Animal Free Research UK is leading the way in ground-breaking animal free research to save animals and humans


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Animal Free Research UK is one of the leading charities working to replace animals in medical research. Using methods that help replace animal experiments, the charity has made a significant difference to scientific research and advanced medical progress without causing suffering to animals. 

Fundraise for Animal Free Research UK

Millions of animals are used in scientific research every year.  Animals used in these experiments experience pain, suffering and usually, death.  

Since 1970, the charity has successfully developed non-animal research techniques that have saved the lives of thousands of animals, as well as making a real contribution to the fight against human illness. Animal Free Research UK has worked on over 200 projects, which includes research into cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, diabetes and kidney, heart and liver disease.

Fundraise for Animal Free Research UK

Animal Free Research UK does not receive funding from the government and relies solely on donations, fundraising activities and donation gifts left in wills to fund the incredibly important work they do – saving the lives of animals and speeding up medical progress in diseases that kill thousands of people each year. 

Alongside taking part in fundraising events, supporters of Animal Free Research UK are also encouraged to shop online via easyfundraising to raise regular donations by simply doing something they already do – online shopping – at no extra cost to them. Once a supporter has registered for free on the easyfundraising website, they shop via the good cause cashback site and can collect unlimited donations from over 3,300 shops and sites. 

Fundraise for Animal Free Research UK

Animal Free Research UK, formally known as the Dr Hadwen Trust has already raised over £4,000 with easyfundraising so far.  

Hazel Brightman, Communication and Marketing Officer said: 

We are currently fundraising for animal free research into cancer, heart disease and diabetes – to save animals and humans.

Donations from easyfundraising has helped save animals from the lab and advanced better research to help in the fight against cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.” 

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