Why fundraising matters to me

Fay Powell

I’m easyfundraising’s Customer Support Manager – that’s my day job, but I’m also a mum of two and a keen fundraiser aswell.

My girls’ education and quality of schooling is really important to me. As budgets get cut more and more, the pressure on school funds becomes greater and only the necessities get covered.

As soon as my eldest daughter started school – Telford Infants, I joined the PTA committee to help fundraise for all the extras that improve the school’s environment and make the day more fun.

PTA Fundraising

The PTA organises events such as a Christmas and Summer Fair, bingo and quiz nights, sponsored bounce, Mothers and Fathers Day presents room to name a few.  This has helped to pay for playground equipment, coaches to the pantomine, Christmas and Easter presents, a playground shelter (good in wet and sunny weather!)

For the last 18 month’s I have co-chaired the PTA and this, along with the other committee members, takes much time and commitment, more so as we near a big event, so we are always on the lookout for fundraising ideas that take less commitment.

easyfundraising provides the PTA with additional funds for minimal involvement and time, at no cost, and if we look out for those special offers, can even save us money!

At school, our favourite retailers are Baker Ross and Yellow Moon which we use to buy items for the fairs and present rooms. It great to have some retailer therapy whilst knowing that the school is going to benefit.