Seven emotions you’ll avoid shopping online this Black Friday


Black Friday’s on its way and with it comes millions of crazed shoppers who’ll be on the streets to hunt for the best bargains. Don’t get us wrong, we love Black Friday but there is another way. A better way. A stress free way.

Turn Black Friday into #GiveBackFriday and collect free donations as you shop online whilst avoiding all of this…

Early morning blues

There’s no waking up at the crack of dawn, queuing out in the cold or being surrounded by frenzied shoppers. Cosy up in your pyjamas and shop online.

early morning blues


You won’t be surrounded by manic shoppers charging round shops, fighting to get the best deal – no matter who’s in the way



You won’t lose the battle over last swanky HD TV on the shelves. Online the stock’s so much bigger AND there’s another online retailer you can pop over to in a flash!



It’s apparently our favourite thing to do as a Brit…not likely. It’s boring, your legs ache and there’s always someone trying to push in sneakily. Check out in seconds online instead.


Aches and pains

Of course the car park next to the shops you want to go to will be full so you’ll have to park miles away. Carrying your bargains back it won’t be easy. Shop online and they’ll be delivered for you

aches and pains


Did you really need that discount toaster that was positioned so helpfully right next to the checkout you queued an hour to get to? Online = no random trolley additions.



Shopping on the high street means you’ll end up conquering four stores in six hours…if you’re lucky. It’s exhausting work, tackle ten from the comfort of your sofa armed with a cup of tea instead. No ARGHHHs just Ahhhhs.


So, there you have it. Seven emotions you could definitely do without, so turn Black Friday into #GIveBackFriday.

Shop online with nearly 3,000 retailers with easyfundraising and best of all you’ll feel super great. For every bargain you pick up you’ll collect a free donation for your cause too! It’s really a no brainer if you ask us.