Make the most of easyfundraising this Christmas

Miss our super-duper Christmas webinar? Don’t worry we filmed it for you!

On Thursday 22nd October we held our Christmas webinar on how to make the most out of their Christmas fundraising. Don’t worry if you missed it! We’ve put the entire webinar on YouTube. So give it a watch and find out what tips, tricks and tools your cause can use to raise £100s this festive season.

Q and A

We got so many great questions from our causes during the webinar, but we just didn’t have time to answer them all. So we’ve picked out a few and answered them below:

When did easyfundraising start?

easyfundraising has been helping good causes raise donations since 2007.

How do we register our cause?

It’s really easy to register a cause with easyfundraising. First off, check that the cause hasn’t already been registered on our website

If it isn’t already signed up with easyfundraising, you can sign up on our website.

The registration process is really straight forward and only takes a couple of minutes to do!

Does the Donation Reminder work on the App or an IPad?

The Donation Reminder is for desktop computers only. But don’t panic! If you’re shopping on your mobile or tablet, you can now download our fab app. When you want to shop, just remember to go through our app and you’ll never miss a donation!

Do you always go to the app first, rather than going directly to the retailer, or does it work like the donation reminder?

Yes, to collect your donation with our app, you simply have to remember to go through our app first.

Find out more about the app…  


Is the 50p Sainsburys delivery donation available on the app or only if you shop on your desktop computer?

We’d love this to be available regardless of how you shop with easyfundraising. But some donations from some of our retailers are only available when you shop with easyfundraising on your desktop computer.


Can you share best practice – causes which have been exceptionally successful – what did they do?

Absolutely! As we mentioned in the webinar, there are some things that many of our most successful causes all do, such as:

  • Regularly reminding your supporters about easyfundraising – it might sound obvious but if your supporters forget to use easyfundraising, then they won’t raise donations for you. So keep reminding them about easyfundraising!
  • Letting supporters know how well your fundraising’s going – a quick email or social post once a month can really help remind and motivate your supporters to keep raising.
  • Use the easyfundraising toolswe’ve made loads of great tools to help you recruit new supporter and remind them to use easyfundraising when they shop.
  • Shop smartthere are so many different retailers on easyfundraising (nearly 3000!) which means if you’re going to buy something online, you can probably raise a donation at the same time. Think Sky TV, think office stationary, think flights & hotels, think home insurance. If you & your supporters buy these through easyfundraising you can raise some HUGE donations!
  • Refer other causes – Recruit a new cause to sign up and we’ll give your cause an extra 20% of what they raise in their first 12 months! Here are some ready made emails and social posts to help you recruit new causes.

For even more fundraising tips and tricks, keep an eye on the blog! 


I work for a charity I’m raising for. Can I still order stationary for the charity and raise money for the charity.

Yes, absolutely! This is a really smart way to raise donations for your good cause!


When you say you are an official partner of some good causes – what does that mean?  How do they (and you) benefit from that partnership?

When there’s an affinity between easyfundraising and a national organisation whose members need to raise funds to support their activities, we often create an official partnership to help us better serve their members and increase the amount of funds they can raise.

There are some extra member benefits as part of the partnership too – such as special offers from relevant retailers, competitions and tailored resources to help them make the most of their fundraising.


I have been using easyfundraising for a long time – previously I thought you could see a list of all your supporters (not just the top ones) is that still possible?

At the moment you can see your top 10 supporters on the easyfundraising app but it’s not possible to see all of your supporters.

All is not lost though! If you’re a cause administrator and you’d like to have a complete list of your supporters, you can get in touch with our Customer Support team and they’ll email you the list (except for supporters that have chosen to remain anonymous).