. For example, Aviva will donate £30 when you take out a new car insurance policy and Hiscox Home Insurance will donate a huge £60!

4. Tell a friend and pass it on

Spreading the word is the key to successful fundraising – the more people you ask to support you, the more money your cause will raise. Use our Tell a Friend service to share by email and on Facebook and twitter. You’ll get an entry into our monthly competition when you do too.

We’re also working on ways to make sharing your easyfundraising activity much easier – watch this space!

5. Use our Admin Area

If you are the Administrator of your cause’s easyfundraising account, you’ve got access to lots of tools to help you raise more. For example we provide flyers and posters, banners and wording for your website, sample press releases, video case studies and much more. If you are not the Administrator, tell the person who is!

6. Buy for your office, business, school or cause

If you buy office supplies, equipment, computers, stationery and the like for your school, office or cause, do it through easyfundraising. We work with all the big business suppliers like Viking Direct, DELL, euroffice, Staples and PC World Business and as business purchases can often run into hundreds or thousands of pounds, this is a great way to raise big donations.

Maybe you don’t make these purchases but you know someone that does: tell them, ask them, beg them to do it through easyfundraising!

7. Tell other causes about easyfundraising

If you know of other causes that could benefit from raising funds with us, tell them and when they sign up as a result of your recommendation, we’ll pay a ‘lifetime’ revenue share of 20% of whatever they raise, for as long as they use easyfundraising.

So if you refer another cause and it then raises £500 with us, we’ll pay your cause an additional £100. If it raises £5000, we’ll pay you £1000. It’s as simple as that.

You need to be an Administrator to do this as there is a special link that you need to refer other causes. You can click here to learn more.

8. Use easysearch

When you search online with our search engine, easysearch, you’ll raise funds for your cause with every search you make. By making just 10 searches a day with easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine you can raise around £25 a year for your cause, just through your normal web searching.

We don’t want you to stop there though – we want you to think big! If one individual person can raise £25, imagine the potential if a business changed their search engine from Google to easysearch. Businesses make substantially more searches than one person alone so ask companies, sponsors, partners and suppliers to set your easysearch page as their company search engine and watch your donations stack up!

9. Subscribe to our RSS Feed

Subscribe to the easyfundraising RSS feed, (it’s free of course) and our latest special offers will find their way straight to you.  Just go to our Special Offers page, click on ‘Subscribe to RSS feed’ in the top right hand corner and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up the feed in your news reader.

10. Tell us what your cause is up to

One of our resolutions is to help you tell the world about your cause and your fundraising efforts. So if you’ve got a story to tell, let us know so we can spread the word for you.

Perhaps you’ve got a particular target you are fundraising towards, maybe you need some help from our fundraising community or you might have a funny, heart-warming or insprirational tale to tell.  Or is there a particular event you would like to get some publicity for? Email becky@easyfundraising.org.uk or better still post your comment below so everyone can see it.

Fancy writing something for our blog about your cause? We’re always looking for guest bloggers so email your stories, ideas, photos etc to becky@easyfundraising.org.uk