Five gifts better than a pony this Christmas


A pony; it’s the ultimate Christmas present. You might just be tempted to buy one but we think you should reconsider, and here’s why…

There are loads of Christmas gifts out there that are way better than a pony, for example:

A television

Ponies might look nice but they don’t smell great! A new HD TV, looks great and no one will ask about that funny smell at your house.

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An iPad

You know the expression ‘eats like a horse’, well a pony’s appetite’s not all that different. It eats a lot. Think iPad instead – you won’t ever have to feed it.

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eats a lot

A bike

A bike, it’s a little like a pony…but you won’t need a stable and acres of green in your garden.

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A holiday

Think holiday, not hard work. Treat someone to a getaway instead, no cleaning out stables at the crack of dawn, just sun, sea and sand.

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A Playstation

Playstations don’t poo. We think that’s enough of a reason really.

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There you have it, five great gifts that trump a pony. And don’t forget, you won’t even be able to raise a donation because unfortunately none our retailers sell ponies. Not to worry though because there are nearly 3,000 of them, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect gift this Christmas.