Black Friday fundraising – what could you raise?

Black Friday is on its way and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

This 27th November prices across the country will be slashed, cut, dropped and blown out of the water making it the best day of the year for shoppers to grab a bargain AND (if they’re using collect one heck of a lot of FREE donations for charities and good causes. That’s because in a mere 24 hours, £1,000,000,000 is expected to be spent.

Breathtaking isn’t it!

But what does that mean for charities and good causes you say? Well, in an infographic style nutshell…



With the biggest shopping day of the year just around the corner, and a potential of £14.6 million raised for good causes, we wanted to give a little something back too. Head over to Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win 1 of 5 £50 donations for your favourite good cause. Full terms and conditions.

Download this infographic.

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8 thoughts on “Black Friday fundraising – what could you raise?

  1. We are a youth organisation for 10-18 years. Learning new skills like first aid, rowing, sailing, and other waterbourne activities. We have recently started up a band for our unit. Our unit has been without a band since the mid 1980’s and are lacking money for instruments for our cadets so they can play in festivals, carnivals, school fairs etc. We would be very grateful if we won £50 for our cause, as we are trying to do some fundraising for this but it takes time.

  2. GSP SW rescue pointers from all over europe but predominatly the uk. These dogs have an active life style but are so handsome and gorgeous people get them not realising what a commitment they are. The rescues come to the aid and help find suitable homes. They also assit when personal circumstances such as death and ill health come along to either foster or rehome. They work with owners to try to keep the dog at the home if possible. Please help them to support the animals during this dificult Christmas period

  3. The families we support often turn up with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. The parents and children have no special items to hold onto, or favourite toys. Some are escaping domestic violence and others teenage parents whose families have disowned them due to their situation.
    At The Gingerbread Centre, we support families from all different backgrounds and this money would help us to make their Christmas a little bit more special.
    Thanks, Julie

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